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What is a fairy tale after all? Two people loving each other, until they encounter a problem. Both then work towards solving it, often with the aid of another supernatural being, until they live happily ever after. Libra and Sagittarius in a relationship are no different. In fact, in the entire list of Libra compatibility, Sagittarius is the only one that makes Libra work hard to get to a stable relationship. But once both are there, there is absolutely nothing stopping them from staying married happily ever after. Both couples tend to work great in the departments of sexual intimacy, emotions, and even communication.

However, they do have a little trouble in trusting each other, which is the only hurdle that this relationship needs to overcome to succeed in life. Before we go on explaining the dynamics of a compatible relationship between Libra and Sagittarius, let us give you a little context into how these two come together with the power of astrology.

Libra and Sagittarius

The first reason responsible for determining any dating compatibility is the position of planets respectively for the two signs. For instance, in the case of Libra and Sagittarius, one would have to look at Sagittarius or Libra dates. This would lead one to the natal chart. The more one natal chart matches with the other one, the higher there are chances of the two people being compatible with each other. It works on a simple principle. A particular position of the planets ensures that a person has certain interests and personality traits. The same for another person would mean they have equally the same interests and personality traits, automatically making both the right choice for each other.

Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility: The Second Reason

Zodiac compatibility does not work on very complex principles. You got to saw the first reason, now hear out the second one that helps develop the very good relationship between Libra and Sagittarius. This involves the zodiac elements. As you may well be aware, each zodiac sign belongs to one element. These elements have their own way of choosing a compatible side. Fire tends to side with air, while water prefers earth. In an interesting coincidence, this is the exact behavior these elements show in nature too. In a very fortunate turn of events, Libra compatibility with Sagittarius works beautifully because the elements involved in this combination are those of air and fire. Generally, people of air are expected to be freedom loving and expressive, this, when coupled with the energy that fire brings, makes both complement each other very beautifully.

Are Libra and Sagittarius the true zodiac love match?

Let us now break this relationship down into specific factors that are commonly used to judge one. First off, let us discuss something without which one can never expect a relationship to prosper. Yes, it is sex and intimacy between Libra and Sagittarius. In a good way, Libra compatibility with a lot of zodiac signs tends to show positive sexual understanding. With Sagittarius, it is off the charts! The key factor to any understanding in bed is comfortable with the other person. And in the case of these two, each one feels absolutely secure in the arms of the other.

This lets them not only enjoy sex to their fullest but also open up to the other person, connecting greatly on the emotional level. The involvement of Venus and Jupiter in the mix ensures that Libra and Sagittarius do not keep up with the same boring routine. Instead, they try out new stuff literally every night! What more could you ask for?

Are these factors gender-specific?

Let us put out a disclaimer for once. It is relatively important to know the gender of a person when making their natal charts. However, when checking dating compatibility, being of a specific gender does not really matter. So in essence, a Libra man Sagittarius woman couple will have the same results for sex and intimacy and all other things as a Libra woman Sagittarius man couple.

Trust for the Libra Best Love Match

Declaring Sagittarius to be the most compatible with Libra is something we did long ago. But remember when we said that every fairy tale has a problem that needs to be solved by the couple? Trust is the problem in this relationship. The main fault over here lies with Neptune, who keeps interfering in this relationship. Interestingly enough, it can take the relationship to extremes on either side, which are not good at all. These two can either trust each other so much that it becomes a nuisance for others, or mistrust every single word their partner says.

While one extreme falters the couple’s relationship with those outside, the other one breaks them apart slowly but surely. The only solution is realizing and confronting this problem early on by keeping one’s own self under control all the time. After all, where there is so much love, trust is not a hard thing to add too.

Libra with Sagittarius: Communication

This is one more reason that Sagittarius can easily be declared one of the Libra compatible signs. These two signs are absolutely gifted when it comes to speaking in the public or private. Each knows what they’re talking about exactly, which increases their admiration for each other. However, with such great oratory skills often comes pride and ego, which is the only challenge this couple faces. With that neutralized, they have absolutely nothing to fear in their path to becoming one of the greatest zodiac love matches.

Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility
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