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There are numerous types of relationships to explore when considering compatibility between two signs. We grow up in a parent/child dynamic. Outside our family, we form friendships with other children and eventually other adults. We look for and find love. And, we go to work and have careers, interacting with employers and co-workers.

Each sign-to-sign interaction guides our behavior in every relationship. Read through this section to find out how each of the above dynamics works astrologically so you can experience the optimal way to communicate and get along with your sign and all the other signs.

Generally Speaking

The Cancer-and-Leo interaction is a difficult one, as it is for Cancer with the other fire signs as well. As the “I nurture” sign of the Zodiac, Cancer is caring, sympathetic, and compassionate. Leo is the “I perform” sign of the Zodiac, and is romantic, creative, and playful. A long-term relationship (outside parent/child) can happen because both these signs appreciate the status of commitment, but Leo will struggle with the selfless nature of Cancer while Cancer will struggle with the selfish nature of Leo. Cancer is the sign of the mother and Leo is, essentially, the sign of the child, which can make adult connections outside friendship and parenting problematic.

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Cancer Parent/Leo Child

The Cancer parent and Leo child is a very good alignment, even if it often feels frustrating to the Leo child. There is no child a Cancer cannot parent, even if the child is unhappy with the interaction. A Cancer parent will put the needs of the child and children first, which means Leo will have all the support, and then some, that he or she needs and wants. As a result, he or she will probably do all they can to make the Cancer parent proud.

Leo Parent/Cancer Child

The Leo parent and Cancer child combination is a bit more challenging since you essentially put the sign of the child in the role of the parent and the sign of the caretaker in the role of the child. Leo, like Capricorn, and Libra, can be very concerned about status and how family members’ behaviors “reflect” on the family name. The Cancer child will want to nurture the Leo parent, who can provide them with positive experiences so long as the Leo parent is confident and self-aware.

Cancer Friend/Leo Friend

Cancer and Leo friends can do better than relationships that require interaction, like parent/child and lovers or, in some cases employee/employer. While these energies sit “side-by-side” in the Zodiac, they can have as hard a time aligning as signs that square one another. With the ability to come and go out of each other’s lives, the Cancer can be there for the Leo when he or she really needs some caretaking, and the Leo can be there for the Cancer when he or she really needs some fun and playfulness.

Cancer Lover/Leo Lover

This romance, love, sex combination can be intense, and not always in a good way, especially over time. Cancer, by design, is serious, private, and focused on feelings and emotions. The Leo wants a big romance, with all the PDA (public displays of affection) that is supposed to come with a storybook romance. They can come together regarding their status as a couple and the responsibilities they need to share, but there can be a sequence of resentments that build over time because one is essentially “loud” (the Leo) and the other essentially “demur” (the Cancer). Something long-term would have to be supported by other factors in the chart.

Cancer Employer/Leo Employee

The Cancer employer and the Leo employee will work much the same way as the Cancer parent and Leo child. The power dynamics are somewhat the same, and so are the views of the signs in these positions, especially the Cancer employer. Good results can come from this combination, but it may happen in such a way that the Cancer is trying to keep the Leo from “harming himself or herself” and the Leo may feel constantly constrained by the Cancer boss.

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Leo Employer/Cancer Employee

If the employer is Leo and the employee is Cancer, then the Leo boss will never have to worry about his or her employee “stealing the spotlight”. In fact, Cancer is a powerful ally so long as they can have control over their domain, which is the emotional well-being of their co-workers and their employer. Behind closed doors, and away from the view of others, Leo would be wise to let the Cancer do what he or she does best, manage the emotional health of Leo’s role as the leader.

Cancer Co-worker/Leo Co-worker

This combination can work surprisingly well if the manager lets them have roles that emphasize their strengths. Leo will keep everyone having fun, striving to win, and generally taking the spotlight that others would not enjoy. Cancer will be the “shoulder to cry on”, the measurer of the mood, and the highly responsible one. They can clash, but their parallel status as co-workers makes it easier for them to avoid the power struggles that can show up in all but the friendship dynamic.

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