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The truthful answer to this should be it depends. But the way astrologers define Sagittarius and Scorpio living together; it should not be long before they part ways. This obviously does not mean that there is a complete doom coming for Sagittarius compatibility with Scorpio. If care is taken after knowing exactly what the issues are that may be the reason behind a problem, who knows how great such a couple might turn out to be and how long they stay together.

This is specifically why zodiac compatibility is taken so seriously around the world. It not only describes whether you need a lot of just a little effort in making your relationship work, but it also tells about the problems that need fixing for the relationship to stay intact. In this article, we go over a Sagittarius and Scorpio relationship piece by piece, trying to make sense of what works and what does not, in order to reach a clear conclusion about how these two signs work out.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Sex and Intimacy

Remember those stories that start out with everything happy but then things start to spiral out of control, and everything tends to go into darkness? The sex life of a Sagittarius and Scorpio couple is no different. At first, both of them enjoy each other greatly. It is a personality trait of Sagittarius always to be energetic and breathe life into everything they do. With this same attitude, they brighten up the sex life of their Scorpio partner too. Scorpio tends to enjoy this new and bright take towards life at first. But slowly and gradually, they want to return back to their silent self where they could just sit and ponder.

This clash makes Sagittarius think of Scorpio as dull and boring, who never wants to try out stuff for the sake of fun. At the same time, Scorpio begins to think of Sagittarius as a controlling person. When such clashes begin to occur, one cannot really call it a compatible relationship anymore. So while sex may be the reason that dating compatibility between Sagittarius and Scorpio started, it is only a bubble that might soon burst. The key factor over here, again, is realizing the problem before it gets too late. Knowing how their partner functions are the first step towards going above all problems and forming a zodiac love match on one’s own terms.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Trust Issues

The biggest hit that Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility takes is in the field of trusting each other. If one sees the trend of Sagittarius compatible signs, they show an abundance of trust in their partners. In this case, however, Scorpio plays the opposite part. While it may not be their fault as much as it is of the planets bestowing a personality trait, Scorpios tend to have a strong need to have absolute control over their partners. Sometimes, it may even be considered borderline possessive.

This gives them an absolute lack of trust when they see their partner even with another colleague of the opposite gender. Realizing this issue on the part of Sagittarius may help tone it down to a very controllable degree, and might make Scorpio trust their partner more.

Is the Sagittarius with Scorpio scenario gender-specific?

It is a very important question and one that deserves mention in any article pertaining to zodiac compatibility. The answer to this is no. The gender is indeed important in making the birth chart; it is not important in a compatibility chart. This is because compatibility is only determined after a comparison of these two charts. Therefore, any observations made for a Sagittarius man Scorpio woman couple hold equally true for a Sagittarius woman Scorpio man couple.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Communication

Where zodiac elements tend to downplay the entire compatibility scenario, Sagittarius dates are the ones that emerge as gleaming lights of hope. They do this by bringing the planets in such a formation so as to give Sagittarius and Scorpio a greater chance at communicating with each other. If one sees this analytically, this is the last chance this relationship gets at declaring Scorpio as the Sagittarius best love match. After all, when all else fails, everyone’s hopes and bets are on the two people talking it out.

Even when the circumstances are not so severe, these two signs have a very good tendency of talking to each other. This also makes some people reach the conclusion that it is better for Sagittarius and Scorpio to indulge in a professional relationship rather than a loving one. What binds them together in communication is their mutual love to search for the truth, on any topic they feel interested in. This lets them not just talk and share ideas, but also effectively increase each other’s knowledge about specific topics.

Sagittarius and Scorpio Emotions

One more thing in the path of Scorpio trying to be the most compatible with Sagittarius is the factor of emotions. These two signs simply do not connect that well on an emotional level. This is mainly because the factor of rationality comes forward from Sagittarius, which is pretty dominant. This rationality, although lets them move along in the world at a pretty easy pace, it makes them devoid of the love that other couples usually have for each other.

We sure do hope that these observances were enough to give you a clear insight into what actually lies inside a Sagittarius and Scorpio relationship. The rest, as everyone says, is only dependent on time and how much one is ready to invest in it.

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