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The Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility is possible only when they both are patient with each other. As the relationship grows, they will get to know how much more they have to offer to each other. In the start, it might seem as if Sagittarius is the thrill seeker and that Cancer demands more satisfaction from emotional security. As the Sagittarius with Cancer relationship grows, Sagittarius will come to appreciate the strong emotional support that Cancer offers.

We can’t say that Cancer is most compatible with Sagittarius as Sagittarius and Cancer both have different approaches towards life; Cancer tends to live on emotion and tradition whereas Sagittarius is a restless wanderer.  They may not lead a compatible relationship as Cancer’s emotional tidal wave can be a little overwhelming and difficult to handle. Whereas Cancer might be unable to accept Sagittarian mate’s restlessness and the need for external activities. According to Sagittarius compatible signs, it focuses on expansion, luck, optimism, and travel whereas Cancer is all about love, maternal instinct and nurturing. Hence Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer is not very good.

Sagittarius and Cancer in a Relationship

The Sagittarius and cancer in a relationship is a bumpy ride led by moments of cray bliss. Sagittarius is all about commitment and gypsies, whereas this leaves Cancer in a state of the perpetual state of anxiety. Sagittarius best love match may not be Cancer as their dating compatibility is really low leading to a revolving door relationship. Cancer wants to control, initiate and manage the performance of the relationship which seems pretty impossible against the Sagittarius compatibility, there will be a lot of ups and downs, and often Sagittarius won’t even realize that they are wrong.

But when there are moments of bliss both Sagittarius and Cancer will have a blast and buy tickets to comedy festivals. Sagittarius which is athletic and energetic is likely to have plenty of sporting activities on the go list whereas Cancer is happy to act as an enthusiastic supporter. According to Sagittarius and Cancer and their zodiac compatibility, this is not a combination of the sun signs that fall in love that often. As they belong to the elements of water and fire, they are complete opposites and don’t really spark each other’s love, and passion and their zodiac love match will hardly be of the same intensity, same pace or same time.

Sagittarius fall in love quickly and passionately. Sagittarius dates for their partner to surprise them and impress them very often and expects to make the relationship exciting and unpredictable if their love is to last.

Sagittarius and Cancer Trust

As we already know, Sagittarius is a sign which is powered by Jupiter. Deities which were associated with this planet were thought to be great lovers, and they were always after different women such as goddesses or nymphs or whoever was attractive enough to them. Sagittarius as star people have the need to show their skills of seduction to everyone, and we call this a ‘Zeus complex.’

Even though the sign of Cancer loves Jupiter a lot, but their emotions make it very difficult for them to cope with this need of their partner to be flirty and win other girls hearts. This will affect Cancers trust along with the understanding they will get from their partner. This could lead to a lot of mutual conflicts, and misunderstandings between Sagittarius and Cancer and this tells us about Sagittarius compatibility with Cancer as this could lead to them having a relationship where their relationship has no meaning or future at all.

Sagittarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Cancer woman who is shy and mysterious are very loyal and romantic. To win her heart, the other must prove his trustworthiness. When a cancer woman is in love, she is very doting and a loving partner, she will be the one who will either leave everything when he needs her or cook a storm for her man. She is good at keeping her man hooked if she has already figured out if she’s the one for her, she knows how to keep her man satisfied and give him what he needs. It is said that a man is truly lucky to have a cancer woman in his life. A cancer lady takes relationships seriously, wants a long-term relationship and marriage is the ultimate goal.

Whereas a Sagittarius man is hard to pin down. As women fall for a Sagittarius man’s optimism, charm, good humor, confidence, and intellect. A Sagittarius man is not afraid to fall in love, but he can also fall in love fast and can fall out of love equally fast too because the thought of long-term commitment gives him chills. A Sagittarius man is attracted toward the influential, strong, smart and independent woman with a mysterious personality. What will drive him away is if a woman is clingy and very desperate.

Sagittarius Woman Cancer Man Compatibility

Here is the deal about cancer man, they might seem tough on the outside but in reality, they are romantic, generous and a kind good soul which is hidden beneath the icy facade. A cancer man is very serious when it comes to his commitments and is sure to wait for the right women to come into his life. He is really compatible when his partner can handle his mood swings and shares the same point of view on settling down.

However, a Sagittarius woman is always looking for adventure and new things. She loves to travel due to her thirst for knowledge, and she is always happy. She enjoys freedom and matches well with someone who is equally passionate about travel and being romantic. She is a great friend, confidant, and lover.

Sagittarius and Cancer Compatibility
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