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There are numerous types of relationships to explore when considering compatibility between two signs. We grow up in a parent/child dynamic. Outside our family, we form friendships with other children and eventually other adults. We look for and find love. And, we go to work and have careers, interacting with employers and co-workers.

Each sign-to-sign interaction guides our behavior in every relationship. Read through this section to find out how each of the above dynamics works astrologically so you can experience the optimal way to communicate and get along with your sign and all the other signs.

Generally Speaking

The Libra-and-Scorpio interaction is one of the more interesting mixes. Libra is the “I relate” sign of the Zodiac, and is analytical, connecting, and fair. Scorpio is the “I transform” sign of the Zodiac, and is intense, powerful, and a change agent. A long-term relationship (outside parent/child) is possible thanks to the fixed nature of Scorpio and the relating nature of Libra. However, this combination can be a little invasive for the private Scorpio, and not engaging enough for the social Libra.

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Libra Parent/Scorpio Child

The Libra parent and Scorpio child can work well, mainly because Libra, as a parent, can work with any sign. Scorpio, as a type, is always trying to find out where the power lies and test that power constantly. Thus, the Scorpio child can start running the household if the parents show too much weakness. The Libra parent will want his or her child to be socially skilled, fair, and supportive to others. In this combination, the Scorpio child receives valuable help learning how to succeed with peers and other adults, with the guidance of a Libra parent.

Scorpio Parent/Libra Child

The Scorpio parent and Libra child can also be positive, but friction is more likely since the child will want to engage more than the parent wants to. The Scorpio parent can be intense, which is not a problem for Libra, which is a cardinal sign. The Libra child will consider it a worthy goal to meet the demands of his or her Scorpio parent as the way to relate to them. They will be more than capable of finding other adults to help them if their Scorpio parent needs time alone, which will always be more than what the Libra child needs.

Libra Friend/Scorpio Friend

Libra and Scorpio friends are possible and often create lasting friendships. Libra enjoys having friendships among all the signs, and a Scorpio can appreciate and enjoy the grace and easy communication with Libra. Scorpio is very selective about friendships, so it’s likely that if there is a friendship, Libra is maintaining it. Even so, the Scorpio will probably be just as invested because the Libra will not be demanding, mostly taking what is given, which will encourage the Scorpio to give more to this friendship than many others.

Libra Lover/Scorpio Lover

This romance, love, sex combination is the most problematic of all the dynamics. Libra is “I will give you what you want so long as you give me what I want” and Scorpio is “there are some pretty intense experiences I would like to have”. These two can come together and genuinely enjoy one another, as well as consistently frustrate each other. Simply put, Libra will want more time and interaction than Scorpio prefers and Scorpio can be too private and secretive for Libra, especially in a long-term love relationship. However, they can learn a lot from each other. Scorpio will take Libra down some paths he or she would otherwise not pursue, and Libra will help keep the Scorpio from being a source of its own self-destruction.

Libra Employer/Scorpio Employee

The Libra employer and the Scorpio employee can work if the Scorpio employee is able to work how they would like and when they would like. As the sign that prefers to transform, the Scorpio employee will want to be in roles where transition or shakeups need to happen. They can be the “guard and attack dog” of the company. Libra will want employees to be balanced and fair in their dealings with customers and co-workers, regardless of their role. They can find the best way to match the Scorpio employee with interactive roles that play to their strengths, so this combination should work very well.

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Scorpio Employer/Libra Employee

If the employer is a Scorpio and the employee is Libra, this combination can be just as useful and productive. Scorpio wants things done with passion and appreciation for the results. Libra may be short on the passion but will be very long on the results, especially when they involve analysis and negotiation. It will be important for the Scorpio boss to put the Libra employee in social and decision-making roles. If so, the Libra employee can really enjoy work and be a source of interpersonal management, both formally and informally, which will help the company greatly.

Libra Co-worker/Scorpio Co-worker

This combination works much in the same way as the friendship. It is very helpful to have these two signs on the same team because they bring very different skills sets to the table. Scorpio has tremendous drive and Libra is social and fair-minded. These two can be especially powerful when enacting change in an organization because Libra will gather all the information for a decision and Scorpio will act on the final decision fearlessly and in the best interests of the company or organization.

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