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When we talk about Gemini with Gemini, it is like seeing four people in a compatible relationship.  The bond that Gemini and Gemini share is everlasting and they both know how to keep the relationship from happening.

Since they are believed to be highly intellectual, once they come together, new ideas and theories are put forward which if acted upon can make a real difference. People around also adore a Gemini couple because they are no doubt the life of any party or social gathering they become part of. Their sharp sense of humor and sarcastic comments will keep the others around them in a very light, happy mood. However, sometimes this can result in hurting people because they hardly think before saying.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

Overall, Gemini compatibility with Gemini can be mutually satisfying if the two realize there is no room for competition or prove that one is better than the other. If they cooperate with one another, things are likely to go in their favor. Hence, Gemini best love match can be a Gemini too.

Gemini is ruled by the Planet of Communication, Mercury.  The couple can continuously talk all day, all night without getting tired. In Greek mythology, Mercury was a traveler and Gemini shares that love of traveling and exploring new places while at the same time learning so much in the process that this could be converted in productive, healthy communication. However, because of this, the talkative Gemini is also believed to be always gossiping.

The twins are always in a light, playful mood making fun of people and things around them. However, this could be fun, but when both partners are like this, none would take the relationship seriously.  Every relation demands responsibility and seriousness, and hence, to enhance the Gemini and Gemini compatibility, they will have to act better and more carefully.

Regarding dating compatibility, it is a complete win-win situation where the two can talk for literally hours without getting bored or tired.  The sarcastic comments may result in conflicts, but they are only short-lived since Gemini is also about forgiving and forgetting.

 Most compatible with Gemini

Being an air sign, Gemini responds to their partner in a more rational, logical manner rather than an emotional one. Gemini is also a mutable sign, and when the twins come together, the four of them make the best zodiac love match. Gemini and Gemini can form their conflict-free union because they are very compromising and forgiving. The only thing that might result in a serious argument is when the discussion goes out of hand. Gemini has a habit of proving themselves right and win every single argument.

However, they do not hold grudges and like to live in the moment. They do not like to hold on to the past. Sharing the same birthday month, the whole month is about partying and having fun. Gemini dates start from May 21 to June 20. Talking about zodiac compatibility other Gemini compatible signs include Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. The not so best matches for Gemini are Virgo and Pisces.

Gemini Man Gemini Woman

When a Gemini Man Gemini Woman combination gets together, they can develop immediately on an intellectual level. At the same time, Gemini gets bored very quickly, and this holds true in a relationship too. Unless there is fun and meaning in the relationship, the two would no longer find any charm in living together.

Sooner or later, they will start looking for a new partner. Everyone knows neither a Gemini woman nor the Gemini man can remain faithful in a relationship. Therefore, Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility might continue to fade unless both partners compromise. The option of an open relationship is also commonly found in a Gemini couple. Both the partners are neither possessive nor jealous, and both think rationally than emotionally. They are very well able to separate sexual intimacy from love and hence do not mind open relationships.

In a relationship, Gemini values intellectual companionship a lot. They will continue to value and adore their partner as long as they can talk, analyze and debate on the same level.

If you ever spot a couple talking for hours and hours, they are likely to be a double Gemini couple. Hence, for a Gemini man, Gemini woman combination to work meeting of minds is the first and foremost thing.

Gemini and Gemini Trust

They may not trust each other, but this is not something to be worried about because they literally do not care. Gemini knows themselves really good and hence; they can better understand their Gemini partner. A Gemini does not know what his or her next move would be and they also know their partner would be the same. Hence, when it comes to sticking to one another, they know they cannot trust one another. This does not bother them at all, and the two continue to live in their own bubble.  In terms of independence or freedom, none will restrict the other because both value these two things a lot.

Gemini and Gemini Emotions

As people have always known, Gemini is not very emotional. The best part is they both know this hence; mutual lack of emotion would not trigger any conflict. However, when they depend on intellectual connection so much, the chances are while talking they may enter into an emotional connection.  The emotional connection does not last long since their mental compatibility almost never matches emotional compatibility.

In short, they are not good at talking about how they feel or what bothers them the most. They just do not like connecting emotionally, but once someone is capable of awakening their emotions, they would not stop talking. A true Gemini adores when the other person is able to understand them emotionally.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility
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