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Every time zodiac compatibility is discussed, there is the talk of good or bad couples. It is important that we clear out there are no specific good or bad couples, even in astrology. It is just that some relationships tend to have a better understanding than others. And naturally, one prefers those that are better. Libra and Scorpio are one of the less fortunate combinations that take root from the Libra compatibility tree.

Although they fare pretty well in the department of communication and might even end up satisfied after getting together in bed, there is little to go beyond that. Of course, there are a variety of reasons that contribute to this mismatch, and instead of just commenting on the average situation of this couple, we feel it is important to let you in on the background story that goes on in ensuring a compatible relationship between Libra and Scorpio as well as any other couples out there.

Libra and Scorpio

Moving on to the first reason that is an active contributor towards the weak relationship between Libra and Scorpio, let us introduce you to the four zodiac elements. If you have come this far, you should already know what these are. The four elements play a very crucial role in determining dating compatibility as it is primarily their choice about which sign gets to be compatible with which.

As a ground rule, fire signs are only compatible with air signs (and vice versa), while earth signs are only compatible with water signs (vice versa again). In somewhat a misfortunate event, Libra and Scorpio belong to air and water respectively, inciting a bad start. Air signs generally tend to be explorers.

They love moving out and experiencing new things all the time, and naturally, they would expect their partner to accompany them. Water elements like Scorpio are somewhat preprogrammed. They only like the tread on the paths they have tried already, and avoid any new confrontations, pretty much like a river flows its own course always. This mismatch is totally not the way to go forward, ending up in Scorpio not being a Libra best love match.

Libra and Scorpio Compatibility: The Second Reason

Moving on, the second very important reason that contributes to Libra and Scorpio not being a zodiac love match is, in fact, the Libra dates. For confirming any of the Libra compatibility lists, it is important that the two people involved have similar interests and approach towards life. This is determined by their natal charts and how similar the pattern of the planetary positions is.

While compatible signs show nearly perfectly similar natal charts, the one with Libra and Scorpio tells a completely different story. There are some planets that come in close, making factors like communication work in favor of the two signs, but apart from these, there is absolutely nothing that could declare Scorpio to be one of the Libra compatible signs.

Libra with Scorpio: Sex and Intimacy

Of course, this is what you have been waiting for all this while. Or did you skip right down to this section? However, we’re sorry, but we will have to disappoint you here. If you’re looking for good sex between Libra and Scorpio, it is rare, very rare! The reasons behind this are simple. Even though these two signs are ruled by Venus and Mars, which are two planets definitely made for each other, ensuring increased sexual contact and understanding, it doesn’t quite help out.

What drives them apart are the zodiac elements. In all truth, it is the speed and excitement of the air that does not fit well with the calm and slow nature of water, making sex dull and unwanted by both of these together in a relationship.

Libra Compatibility with Scorpio: The Emotional Factor

This is something you surely need to be aware of and handle with care because emotions between Libra and Scorpio are nothing but a roller coaster ride. In addition to that, these are also another reason that Scorpio is not called a sign most compatible with Libra.

A reason behind this includes the fact that these two signs come in the zodiac calendar in a direct order, which means each has a direct influence on the other. While you may expect that to work in each other’s favor, it usually doesn’t. A technical word describing such compatibility is probably overkilled. Libra and Scorpio tend to be so good at emotions together that it more than often goes into overdrive, resulting in drama, chaos, and trauma at the end.

Part of it exists because Libra as a zodiac sign tends to be energetic and expressional, and demands the same kind of emotions as their partner too. But Scorpio is a calm, and smooth kind of a person, which results in an emotional mismatch.

Are Libra and Scorpio compatibility traits gender-specific?

The answer to this would be in the negative. It is common practice to ask for a person’s gender when trying to look at their natal chart. However, when one is comparing a natal chart to another, it does not matter which one is a male and which one is a female. So all the observations we made above for a Libra and Scorpio couple stand true in the case of a Libra man Scorpio woman combination, as well as the Libra woman Scorpio man combination.

The Summary

There may be a lot of hiccups on the road to Libra compatibility with Scorpio, but there is not one thing that astrology cannot help out with. With realizing the problems that lie ahead of such a couple, you can always plan accordingly, know where to control your personality, and the end could always be better than you expected it to be.

Libra and Scorpio Compatibility
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