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Hearing the phrase made for each other has become so common these days that one often begins to wonder whether anybody truly means it anymore or not. However, in the case of Leo and Sagittarius in astrology, this is a couple that is wholly and truly the zodiac love match of each other.

Leo compatibility is a difficult issue in itself because of the many complexities involved in accommodating the fiery and energetic nature of this zodiac sign. However, with the inclusion of Sagittarius in the equation, both of them tend to sit so well together that your eyes might just well up.

Leo Compatibility: Leo and Sagittarius

Zodiac compatibility is an issue that has been explored by people since the beginning of the popularity of astrology in the world. Anyone who believes that the movement of planets gets translated on to the human being living on the earth believes that answers to a compatible relationship too can be found through the same knowledge. And they are totally right about that. There are a total of two methods in modern astrology that essentially determine whether or not a sign is compatible with the other one or not.

Based on these, the astrologers then make their notes on which factor, such as sex and intimacy, is more in power and which one less. Let us give you a brief recap of how these things work in the context of a Leo and Sagittarius relationship before we give detailed insight into the workings of a daily relationship between these two.

Leo Dates: The First Reason

Leo and Sagittarius compatibility has to pass its first test in the form of Leo dates. It is important because this comes straight from the very building blocks of astrology. For two people or zodiac signs to be compatible with each other, they need to have their planets in identical, or at least somewhat similar positions. This can only be confirmed by looking at the dates of each sign.

Coincidentally, Leo and Sagittarius luckily form a very likable combination of the celestial bodies. In fact, Leo compatibility with Sagittarius primarily succeeds only because of this factor. There is a little glitch where one or two positions do not really add up, causing a little ruckus in the department of mutual interests. But overall, this relationship is a totally green signal from the skies!

Leo with Sagittarius: The Second Reason to the Goodness

As we discussed before how these reasons take root from the very basic laws of astrology, the second reason too is important to know before we delve into the details of a Leo and Sagittarius relationship. Zodiac elements play the important part here. As you may know already, these elements tend to form their own companionships, and thus drive the zodiac signs depending on them to do the same. Water goes well with earth, and fire tends to favor air.

In a very fortunate coincidence for Leo and Sagittarius, both of these zodiac signs belong to the element of fire. This gives both of them a similar approach towards life and dealing with any and all problems that come their way. A small example is how these two deal with a beggar on the street because little moments like these make or break a relationship. Moreover, both of these people tend to be very fiery and energetic. This would often get them in trouble for voicing their opinions publicly. However, it is not a problem because both of them will have each other’s back all the time.

Sagittarius as the Leo Best Love Match

The first factor that helps any person judge their relationship is how good their partner is in bed. This is not to be taken the wrong way, of course. Because being good in bed only translates to how well a person understands the needs of their partner, without making them awkward at all. Leo compatibility with Sagittarius scores full marks when it comes to sexual intimacy. Both belonging to the Sun, it gets easier for them always to try and one-up each other in the games of pleasure. And who wouldn’t enjoy that sort of competition? Dating compatibility is thus booming with these two!

Is Leo compatible signs gender specific?

Let us assure you that there is not much different that a person’s gender makes when it comes to zodiac compatibility. In our case, be it a Leo man Sagittarius woman combination, or a Leo woman Sagittarius man one, both will yield pretty much the same results. Both will tend to be much warmed up for each other when it comes to sex. Both will have a great emotional bonding. Both of these people will trust each other with their lives.

Is it all fun and games though?

Although Sagittarius is one of those signs that are most compatible with Leo, there are some factors where there is not as much chemistry as there is in other ones. The factor in question is that of shared activities and interests. A somewhat dissimilar graph makes Leo and Sagittarius not understand each other at times.

For instance, if there is an open mic at a park, Leo would love to perform there just for fun, even if they are not good at all at whatever they choose to present there. Sagittarius would believe in the cause for which it was happening but would call all the hubbub unnecessary. While these kinds of moments do not turn up into fights thanks to a similar zodiac element which makes the two understand each other perfectly, it may sometimes make the moment a little sour.

Apart from that, these two people are absolutely adorable together and if you get a chance to be part of such a relationship, never say never!

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
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