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When giving a general analysis, Libra and Taurus do not even come close being the zodiac love match of each other. In fact, it is a miracle if these two ever decide to start dating each other, given how diverse and different their shared interests and activities are. However, it does not mean that there is not any spark. It is a general trend with Libra compatibility that it only strictly favors those zodiac signs for compatibility that are supported by its element of air.

However, the factor of Libra dates weighs in at such instances giving more power to relationship dynamics like trust, emotions, and values. This article aims to highlight many of these relationship dynamics that are considered vital for the survival of two people together, and then move on to the factors that become the very cause of such results.

Libra and Taurus Sex and Intimacy

The first thing that comes to the mind of anyone trying to look for zodiac compatibility is whether there will be any problems in bed together. Much to the dismay for all aspiring Libra and Taurus couples, yes, there is quite a lot of tension, and not in a good way. It is understandable that sexual intimacy is the first step towards determining any couple’s dating compatibility. So much so, that it is the sole factor determining whether factors like trust, emotions, and communication will exist to be judged. In this case, even when both Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus, they do not show much sexual love because each sign represents a different part of the planet. Furthermore, what both the people expect of sex is entirely different too.

This can be blamed on the planets that are exalted in each sign, which are Saturn and the moon in Libra and Taurus’ case. These are two very different planets which influence the sexual desires of each person in a different way. Taurus looks forward to tenderness and holding hands whereas Libra wants to get right down to the center of where all the action is. But then again, this is only the first of problems in Libra compatibility with Taurus.

Libra and Taurus Trust Issues

This is the second reason that shatters the dreams of a compatible relationship between Libra and Taurus. But don’t worry, there are ways to work around that too. Trust is a tricky subject when it comes to this couple. It can be deduced by the fact that any Libra wants to be accepted in all kinds of circles. This will get them to be in a partnership with a Taurus, or any other sign if that gets them acceptance.

The only problem is that just in case this news about Libra only setting in because of acceptance gets to Taurus, they would emotionally break, and in all honesty, never trust any Libra ever again. The only thing to realize for a Libra here is to make their Taurus feel special all the time, and in a genuine and considerate way, because this is what is taking the relationship forward. Who knows, Taurus might even go on to become a Libra best love match.

Libra with Taurus Emotions

Ever thought Taurus to be most compatible with Libra? This might be your best shot at it. But like all the dynamics of a relationship involving Libra and Taurus, this one too is ridden full of traps that you need to avoid at all costs if you want a relationship that truly stands out. A Libra would tend to spend most of their time with a Taurus looking for and actively pointing out any and all flaws they see in their partner.

Naturally, this is not something acceptable in any relationship. But in order to make Taurus one of the Libra with Taurus, this is something that definitely needs to be controlled. Similarly, Taurus people may also contribute to this problem in a way by not opening up as much as is needed for a relationship to move forward.

Libra and Taurus Communication

Lastly, this is something that will not only drive the two people involved crazy; it will also greatly affect the lives of the people who are directly in contact with this relationship. A Libra might have to explain to their friends every other night that their partner could not make it to the friends’ dinner because she stopped talking to them, again.

Multiple reasons on both ends give way to such behavior. For instance, a Taurus believes that only they are right, while a Libra is always indecisive about what they want, even at a restaurant where the menu has two items only. Working on these issues might make up for the misunderstandings and might just make it work for a Libra with Taurus.

Is the Libra and Taurus Compatibility gender-specific?

Libra compatibility, or any other zodiac sign’s compatibility for that matter, is not really dependent on what gender each sign belongs to. It is true that when making up a natal chart to analyze your personality, an astrologer will ask you for your gender. This helps them to see what effects certain positions of the planets will have on one’s personality.

However, in the case of relationship compatibility, two natal charts are being compared to find similarities, instead of creating a new one. For this reason specifically, you can be sure that all the analyses we did above hold true for not just a Libra man Taurus woman combination, but also a Libra woman Taurus man combination.

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