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What happens when the healer of the zodiac signs meets with the communicator? Well, there is a lot of talking and growth of character. The Gemini and Virgo compatibility is affected, or better yet suffers, from the over-communication between the two signs. Mercury rules both of the signs so. Theoretically, they should have excellent zodiac compatibility.

In spite of having the same planetary symbol, Virgo and Gemini compatibility lack that special touch that a sensual relationship of other signs does. They have many differences that can affect their relationship, but enough differences to create a magnetic attraction that two opposites possess. To form a compatible relationship, Gemini and Virgo have to put the combined effort of giving in to the wills of their partner.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility: A Battle of Wills

When the playful Gemini dates the wise Virgo, there might be a clash of activities and habits. The healer of the zodiac, namely Virgo, tends to feel responsible for their partner’s safety and keeps an open eye on their actions. While, Gemini, the communicator of the zodiac signs, bounces around to meet new people in a social setting, they act more devilish and exert energies of freedom.

You see the problem is when the responsible nature of Virgo collides with the Freedom loving nature of Gemini, there is a war between the wills. The Gemini and Virgo couple will always try to find a balance in to make their relationship compatible enough to last a while. Both signs must find a grey space between their leading traits where they can enjoy each other’s presence.

Dating Compatibility of Gemini and Virgo

Often, when there is a Gemini with Virgo, they feel constrained and by the fussy and stuffy attitude of their partner. Whereas, the Virgo partner will be horrified with the casual and “c’est la vie” nature of their Gemini partner. During the dating stage, the seriousness that the Gemini partner exudes may frighten the Virgo and make them flee even before the relationship has started, which is the reason why Gemini compatible signs need to have an easy-going nature that can give them solidity and depth needed to take a stand.

Gemini can never be forced into a relationship; it always has to be on their terms. To become most compatible with Gemini, the Virgo Partner needs to understand that their Gemini partner needs to have their freedom as they offer them a deep and emotional bond of friendship and love. The Gemini, on the other hand, has the capable hands of a healer, they can relax the minds of their Virgo partner as they lull them into a safe and secure relationship.

Romantic Compatibility of Gemini and Virgo

The Gemini and Virgo compatibility is built on their intrinsic traits rather than the extrinsic physical traits of attraction and sensuality. Mercury, ruling both signs, is not a romantic planet, they get no help from their cosmic bonds. However, Gemini and Virgo do show a recessive trait that is masculine and feminine, respectively. The sexual and romantic compatibility of this zodiac love match needs a combined effort of both signs to grow. This zodiac match can have a promising romantic relationship if they find the right way to communicate with each other.

The Virgo and Gemini compatibility allows these signs to fall in love through satisfying connections of respect and tenderness. The curiosity of each other’s nature can also become one of the traits that can combine their extroverted and introverted nature. At the same time, this relationship cannot grow in the intrinsic traits of trust between a Gemini and Virgo couple. As Virgo has a mistrusting nature that needs to be assured continuously, while the Gemini plays the joker and the trickster in a relationship.

Pros and Cons of a Gemini Man Virgo Woman Combination

Gemini and Virgo share mutable signs and have a mercurial nature that allows them to intellectualize their surroundings. The Virgo woman is often charmed by the Gemini’s loft nature, which can later irritate them if seen in excess. She is attracted to his ability to be quick at responses, while the Gemini man finds her mercurial side enjoyable.

The Gemini man is thrilled to lead the sexual part of the relationship that the stiff Virgo woman finds incredibly sensual; it makes them a potential runner-up of the Gemini best love match in the zodiac wheel. The Virgo woman will lay all her trust and emotion in front of the Gemini man if they take responsibility and hold a passionate place of love for their woman.

Pros and Cons of a Gemini Woman Virgo Man Combination

The Virgo and Gemini compatibility is held in high regards with as Gemini Woman Virgo Man Combination. They can form a close bond of friendship as they enjoy the intellectual nature of their partners. As the Gemini and Virgo couple click, intellectually, they can share many things as they grow together as friends and later as lovers. They can form a compatible relationship with not many hurdles as they can adapt to each other.

A Natural Bond of Companionship

The Gemini and Virgo couple can form a natural friendship through which their bonds can grow. Since this zodiac love match does not have sexual compatibility, they might often feel left out from the sensual nature of relationships. The Gemini partner can use their imaginative nature to open a whole new world for their Virgo partner to form strong bonds based on comprises and friendship.

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