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It is indeed a very interesting notion. It is also something that would make someone not remotely familiar with astrology begin to make guesses on how well such a relationship will work out. In all honesty, a Virgo and Virgo relationship is not as dreamy as it sounds. But if one begins to inspect each and every technicality of it, one might just lead themselves to believe that Virgo compatibility with Virgo is indeed the best solution there is to find a compatible relationship.

Let us move on and comment on some of the most important aspects that any relationship exists upon, before moving on to the factors that compel astrologers to determine zodiac compatibility.

Virgo and Virgo Sex and Intimacy

In the quest to finding one’s true zodiac love match, many different tests have to be passed. The first one, however, is something everyone deems the most necessary. We are talking of sexual intimacy between the two people. For any relationship to exist beyond the third date or the fourth (depending on how long the two can actually take it) there has to be a definitive understanding in bed, or it ceases to exist the day after. In a surprising turn of events, a Virgo and Virgo combination might just not know how to have sex together at all. You may expect them to communicate about it and make the other person aware of their apprehensions, which they do too, but they still don’t seem to be able to get along. Astrologers believe that their mutable quality plays an important role in this, and unless a Virgo and Virgo couple is madly in love with each other, they might have a lot of trouble being intimate to each other.

Virgo and Virgo Communication

After the shock that one may receive to see how poorly a Virgo and Virgo couple performs at sex, they may not be expecting anything more. But let us relieve you of this worry, as communication is a factor where these two seem to get along just great. In fact, it might even make Virgo one of the top contenders for Virgo compatible signs. Let us be honest, any sign in the Virgo compatibility list gets to be very good at communication because of Virgos only. The reason behind this is because it is ruled by Mercury, which in itself is the master planet of communication!

Now consider a Virgo and Virgo combination, both ruled by Mercury, of course. This is a zodiac heavyweight championship of communication right there! Astrologers also believe that this talks more of written communication than the talking one. So unless the relationship happened in 1927 when letters were the only way, you can expect such a couple to always be on the phone texting each other.

More about Virgo and Virgo communication

This is a topic that we feel needs more attention than people usually give it. After all, communication is the only savior of any relationship after sex, to be honest. When judging the dating compatibility between a Virgo and Virgo couple, astrologers also see that these two tend to talk a lot of intellect. This smart talking earns them extra knowledge, which may sometimes inflate their egos too. However, the important thing to take away from here is that any differing opinion from the couple is often disregarded by these two as non-existent, which is something that should never be done. Having taken care of that, Virgo and Virgo is indeed a communicative force to be reckoned with.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility: Is it gender specific?

This is an issue that needs to be addressed at the earliest. And let us clear it out for you firsthand, no it is not. Gender does come to play an important role when making up the birth chart of a person, otherwise known as a natal chart. But compatibility of a Virgo with Virgo only looks towards similar positions of the planets and thus does not require the genders.

The reasons behind Virgo being most compatible with Virgo

A lot of factors go into this, however, we will only be discussing the two most important ones. These are also, in essence, the foundation pillars of astrology. The first reason is that of Virgo dates. For any zodiac sign to be compatible with the other, they must have planets in the same positions as the other sign. Fortunately enough for a Virgo man Virgo woman case, there is no need to check for multiple dates because both are the same. This, of course, means that the planets are in the same positions, ensuring a Virgo best love match is indeed only another Virgo.

The Zodiac Elements come in to play

The second reason that astrologers give a lot of importance to when considering the compatibility of two zodiac signs is that of zodiac elements. You must know by now that one of the four zodiac elements rules over each zodiac sign, which then determines the basic approach towards the life of that sign. These elements tend to have their own patterns of compatibility, just like they would in nature. Water goes well with earth, while air goes well with fire. As you may have expected, however, the most perfect combination is only that of one element with itself. A Virgo and Virgo couple again trumps all others because of how the earth element settles in so well with itself. It gives Virgo the aim to find permanence in life and stay put to deal with all challenges on the home ground.

Virgo and Virgo Compatibility
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