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It is not hard to guess how Libra compatibility with Virgo will work out. In fact, when one goes through the reasoning that any astrologer deems basic when working out dating compatibility, they will realize that it is better off for a Libra and Virgo to find partners in other zodiac signs than waste time on each other. But then again, no problem in this world exists that cannot be fixed, and with this mantra, let us dive head first into the sea that is Libra and Virgo compatibility.

Before we go on to comment on the separate dynamics of the relationship between Libra and Virgo, let us give you an insight into how these very dynamics are judged and what goes into the deciding process at the back end, with due references to Libra compatibility, of course.

Libra and Virgo

The first factor that every compatible relationship is judged on is that of the zodiac elements. It is, in fact, a very interesting read if you decide to delve in deep. However, for the sake of Libra and Virgo compatibility, let us keep it short and to the point. Zodiac elements tend to form specific opinions about the personality of a person they will be affecting. For instance, air likes to roam free, and the people belonging to this element will also tend to be adventurous in nature. These elements then move on to form their own compatibility rules. Fire only likes to stay with air, whereas earth favors water.

Interestingly enough, these are the very relationships that these elements exhibit in nature too. In an unfortunate turn of events, Libra and Virgo belong to the elements of air and earth, respectively. This puts both of them at a disadvantage because naturally, not only do air and earth not go together; they are archenemies in terms of approach towards life. Where air supports freedom and exploring new fronts, earth likes permanence and settling down at the first chance it gets. This results in a bad start, as you may have guessed, and decreased zodiac compatibility between Libra and Virgo.

Libra Compatibility with Virgo: Libra Dates

The second reason that affects zodiac compatibility is the positions of the planets. In drawing the natal charts of each person, an astrologer gets to see the exact positions on the dates of the zodiac sign. Libra dates do not really help the planet matching position with Virgo because both of these signs come in direct order, so the planets definitely have moved from one position to the other.

What really helps their case though, is the fact that the planets responsible for communication have not moved that far, and thus end up saving a little face, raising the hopes of a zodiac love match at work.

Libra and Virgo Sex and Intimacy

In the quest to check if Virgo is indeed the Libra best love match, one can start at only one place. Yes, sex and intimacy is indeed the first step to any relationship. For if this does not work out, the other dynamics will not even get a chance to play. After all, who stays on in a relationship when there is no chemistry in bed? Unfortunately for Libra and Virgo, there is little to no frequency resonating on that particular channel, if you know what we mean.

They are so much of a mismatch that calling them the opposites of each other is not right either. For instance, during sex, one would be compelled to keep everything neat and organized, while the other person wants their love to go above the skies towards the level of spirituality. There is also the problem of Virgos being shy in nature, and in that shyness often giving up on the opportunities of sexual pleasure.

They would feel like it is asking too much when they want to try something new, and a Libra would stay in their bed without doing anything because they feel that unless they are called to do something, they would be imposing themselves.

Libra and Virgo Communication

Just like there is not much to talk about sex between a Libra and Virgo couple, there is so much to talk about general knowledge and life. It is so much in conflict it might even make them question themselves. It is essential to know, however, that such communication only exists at the mental level, and not a spiritual one.

So while it may make for a very good friendship or even a professional relationship between a Libra and Virgo, it is not something getting them closer to loving each other as partners. However, still, communication is a powerful tool strengthening the bond between Libra and Virgo still. It is the only factor among all that has an actual chance of keeping the two together, because of how easily communicating becomes for the two.

Libra with Virgo: Is it gender-specific?

While our analysis above may convince you somehow that Virgo is certainly not the most compatible with Virgo, let us make it clear that having known all that you do now, there is a lot of differences you can make on your own. In addition to that, it is important to realize that any relationship compatibility is not really dependent on genders.

All the observations explained above hold true whether it is a Libra man Virgo woman, or a Libra woman Virgo man combination in question. All that matters is using the knowledge that you gained to foster a relationship that promotes love and harmony and overcomes all the weaknesses the planets show otherwise.

Libra and Virgo Compatibility
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