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Rarely do you come across a couple that tends to fit the bill in all the parameters you set in judging how perfect they are for each other? Scorpio and Virgo are just one example. In fact, when it comes to Scorpio compatibility, the zodiac sign generally tends to be very picky, going after only the emotionally strong ones and those able to cope with very hard life situations.

Scorpio and Virgo is pretty much a similar case. In addition to that, it has the backing of all the basic laws of astrology that support the zodiac compatibility of two signs. In this article, we take a look at how these factors come together in making the decision of declaring Scorpio and Virgo a zodiac love match, followed by comments on a few special features that are worth mentioning about these two signs coming together.

Scorpio and Virgo on the Calendar

The first reason that ensures these signs to be perfect for each other is a direct indication from Scorpio dates. Don’t get us wrong. Let us explain right from the beginning. In order for any two signs to be compatible with each other, it is necessary that their planetary positions match, or are similar to some extent, at least.

This ensures similar interests between the two people to form a relationship. Scorpio and Virgo compatibility takes a turn for the positive when its planetary positions are nearly the same on all fronts, ensuring increased sexual appetite for each other, greater emotional connectivity, and also a very good channel of communication.

Scorpio and Virgo on the Elements Chart

The second reason that brings Virgo to the top of the list of Scorpio compatible signs is that of zodiac elements. For anyone who has been following astrology for quite some time, zodiac elements are no new concept. However, for the layman, let us explain a little because this is one of the pillars that help form Scorpio and Virgo compatibility, and is therefore very important to understand.

Each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four zodiac elements. These elements, in turn, help each signed form a basic opinion about life, or in other words, help them formulate their approach towards life. They also tend to have their own pattern of compatibilities that helps astrologers determine which sign can get into a compatible relationship with which. Each zodiac element is only compatible with one other zodiac element.

So in effect, water only tends to favor signs of the element earth and vice versa. Similarly, fire only tends to favor signs belonging to the element of air, and vice versa. In a very interesting observation, it can be seen that this relationship is just like one would expect these elements to behave in nature too.

Scorpio and Virgo in Light of their Zodiac Elements

In a fortunate turn of events, Scorpio and Virgo belong to the elements of water and earth, respectively. This lets them get along just great with each other if one is to make a guess on how water and earth behave in nature. However, a deeper understanding reveals that both complement each other in a very significant way. It is one of the reasons that Virgo is often declared as a Scorpio best love match by astrologers on many forums.

Earth as a zodiac element tends to favor permanence, settling down in life, and concrete decisions. All of this is further complemented by the element of water, which literally waters these thoughts with its own sense of depth and physical support. This can be seen in many Scorpio and Virgo couples where one person makes a decision, and a prime factor behind its success is the other partner’s devotion to making it happen.

Scorpio with Virgo: Is it all gender-specific?

As we explained before about how Scorpio and Virgo dating compatibility can be derived from Scorpio dates, it is partially implied that being gender-specific is out of the question. It is true that gender acts as an important figure when determining a person’s birth chart, but dating compatibility only requires the comparison of two birth charts. So technically speaking, a Scorpio man Virgo woman couple would have the same zodiac compatibility as a Scorpio woman Virgo man couple.

Scorpio and Virgo Sexual Appetite

This is a section that holds a lot of importance in not just zodiac compatibility, but also in the general public’s interest. After all, what relationship can be expected to take off if the people involved do not feel each other in bed? Luckily for Scorpio and Virgo, sexual appetite, as well as intimacy, is not a problem at all. Their zodiac elements come into play here as Virgo is a deeply emotional sign, whereas Scorpio needs someone emotional to blow their steam on (not in a negative way, of course). This gives both of them ample space to be comfortable yet be together all the time.

In some cases, however, the planets can interfere and cause problems, but it is so rare that it is negligible. The interruption of Venus on occasions leads the couple into acts of sex; however, they are more loveless and dry than one would expect. So in essence, Venus tends to kill the intimacy factor from inside but keeps the appetite alive.

In conclusion…

It is pretty simple from all the analysis above that Virgo indeed is the most compatible with Scorpio when it comes to relationships. The little problems that come in-between, however, are mere hiccups and time should be used to deal with them. As for the rest, there should only be happiness between a Scorpio and Virgo couple.

Scorpio and Virgo Compatibility
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Strong emotional understanding
Good communicational power
Can enhance each-other’s sexual skills
May get selfish regarding certain issues
Thirst for intellectual conversation
Sometimes can be too silent