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If they were to be in a professional relationship together, Capricorn and Sagittarius are probably the best match to make. As for a zodiac love match, astrologers do not recommend the two. This does not mean that we discourage two people from getting together simply because Capricorn compatibility with Sagittarius does not work out. It is specifically why we make observations and then lead to a solution as to how Capricorn and Sagittarius can hope to foster a relationship that works.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Sagittarius and the Gender Debate

Before we go on and dive deep into how a Capricorn and Sagittarius relationship looks like inside out, it is imperative that we settle this debate first. Many people ask whether it affects which gender takes what zodiac sign in a relationship. The simple answer to this is not really. It is the birth charts, otherwise known as natal charts, which require a gender specification. Compatibility charts do not. So effectively, a Capricorn woman Sagittarius man couple would go through the same relationship dynamics as a Capricorn man Sagittarius woman couple. Zodiac compatibility tends to work that way.

Capricorn and Sagittarius in light of Astrological Principles

Moving on, there are also some other concepts that either need to be rekindled or introduced from scratch, with due references to Capricorn and Sagittarius, before we can move on to freely commenting on how a relationship between these two works out. For a zodiac love match to be declared by astrologers, there are certain prerequisites that have to be passed. We will be discussing only the two most important ones here.

The first one in question is that of Capricorn dates. For any two signs’ compatibility, it is important that they share interests, understand each other, and most importantly, have the same aims and approach towards life. Interestingly enough, all of these things are decided by the planets. For two people’s planets to decide the same things, they should be in the same positions too. Unfortunately, the strong imbalance between Capricorn and Sagittarius couples comes from the very different positions that their respective planets hold in the skies.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Sagittarius in the Elements

Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility is further hit by the zodiac elements theory. As it goes, for any two signs to be compatible, their respective zodiac elements should be compatible with each other too. It is pretty easy to remember which element can have a compatible relationship with which one. These elements work in the dating compatibility department just like they do in nature. Water signs are compatible with earth signs, and air signs tend to always favor fire signs. Unfortunately, in the case of Capricorn with Sagittarius, the signs involved are earth and fire, which seem to work in opposing directions.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Sagittarius Sex and Intimacy

Sex and intimacy is something that is not what should be relied on when finding trying to declare Sagittarius as the most compatible with Capricorn. The problem here lies with both the signs involved. This is because while they may get together more often than one would expect, deep in their hearts, for some unknown reason, they do not feel a connection at all. And this can be so hard at times that it is overtaken by a feeling of guilt about how getting together was a totally bad idea.

Capricorn expects depth and value from a relationship, which is fine. It just does not sit well with a Sagittarius in bed. This is because Sagittarius is all about being in the moment, while a Capricorn wants to savor every little piece and take a painfully long time while doing it. Such habits can cause a lot of problems for both the parties involved.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Sagittarius Trust

While you may think that with the honest nature of a Sagittarius, trust should not be an issue at all with Capricorn and Sagittarius, it is. There is a very technical reason behind Sagittarius not being the Capricorn best love match regarding the trust. It is because Jupiter falls in Capricorn. At the same time, Jupiter is also the ruler planet of Sagittarius. This direct conflict results in both thinking that the other is secretly conspiring against them. This mere belief that the other person is not in your favor can do deadly damage, even in the cases when the other person had the most honest and pure of intentions. To counter this, both the people need to let their heads not spin stories and, although difficult, take leaps of faith every time a challenging situation arises.

Capricorn Compatibility: Capricorn and Sagittarius Communication

Communication is probably the only factor that leads Sagittarius to the list of Capricorn compatible signs, to some extent. And the credit of all of this indeed goes to Sagittarius in general because of how talkative and easygoing they are. With their wide smile and ability to talk on any topic, they can bring about any person out from their dull and silent routine.

While it is important for any couple to indulge in the healthy discussion pertaining to intellect and knowledge, communication is also seen as the primary way to come out of sticky situations. Capricorn and Sagittarius are very lucky in the sense that while there are many reasons for them to fight over, there is always the chance of them reconciling because of how easy it is for both of them to talk it out.

Rest assured, however difficult it is for a Capricorn and Sagittarius to get together, with only a little effort they can stretch it longer and overcome the odds that astrology sets for them.

Capricorn and Sagittarius Compatibility
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