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There is not one answer to that question. In fact, a simple yes or no are also not the only options available. A lot of different factors go into making Scorpio compatibility with Leo reach the stage that it is on. Similarly, Scorpio and Leo themselves have a lot of different personality traits that sway the zodiac compatibility debate in one motion or the other depending on what you are talking about.

In this article, let us first address the basic factors, with appropriate reference to Scorpio and Leo, which help determine a zodiac love match according to astrology. After these, we shall move on to explaining the dynamics of a Scorpio and Leo relationship by addressing each parameter separately, which is commonly used in judging a compatible relationship.

Scorpio Compatibility: Scorpio and Leo

The first factor directly responsible for Scorpio and Leo compatibility is that of Scorpio dates. It is an interesting notion, and the principle behind it governs the probability of accurately finding out the compatibility between any two zodiac signs. The law is simple. When a person’s birth chart is made, it shows the positions of planets in the skies on that particular date. When looking for compatibility between two different people, it is these charts that are compared. The similar they are, the more compatible a couple is. When comparing the charts showing the dates for Scorpio and Leo, there is a little matching of the planetary positions. However, the ones that show up go on to prove how great of trust these two shares between each other. Trust is the only factor that gives Leo some chance to qualify as one of the Scorpio compatible signs.

Scorpio Compatibility: The Second Reason

This is perhaps the most important reason in determining any two signs zodiac compatibility. However, it is often checked after the dates are considered. This involves comparing the zodiac elements of the two signs looking for dating compatibility. It should be understood beforehand that each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four zodiac elements.

These elements have their own preferences in determining compatibilities. You might think of how difficult it would be to get to that. But worry not, in an interesting turn of events, the compatibility trends shown by zodiac elements are the same as their regular counterparts show in nature. Earth signs tend to go well with water signs, just like earth sustains itself from water in nature.

Similarly, fire signs are very comfortable with air signs, just like air fuels fire in nature. In addition to that, it is also important to know that two similar element signs are the best match one could ever ask for because their interests and approach to life are nearly the same.

Fixing the elements theory into Scorpio and Leo compatibility

Effectively, one of the reasons that astrologers believe Leo is not the most compatible with Scorpio is because of the difference the zodiac elements show. These two signs belong to the elements of water and fire. If we were to take the how they act in nature theory seriously, one could clearly see how water and fire are the absolute opposites of each other.

Fire brings with it absolute energy while water brings the sense of calmness and depth. When this clash together, what we do not get is compatibility of Scorpio with Leo. However, given enough time with work being done on weaknesses such as communication and emotions, there is a very high chance that Scorpio and Leo work it all out in the end.

How gender-specific is all of this?

We explained how compatibility is basically only comparing two natal charts and nothing else. This, in all its strictness, does not require the gender of a person, leading us to the conclusion that it does not really matter whether it is a Scorpio man Leo woman couple, or a Scorpio woman Leo man couple at hand. There might be very slight issues involved though, but they only occur when one tends to investigate at the deepest of levels.

Scorpio and Leo Sex and Intimacy

This is perhaps the only reason that dating compatibilities are consulted when trying to form relationships. After all, if there is no chemistry between two people in bed, it is quite hard for them to spend the rest of their lives together.

Unfortunately, in terms of sex, astrologers do not call Leo exactly a Scorpio best love match. The reason behind this is the underlying habit of both the signs to seek control over the situation. While this is a cause for problems in all other departments too, it especially shows in bed because of how much being dominant over their partner means to both Scorpio and Leo.

In addition to that, the dominance being shown by each person also tends to be of varying natures, so that what Leo sees as love, Scorpio feels boring to the core, and vice versa.

Scorpio and Leo Trust

Trust is the only thing that has a good score in a Scorpio and Leo relationship. But given the fact that all other fronts are near-disasters with such a couple, it is truly a great feat to keep a relationship going just on the basis of trust. Both Scorpio and Leo need to be extremely patient with their partners if they want to stay in a relationship truly. Taking the support of how their partner trusts them, both the people can use the time to their advantage. This is because just like wine ages graciously, such a relationship tends to grow better with every year.

Scorpio and Leo Compatibility
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Strong conversation skills
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Disastrous arguments due to different values