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Once in a while, you come across a zodiac love match that seems to be actually made in heaven. Scorpio and Taurus is one such example. It is no news to astrologers about how Scorpio compatibility is something so difficult that it is virtually impossible to find the right match for this sign.

Compatible relationship?

However, Taurus comes into the rescue as a sign who not just knows what Scorpio wants, but exactly when and where it wants it. Zodiac compatibility is no small task, as every astrologer would tell you. Equally big is its popularity among the religious followers of astrology as well as the people who just come to ask about it for fun. It has to be admitted that many people do actually take this stuff very seriously simply because of the high level of accuracy that zodiac compatibility provides. Before we move on, it is important that the reader has ample idea about all that goes into forming a compatible relationship through astrology.

Two factors primarily determine how a compatible relationship such as that of Scorpio and Taurus will turn out to be. Let us get through these before moving on to the technicalities of a Scorpio and Taurus relationship.

Scorpio Compatibility: Scorpio and Taurus

The first thing that any astrologer would check in order to determine the dating compatibility between two signs is the zodiac calendar along with the birth charts of the persons involved. This is one of the basic pillars of astrology and therefore the first step. For Scorpio and Taurus, the first step would thus naturally be checking the Scorpio dates for its planetary positions.

As the theory goes, for two signs to be compatible with each other, there has to be some degree of similarity between the positions of each sign’s planets. These ensure how certain aspects of life would turn out to be in favor of the couple. Fortunately for Scorpio and Taurus, the dates are all in favor, ensuring top scores in all aspects of life including trust, emotions, shared interests, as well as communication between the two.

Scorpio with Taurus: The Second Deciding Factor

Zodiac elements play a very important role as the second factor responsible for Taurus being the Scorpio best love match. As the theory goes with this one, each of the four zodiac elements tends to be compatible with only one other. This subsequently makes the signs being ruled by these elements go in the same direction. In effect, those signs governed by the element of the earth are favored by signs governed by the element of water.

The same goes for signs governed by elements of air and fire. In the case of Scorpio and Taurus, the elements involved are earth and water, equally favoring each other. The will to always settle for permanence on earth is beautifully complemented by the nature of water which tends to absorb all the emotion and work tirelessly in making its partner’s dream come true.  In an interesting observation, this compatibility of elements acts just like one would expect water to support earth in nature too.

Scorpio Compatibility with Taurus: Is it gender-specific?

A lot of people hold this confusion when it comes to zodiac compatibility, which is why it is all the more important to address it here. In its essence, genders only come into play when getting the birth chart of a specific individual.

Compatibility charts only work as a comparison of two different birth charts. So when an astrologer claims that there is great trust between Scorpio and Taurus, it holds true for a Scorpio man Taurus woman couple, as well as a Scorpio woman Taurus man couple.

Scorpio and Taurus Sex and Intimacy

This is the first thing that comes to the mind of any person looking to know whether Scorpio and Taurus work out together or not. Fortunately for them, since Taurus is most compatible with Scorpio, it is great with them at sex too. Astrologers believe that Scorpio and Taurus bring together a very different, even borderline unhealthy vibe towards sex. The problem is not so much with the sexual appetite as much as it is with the intimacy issues involved.

Both of the zodiac signs enjoy a creative privilege in sexual fantasies that no other couple does. But they have to pay for this with their huge set of emotions. A Scorpio may be so engrossed in making love to their partner that they might just have an actual wish to die in their lover’s arms. While this may sound romantic to some, having to deal with a dead body right after sex is no task another person would be interested in.


One more factor that clearly brings Taurus to the top of the list of Scorpio compatible signs is communication. If one is to look at planetary positions, these are two signs that have absolutely no topic they could discuss in public or private. However, the zodiac elements’ involvement ensures that even with that hiccup, Scorpio and Taurus continue on their great communicative skills.

It works in a simple way. Both the signs, aided by their zodiac elements, tend to have a very profound understanding of what the other person means to say, and in exactly what context, making them perfect for each other even when one person loves baseball and the other football. After all, both the sports are American to the core!

It is such stuff that makes Scorpio compatibility with Taurus not only one of the most enjoyable experiences but also an example for others that given time and properly invested energies, anything is possible.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility
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