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Virgo and Aquarius Overview

The compatibility between a Virgo and Aquarius can be rather surprising, as their inherent natures are somewhat different. Although they are so different, they are also able to see eye to eye on many things. Virgo loves to create structure and routine, and Aquarius likes to break down structures.

Virgo limits and restricts themselves often, whereas Aquarius seeks freedom, expansion, and spontaneity. Aquarians have a happy go lucky attitude, and they see the glass as half full. Virgo’s can be rather critical and pessimistic, and they see the glass as half empty. The reason they can make a good match if both are willing to put in the required effort is that the one can teach the other the qualities they lack. Virgo can teach Aquarius how to be more structured and responsible, and Aquarius can teach Virgo to become more spontaneous, outgoing, and daring. In a relationship, these two will always be fascinated by and interested in each other.

Virgo is known to be a healer and is at service to those weaker than them. Virgo works to help improve others to be the best versions of themselves they can be. Aquarius is a humanitarian, and their goal is to achieve justice and equality for all humans on earth. Their ultimate motivations are similar, and that is for other people to be happy and treated well.

Romantic and Dating Compatibility of Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo is a practical earth sign, and they have their feet planted in reality with their heads screwed on right. Aquarius is an air sign with their head in the clouds and filled with many ideas and concepts. Aquarius is fascinated with how the Virgo can be so observant with such astute attention to detail. The things Virgo thinks of are the things the Aquarius would never even consider to think of.

The Aquarius is hugely fascinated by the detail-oriented and perfectionistic side of Virgo. The Virgo will likewise be just as interested in how the absentminded Aquarius seems to go through life without a worry in the world, or without a hint of a troubling thought or emotion. Virgo knows how to dot their I’s, cross their T’s, and have everything in place and in order. Aquarius cannot even get a hold or understanding of their own thoughts, and they will appreciate how Virgo helps them make sense of the confusing things in life.

The relationship or friendship between the Virgo and Aquarius is rarely dull and boring. It is filled with excitement. The Aquarius can get the Virgo out of their comfort zone, and push them to try new things, more so than any other zodiac sign. Virgo will feel a sense of adventure when they are around Aquarius. When two people with such different natures pair bond, it leads to exciting events and interactions.

Both Aquarius and Virgo are very rational with a zero nonsense approach. They can both sense a tall tale and ingenuity a mile away, and they only include people into their lives that are genuine and real. Both Virgo and Aquarius have been used and disappointed by other people in their life, and they keep themselves guarded.

The relationship between these two starts casual, and over time the love and trust bond just gets more durable and more reliable. Over the years, these two will become inseparable, especially if they have decided to take the step to get married. Virgo is a mutable sign, which means they can compromise and adapt themselves according to the needs of their Aquarius partner.

The Virgo will be required to take a backseat and allow the Aquarius their freedom. On the other hand, Aquarius is a fixed sign, and it can be challenging for them to adapt and change themselves according to the needs of their Virgo partner. The Virgo will find it unfair that they have to be the one continually evolving, but the Aquarius is not willing to compromise themself. There will be quite a few arguments between them regarding who needs to change and adjust themselves to suit the needs of the other.

These two will have to work out their differences regarding the habits and traits they find annoying in each other at the beginning of the relationship, as if it does not get resolved over the long term, it could fester into serious problems.

Intellectual and Emotional Bond of Virgo and Aquarius

Initially, these two will not interact with each other upon meeting. Both of them are too different for the other to understand, and in the beginning, they will keep their distance from each other, silently and secretly observing and studying each other from a range. Once they each feel that they have examined the other enough and that they know enough to initiate a conversation, they will. The sparks of romance and passion won’t be flying initially either.

These two are too different from each other to feel a sense of instant attraction, and the attraction between them builds over time as they get to know each other and as they become comfortable with each other. The Virgo and Aquarius will initially start as friends. The Aquarius needs to develop a bond of friendship with the Virgo before they can truly be themselves around them. Once the friendship bond is secure enough, then they will pursue a romantic relationship. Should this romantic relationship not work, the chances that the Virgo and Aquarius will remain friends is very high, due to them initially building a friendship bond before getting involved with each other romantically.

Virgo will initially be alarmed by the rebellious nature of the Aquarius. Virgo sticks to rules and regulations, and it can cause them anxiety when their Aquarius partner just disregards the rules and does as they please. Virgo will find this behavior to be downright unsettling, however over time, the Virgo will realize that the rebellious nature of the Aquarius is harmless, and they can find it to be exhilarating over time, as they lack this sense of rebellion and freedom themselves. The Aquarius can get frustrated with the Virgo’s constant need for assurance and stability.

These two have to find a middle ground between their different natures if they want the relationship to last forever. It is possible; however, it will just take some time and effort from both sides. The Aquarius must understand that the Virgo needs emotional and physical stability in their life, and a flighty, irresponsible attitude will cause the Virgo a lot of frustration. There can be a lot of quarrels between these two, as they are both so strong-minded that neither of them will back down and must say their say.

Love Match between Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman

Virgo men do not quickly get involved with casual flings and one night stands. Virgo men have an all or nothing mentality, and they want their woman to give their all to them as well. A Virgo man will seldom get romantically or sexually involved with a woman who he does not see a future with, or at least feel a powerful connection with. Many Virgo men have been hurt and disappointed in love, and they guard themselves due to this.

