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Virgo is ruled by the Planet Mercury and while Leo is ruled by The Sun. Like Sun, Leo radiates heat and light and wait for others to absorb them. Virgo reaches out to others and looks at all the details before absorbing them. This is to say that before the two zodiac signs start accepting each other, Virgo and Leo would need some time to understand the other’s approach. Once the approach is well understood, Virgo and Leo will begin to value each other.

Leo can teach Virgo to be more spontaneous and less critical of themselves and others while Leo achieves stability from Virgo’s constant observation.

Virgo and Leo Love Match

Virgo is an Earth Sign and Leo a fire sign. Virgo dates start from August 21 to September 20 (approximate dates) and that of Leo starts from July 21 to August 20 (approximate dates). Leo tends to jump on new projects the moment they get bored with one without thinking of the possible consequences. In this regards, Virgo is very practical and will very carefully analyze the outcomes before moving on something new.

When Virgo and Leo come together in a love match, they might think at the beginning that they have very diverse interests so sticking together is not a possibility. This zodiac love match is such that only grows and develops with time when Virgo and Leo start to appreciate and understand each other.  Virgo is diligent and reserved, and much more flexible and versatile than Leo. Leo, on the other hand, is very talkative, captivating, dominant and usually very short tempered. Although these differences exist, their zodiac compatibility can be enhanced with time and some effort.

At the start of Virgo and Leo relationship, they will only look at each other’s faults.  Leo might be all authoritative and Virgo very judgmental.  Only when they stop looking at each other’s faults and instead look at positive traits, they will soon be attracted to each other. Virgo and Leo both have a lot to learn from each other. Virgo being more of a workaholic does not seem to enjoy life much and this is where Leo would step in. A Leo would add fun, good times and spontaneity in Virgo’s life. Virgo, on the other hand, would teach Leo patience and the ability to use their intellectual energy to the fullest.   Leo might find Virgo extremely observant but will inspire their partner to ease up. Virgo might see Leo as full of themselves and selfish, but they can teach them to be more sensitive and considerate towards the needs of others. Hence, among Virgo compatible signs, Leo holds some due importance.

Virgo Woman Leo Man

On the surface, the bold, extrovert Leo man and the modest, introvert Virgo woman might not look like a good couple but it can definitely work once they develop respect for each other.

The Virgo Woman Leo Man has different goals, interests, and direction. So it might be difficult for them to cope up in the beginning. Once they start to understand each other, the Virgo woman would be attracted to the warmth and loyalty of the Leo man. The Virgo woman, in turn, would give him a great deal of respect and companionship. The Leo Man would be very curious to know what the Virgo woman is really like since she is not very talkative and social. Hence, Virgo compatibility with Leo can actually be made better and they can enter into a compatible relationship.

One of the problems frequently experienced between Virgo and Leo are self-confidence issues.

Leo’s generally lose their temper very easily and the Virgo woman might not just like it since they themselves are very calm and expect the same from their partner. Yet she will empathize with him and would try to understand his reason for behaving in such a way. However, if there is some argument going between them, the Virgo woman is likely to outsmart him and being a Leo he would not like it. Leo Man likes to be the dominant one in a relationship.

Virgo Man Leo Woman

The Leo woman likes to feel loved and valued all the time. She demands attention all the time and luckily the Virgo man is very attentive. The best part is Leo woman knows her Virgo man would not praise her for the sake of saying only, he would actually mean it. Similarly, his criticisms are honest and real so she would not mind them. The Leo woman, hence, has a lot to gain from her Virgo man.

The Virgo man, on the other hand, would want a woman who is able to appreciate his kind and caring nature. His positive, practical approach does help the Leo woman and she would continue to rely on her. This makes the Virgo man very happy indeed. Hence while Leo might need a Virgo more, Virgo compatibility with Leo is also good enough.

Conflicts are normal in all relationships and a Virgo Man Leo Woman combination might be seen having troubles in terms of their social life. Leo woman is extremely social and just wants to be the center of attention wherever she goes. The Virgo man is the exact opposite, he is extremely quiet and not a great fan of social gatherings.  This might bring us to the conclusion that their dating compatibility is not going to be very good.

Virgo with Leo – All you need to know

Virgo is a mutable Sign while Leo is a fixed sign.  Leo likes to be all authoritarian and enjoys commanding others. Virgo prefers working hard and achieving higher in the process. In a relationship, both know well about the other and so the conflict on character evaluation is not likely. Hence, Leo might not be most compatible with Virgo but this does not mean they would never make a good couple. A Leo could also be Virgo best love match.

The Summary

The best part of the Virgo and Leo relationship is their compatibility as a couple. Leo demands attention and respect by showing people their worth. The elements of fun and excitement are always seen in a Leo and this is what keeps them going. Virgo, on the other hand makes sure to fill all the gaps left by Leo and get things done through their hard work and constant efforts.  Therefore, they make a good zodiac love match.

Virgo and Leo Compatibility
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