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You read that right. We understand how you might be apprehensive of any Libra compatibility, but when it comes to the combination of Libra and Aries, things are a little different. For starters, these two exhibits a great run in the field of sex and intimacy, which the first thing anyone asks of a relationship. Moving on, these two signs tend to display a great deal of positivity on a lot of other fronts too.

But before we move on to discussing the dynamics of those, we feel like it is important to give you, insight into the process that astrologers adopt in determining a zodiac love match. Two very basic rules go into this procedure. Let us comment on both with reference to Libra and Aries accordingly.

Libra and Aries

Out of the two factors involved in determining zodiac compatibility, the first one is that of zodiac elements. It is quite simple if one has read up on their astrology basics. However, if you haven’t, let us recap it for you over here. Astrology has a foundation pillar in the form of the four elements. These are namely fire, earth, air, and water. Each of these elements governs three different zodiac signs. This, in turn, determines what their overall approach towards life would be. While it is a very long topic discussing how each element affects each life approach, it is worthwhile to remember that they also have their own trends in forming a compatible relationship.

These are not too difficult to remember as they work the same as one would expect them to work in nature. Fire tends to go well with air, whereas earth is an element best supported by water. In a fortunate turn of events for Libra and Aries, the two signs belong to the elements of Air and Fire respectively. This gives Aries’ fiery energy a boost in the form of the expression and passion of Libra.

Libra Compatibility with Aries: The Second Factor

Moving on, Libra and Aries dating compatibility is greatly determined by another major basic rule of astrology. This time, it involves the calendars directly. Yes, the Libra dates are involved. It is important to know that the compatibility of Libra with Aries is a simple comparison of the planetary positions of the two planets. This can be done by looking at the dates of each star and deducing which planets line up to provide the best zodiac love match.

Fortunately for these two again, the planets have been very generous in the matching of their positions, and have helped astrologers successfully declare Aries as one of the Libra compatible signs. Apart from the planets clashing in the department of trust, which is not that bad if you ask us, there are clear signs of a very compatible relationship between Libra and Aries.

Is Libra and Aries compatibility gender-specific?

While we are on that topic, it is important that we clarify this often asked misunderstanding too. The common procedure for knowing the positions of the planets on a person’s date of birth is by getting their natal chart. What people often do not understand about compatibility charts is that they are derived from the two natal charts that already exist, and thus need no more information. All the factors that we will now be discussing remain the same in a Libra man Aries woman couple, or a Libra woman Aries man one. With that in mind, let us now move on to separate factors that build up the relationship between Libra and Aries.

Libra and Aries Sex and Intimacy

This is important because in declaring Aries as the Libra best love match, the topmost priority would have to be near-perfect sexual understanding. Thankfully, both of these signs do not disappoint. It is just as if they were made for each other, particularly being boosted by the very convenient combination of their elements. Speaking in terms of astrology, these are two signs ruled by the planets of Venus and Mars, which are directly in charge of a person’s sex life. This invigorates in both the individuals a great sense of intimacy and tenderness towards each other which is unseen in any other combination of zodiac signs.

Libra and Aries Trust

Trust is the only factor that lacks a little luster in the otherwise gleaming Libra and Aries relationship. It is common knowledge for anyone familiar with astrology that Libras tend to have a running problem of insecurity, and constantly need praise for their personality in order to satisfy their frail egos. It is not a bad thing at all to have as a personality trait; however, it may cause some problems as in an attempt to find validation for their personality, and a Libra person might turn to a lot of different people.

This may result in a multiple failed relationship track record, making the Aries person doubt their intentions. It may also mean that the Libra person tends to actively seek validation through new relationships when they are already in one. Things like this are what can easily strain a perfectly good relationship between Libra and Aries.

The Summary

However, it is important to know that having so much deep insight into the relationship dynamics of a sign that is definitely the most compatible with Libra, you should never let the problems get to you. Since you now know of them in advance, you must also act in advance to prevent these from becoming actual issues in the future. The power, like always, is in your hands as you know where the stars are headed.

Libra and Aries Compatibility
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