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Let us break it down in simple words for you. If you are in a Virgo and Taurus relationship, you are very lucky to have found your soul mate. As the general trend goes for Virgo compatibility, it is often very hard to end up with the person who not only understands you to your full but is also the person that you always imagined being with. As zodiac compatibility goes, all the factors involved in point in a positive direction. We feel it is important to give you ample context into these reasons that help decide whether a compatible relationship is to exist or not. This article will then move on to separately highlight the parts of a Virgo and Taurus relationship for your own knowledge.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility Reasons

All the reasons that go into determining dating compatibility between Virgo and Taurus take root from the very basic rules of astrology. Let us take you deeper into understanding these first. The first reason that helps determine Taurus as a Virgo best love match is that of zodiac elements. For this, you have to be familiar with the four zodiac elements and the fact that they form the basic core of personality of anyone belonging to them. It is not difficult at all learning which element is compatible with which because their relationship is the same as their acts in nature.

The people of the element of water tend to be compatible with the people who belong to the element of earth, and vice versa. The case is the same with air and fire. It is also important to note that no better combination exists than those between zodiac signs of two similar elements. In that bid, Virgo and Taurus are very lucky because both of these belong to the element of earth. This gives them not only similar interests but also a matching approach towards life and its aims.

The Second Reason

The second reason is pretty simple too. In this case, we have to rely on Virgo dates in order to find a sign most compatible with Virgo. This law is generated by astrologers based on the fact that similar planetary positions encourage greater compatibility and zodiac love matches. It goes something like if two signs have planets in positions very similar to each other, they will be compatible with each other. In the case of Virgo with Taurus, the planets tend to align perfectly except for those celestial bodies responsible for the mutual regard for values and traditions. However, this does not really hinder these two signs from having a great time.

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Virgo and Taurus Sexual Intimacy

Now that you know what actually goes into determining the zodiac compatibility between two signs, let us move on to discussing each part of the relationship separately and in a detailed way. The first thing that determines whether a relationship is taking the next step forward is sexual intimacy. After all, if two people cannot bear each other in bed, or constantly avoid getting together in bed, are they even a couple? Fortunately for Virgo and Taurus, this is not a problem at all. Where Virgos tend to be shy and anxious about even revealing their body to the other person, Taurus acts as a cure to it.

This is not your average let’s-get-down-to-business couple, these two know and understand exactly what the other person needs. And when a Virgo needs comforting, Taurus ensures they are fully comfortable in their surroundings so that both enjoy each other equally.

Virgo and Taurus Trust

Trust is another factor that brings Taurus in the list of Virgo compatible signs. Let us share a simple fact before we move on to the details of trust in a Virgo and Taurus relationship. Virgos do not trust anyone, at all. This is because of how they are an opposite sign of Pisces and begin to see every person in the world as part of the unknown. While they are right in seeing everyone as a blank slate and filling it only after they have information, the appearance of Taurus tends to lower their guards. This is perhaps because of the very caring nature that Taurus brings with itself that does the trick.

In addition to that, Taurus is a sign that really tends to give it their all. So all the love they shower upon a Virgo is completely true and from the bottom of their heart. All a Virgo needs to do now is take a leap of faith in the direction of their true love’s calling.

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Is Virgo and Taurus compatibility gender specific?

We are compelled to say that it is not. However, if you strictly follow astrology, a Virgo man Taurus woman couple has to be different at some level than a Virgo woman Taurus man couple. But with centuries of knowledge and research by astrologers, the difference in compatibility charts is so minimal that gender specificities are usually not paid much heed. Like we discussed above, trust and sexual intimacy are two things that are not specific to gender in a Virgo and Taurus relationship.

The same goes for communication. The mutable quality of Virgo does its trick over here because Taurus people are generally believed to be very quiet. This attitude of keeping to themselves is the reason that they end up in very few relationships. A Virgo tends to loosen them up so that they are not only comfortable in sharing their feelings with their partner but being very expressive in front of the world too. Rest assured, enough time will bring these two lovebirds together like no other combination in astrology!

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility
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