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Astrologers do not usually foster very high hopes for a Gemini and Cancer relationship. In fact, when looking at the general trend of Gemini compatibility, Cancer tends to fall somewhere in the bottom quarter because of the various differences that astrological principles throw towards it. It is important to know, however, that all of these principles stem from the very basic astrology knowledge and a further read into this article will let you know precisely what lies as the reason behind Cancer not being the most compatible with Gemini.

Gemini Compatibility: Gemini and Cancer

Let us begin with a general overview of how a relationship between Gemini and Cancer as zodiac signs tends to work out. Before anyone would judge any relationship, be it an astrologer or a common person, they would have in their minds a set of rubrics or parameters to check for stability and all that is necessary for a healthy relationship.

Some people tend to look for emotional compatibility, while others look for similar interests. People who follow astrology also tend to look out for sexual intimacy and closure between the two people. All in all, such factors come together to form an opinion on whether a relationship is healthy or not. This then goes on to become the decisive factor in Gemini compatibility too.

Sexual Intimacy and Closure of Gemini with Cancer

This is one of the most important, as well as the very first of things to come up when the success of a relationship is discussed. After all, as we like to say, the relationship will only progress beyond a certain number of dates if there is something each person longs for from the other in bed. Unfortunately, Gemini and Cancer do not share that spark.

This is mainly because of the different preferences and expectations each one of these two has from the other about sex. One is the lie-in-bed and waits for its kind, while the other wants it all at once, and that too roughly. This mismatch leads to incompatibility. In short, it makes Cancer not one of the Gemini compatible signs, if sexual encounters are to be considered only.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility regarding Communication

For people actively trying out a Gemini and Cancer relationship, or those in hopes of getting into one, this is your hope, as well as your gateway in. Communication is the only thing connecting these two signs together and ensuring that Gemini compatibility with Cancer gets a stand. While no one would call Cancer a Gemini best love match, communication certainly tries to push the two together.

Zodiac compatibility is not something that can be deduced easily. It takes years of knowledge and intellect to find the zodiac love match for a sign. With this knowledge acquired over centuries, astrologers believe in communication being the bridge between a Gemini and Cancer relationship. It is what gives dating compatibility between these two signs credibility.

While many would argue that Gemini is a generally talkative sign and it does not really take much for them to open up, the certain nature of a Cancer tends to bring out more from that. A Gemini person would communicate on a more personal level with a Cancer than any other zodiac sign, which brings about mutual love among the two for each other.

The Astrology behind a Compatible Relationship

There are many reasons behind a successful relationship, and astrology tends to have its own reasons that can be derived from the very basics of the subject. The case of Gemini compatibility is no different. Gemini and Cancer are governed by the same rules that apply to any compatibility tests in astrology. The first one among these works with Gemini dates. It is a simple belief that forms the foundation of astrology, which then goes on to be the main pillar when finding compatibility between two zodiac signs.

Astrologers believe that it is the celestial bodies’ movements around the universe that can be seen reflected in the human beings and their actions. Since no two planets are moving at similar speeds, they tend to come back in similar positions after months, or sometimes years. These similar positions result in giving similar qualities to the people born on these dates, or times, thus effectively making them very compatible for each other, as nobody understands them better than each other too.

The Second Reason behind Gemini Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer do not only tend to have differences because of their dates and different planetary positions. In fact, there must be at least one planet in a similar position for the two signs to have so good of communication between them. However, let us not get distracted and address the second reason, which is that of zodiac elements. These two signs belong to the elements of water and air.

A Little Context to Zodiac Elements

Just for the sake of knowledge, zodiac elements also form the basics of astrology and are considered very important by astrologers determining zodiac compatibilities. The four zodiac elements are earth, fire, water, and air. And their compatibilities work like they do in nature. Water tends to go very well with earth, and signs of air feel comfortable with the zodiac signs of fire.

Coming back to Gemini and Cancer

In this case, as we mentioned before, the combination of air and water does not really sit well. Water tends to be something that absorbs everything and is happy in any situation, while air people crave freedom and exposure, making their life priorities very different. This goes on to be the same in any case, be it a Gemini man Cancer woman combination, or a Gemini woman Cancer man companionship.

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility
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