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In the chapter of astrology that deals with Virgo compatibility, there are a lot of different subcategories. That of Virgo and Cancer sure tops the lists of zodiac compatibility among all. This is mainly because of how close these signs tend to be and how great of an understanding they develop between themselves. In other relationships, the key factor is usually time, that helps smooth things for everyone around. However, in the case of Virgo with Cancer, it seems like they were born together! Such great understanding and charisma is rarely seen in any sign most compatible with Virgo.

Let us move on and comment on every single one of the factors that make Virgo and Cancer the great couple that they are. This includes stellar qualities like perfect understanding in bed, and shared trust. And it also involves somewhat average factors like that of communication between the two.

Virgo Compatibility: Virgo and Cancer Sexual Intimacy

To judge any couple’s dating compatibility, an astrologer always tends to start off with trying to find if there is any sexual tension between the two. Luckily for Virgo and Cancer, they pass this test with flying colors. This is a perfect example of how two different people come together because each one has what the other one wants. Virgo generally tends to be devoid of any particular emotions. Sure, they would cry at a funeral of someone close to them, but practicality is their jam. On the other hand, Cancer is all for emotions, all the time. This lack of emotions with Virgo is a gap that Cancer fills, which surprisingly enough, both consent to. This is exactly why astrologers term it a compatible relationship of a chance because differing interests might lead to these people never coming together. But once they do, all they have for each other is love and affection, which translates great in bed too.

Virgo Compatibility: Virgo and Cancer Trust

A factor that helps astrologers term Cancer as a Virgo best love match, is that of trust. In such a relationship, both of the people can sit back and relax as much as they want, because they know for sure the other person has their back. The reasons behind this are pretty simple. It all mainly comes from Cancer. Since Cancer is a cardinal sign, every decision they make in life happens after a lot of critical thinking. The same goes into choosing their partner. Once they know that a person is final for them, they do not even need to think about cheating on them. This confidence then translates itself into the Virgo person too since they know they have a partner who is most loyal to them only, and why shouldn’t they reciprocate the same feelings?

Virgo Compatibility: Virgo and Cancer Communication

If there is one place where this relationship takes a hit. It is finding a good topic to talk on. Astrologers have a very technical-sounding name for it; communication. However, it is nothing to worry about, as with time, all each person needs to do is understand the context the other person is talking in. Trying its part to prevent the two from becoming a zodiac love match, a lack of communication has its own set of reasons too.

The planets that rule these signs are Mercury and the Moon. This translates nearly every conversation of Virgo and Cancer into a debate between logic and emotion. The trick to making such a relationship work out is finding middle ground as early as possible. Once that is done, Virgo and Cancer compatibility suddenly gets back on the table again.

Virgo Compatibility: Virgo and Cancer Emotions

This is a tricky situation too, just like communication. However, it isn’t as bad as that, in all honesty. In fact, it is one of the details keeping Cancer in the list of Virgo compatible signs. The problem only arises when a Cancer person goes out to show their emotions openly. A Virgo person might consider this scary because they tend to see everything with the sharp eye of logic. Once both of the people know how they view things, it will get a lot easier sleeping together. Trust us.

Virgo Compatibility: The Reasons that bring these signs together

With the overview above, let us give you a little context into how a Virgo and Cancer couple are so close, yet somewhat far apart. The first thing that determines the compatibility here are Virgo dates. These are important because the planets need to be in the same position as they were during Virgo to be compatible with any other sign. For Cancer, most of the formation remains the same. The one not too same can be evidently seen in the lack of communication where sexual intimacy is so good.

The Second Reason

The second reason is that of zodiac elements. It is common knowledge how these elements shape up the general personality to the people born in their signs. Earth and water come together in Virgo and Cancer to form a very accepting combination. It is important to note that in nature too, Earth and Water complement each other. The lack of communication could have been easily overcome if the two elements were totally the same. After all, little differences in the skies do cause a difference in opinion.

In addition to that, one should always know that genders do not really play a major role in Virgo and Cancer compatibility, or Virgo compatibility at all, for that matter. Whether it is a Virgo man Cancer woman combination, or a Virgo woman Cancer man one, the results are always pretty much the same as we explained above.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility
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