The Aquarius woman does have the ability to make the Virgo man let go and forget his past troubles in relationships, and open himself up to new possibilities. Virgo men are the only men who are not fooled or distracted by appearances and by the sexual allure of other women. Virgo men want an intelligent partner with a deep and vast mind, and he is easily able to find this in an Aquarian woman.

An Aquarian woman does not care much about appearances or status unless she has strong Capricorn influences in her chart. An Aquarian woman is all about ideas and concepts, and this intrigues the Virgo man more than any other zodiac sign woman can. To the Virgo man, the Aquarian female represents the 8th house of sex and mysteries, and due to this, he will always be fascinated by her!

Love Match between Virgo Woman and Aquarius Man

Although the Aquarius man can seem eccentric and spontaneous, he is slightly old school when it comes to looking for a romantic partner. He appreciates a woman who has her head screwed on right, that can help him with the things he never thinks of. He does not want a woman as absent-minded and spontaneous as he is, and the Virgo woman is a perfect match in his eyes. She will cause more sexual excitement in him than any woman of any other sign, and his sexual response to her will be incredibly strong. The Virgo woman can bring out all the strengths weaknesses in the Aquarius man, and he will love every minute of it!

The Virgo woman is one of the only women who will help him keep his life organized while still keeping his interest and curiosity. The Virgo woman can be somewhat critical toward her Aquarian man when he forgets to brush his teeth, put the toilet seat down, or if his shirt has a stain on it. This nitpicking can irritate the Aquarius man; however, over time, he will get used to it. The Aquarius man will be extremely laid back. However, the Virgo woman will not be, and she will point out all the things he overlooked to him consistently. He will have to get used to her overly critical and detail-oriented nature if he wants things to work in the long run.

Virgo and Aquarius: Trust

Both Aquarius and Virgo can identify the good in others. While other zodiac signs focus on the negatives, Virgo and Aquarius can identify the strengths in others, and encourage it. Virgo can seem critical, but their critique is motivated around the goal to help others improve, and it is not based on negative or selfish motivation. To Virgo, awareness of a problem leads to a problem being solved.

Both Virgo and Aquarius just want what’s right for others, and this world. It is essential for them both to be completely open and honest with each other as if the one feels the other is hiding something; it can cause long term issues. The key to this relationship is transparency. Generally, they will both instinctively know that the other only has pure motivations, and this will cause them to trust each other fully.

Virgo and Aquarius: Communication

There will be no lack of communication in this pairing, and this relationship will mainly be built on constant communication and sharing of ideas and experiences. Virgo and Aquarius will likely text each other all day when they are not together, and when they are together there will be an endless flow of communication. They work very well together as a team and can communicate instructions to each other very well.

The Aquarius is always willing to help the Virgo with their tasks and duties. However, Virgo can often be too overwhelmed and busy to help the Aquarius. The Aquarius requires constant communication, or they can feel they are not valued, whereas the Virgo does not always need this continuous communication and requires copious alone time.

Virgo and Aquarius: Values

The main difference between Virgo and Aquarius is their openness to strangers. Aquarius loves to meet new, fascinating people and can converse with almost anybody. Virgo is a lot more discriminative and selective when it comes to who they interact with, and they will not understand why Aquarius is so kind to people they would never be kind to.

The Virgo will have to accept that the Aquarius can bring home many weird and wonderful people that they just met on the sidewalk. Virgo will have to keep their discontent to themselves and make cookies and tea for the guests while Aquarius rants on about their adventures and fascinating stories. Aquarius loves to have an audience to listen to them, and Virgo must allow Aquarius this, or the Aquarius can get lonely. Virgo must avoid raining on the Aquarius’s parade. Aquarius really values friendship and Aquarians call pretty much everyone their friend or best friend.

Virgo and Aquarius: Shared Interest

A significant shared interest between the Virgo and Aquarius is their love for ideas and concepts. They both have very sharp minds that can really think out of the box, and they are both very open-minded. They both have above-average intelligence and can be quite smart. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which represents the mind, logic, communication, and they tend to think very fast.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and they are said to be geniuses filled with many ideas for inventions or new theories. The attraction between the Virgo and Aquarius is based on a mental connection. These two can talk for hours and hours on end about conspiracies and all kinds of exciting topics, and they see eye to eye and understand each other! Aquarius is the one with all the ideas, as they are an air sign, and Virgo will be the one who gets down and dirty to put the ideas into motion.

Aquarians are incredibly different and unique. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and humanitarianism, and an Aquarius will make the time for anybody who needs an ear to listen to their story. Aquarians often cannot understand why so many people find them strange or different and do not positively respond to their uniqueness. Aquarians have short attention spans, and their interest can chop and change by the minute.

The same counts for potential romantic mates. Generally, an Aquarius loses interest very quickly if a person is not impressive enough, but they usually do not lose interest in the Virgo. Virgo is very focused on the health and wellbeing of other people, and they go out of their way to help others improve themselves. Together, Aquarius and Virgo make somewhat of a humanitarian couple that only has the best interest of others in mind.

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