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It is quite common to see two people, belonging to the zodiac signs of Taurus and Gemini, living a life together and that too in perfect harmony. Of course, there do exist occasional skirmishes but what relationship do those skirmishes let go of? In a pretty much very similar manner, there have been many instances where there was no chance that Taurus compatibility could work out with Gemini. What seems to be the reason that one combination of zodiac signs yields two very opposite results whenever it wants? Let us find out through reasoning, and astrology answers.

Zodiac compatibility is something that cannot be taken very simply. It has complex rules and astrologers have been able to decrypt those after centuries of studies and observations. Add to this the complex movement of planets, which never stops, and you have for yourself a puzzle not many can easily solve.

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The answer is as simple as the question. There are certain personality traits that make a Taurus and Gemini relationship work together perfectly. Topping this list is communication and intellect, otherwise known as the level of maturity. In a relationship where the focus is only on such issues, there is no guessing it will turn out to be very good. However, in other areas where the two signs tend to be literally opposites, it gets a little difficult and sometimes even rough, to get along. This list is topped by sexual intimacy, something that can kill a relationship before it can find a sure footing anyway. Let us now look for reasons that explain how or why such situations occur.

Explaining the complex Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

This is as simple as explaining any other sign’s dating compatibility. Off the top, two major reasons tend to explain the zodiac love match of Taurus with Gemini. One of them, as you may have guessed if you read up on astrology quite regularly, is that of Taurus dates. This is very important as it comes directly from one of the principal roots of astrology. Compatible relationships in astrology are only a result of how closely do two people’s natal charts match.

In other words, how much of the planets’ positions were the same on the birthdays of both the people in a relationship. Particular planets are responsible for particular personality traits. So in case, Venus is in the same position for two signs while all other planets are no coinciding their positions, it may be that the personality trait attributed with Venus may make the two people very compatible on that front (only!), while all other features do not necessarily match.

The Second Reason

The second reason behind why Gemini is not the most compatible with Taurus involves the zodiac elements. For anyone who reads up on astrology, and for newcomers alike, this has to be simple. Zodiac elements work just like they would in your hand. Earth will fare well with water, while fire will tend to grow more in the air. The two zodiac elements, which Taurus and Gemini belong to are, Earth and Air. It can be seen how these two do not go together at all.

Earth is an element that favors permanence and settling down. This is something that the element of air’s basic principles is against. Just like air in nature tends to blow across entire continents, the element also wants freedom and no strings attached to any relationship. This would lead to problems with compatibility between a Taurus and Gemini person. It can thus be safely concluded that Gemini cannot be considered one of the Taurus compatible signs.

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But is it the Taurus best love match?

Do not let us discourage you from trying out newer things in life. After all, there is a silver lining in every cloud that life puffs up. And based on that hope people have done much more in life than just finding their life partner. Let us introduce you to the silver lining in this case: Communication and Intellect.

Remember when we first started off by saying that a Gemini and Taurus relationship does have cases where both the people are very happy with their partners? It is only this reason for keeping their relationship alive. So yes, there is always a possibility!

Be it a Taurus man Gemini woman case or a Taurus woman Gemini man case, the outcome is pretty much the same (except for tiny gender-specific details, of course!). Like we mentioned earlier, these two signs do not have a lot in common, which leads to an overall incompatible nature. However, in these very dissimilar interests lies the reason for them to go forward as a couple.

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Differences creating Communication

You read it right. Let us demonstrate with an example. In their free-spirited nature, a Gemini person might as well forget to do the basic stuff that is necessary. For instance, when going trekking, the excitement could be so much that they forget to pack the necessary things; a toothbrush for instance. It is moments like these that the ever-caring Taurus steps up and takes charge. Such cases bring out the true essence of communication between the two which makes one care for the other and lets the other realize how blessed he or she is to have the first person as their partner in life.

However ironic and unpractical it may sound, this is the only reason that makes Taurus compatibility with Gemini a possibility in a world where otherwise these two signs are usually seen at the throats of each other!

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility
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