July 17, 2024
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12 Pisces Celebrities That Are Out of This World

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiacal year, why is that? The year begins and ends with the spring equinox for astrologers and astrology enthusiasts. With the rebirth of the sun comes the beginning of the new year!

What makes this water sign unique is that it encompasses the energy of all the other signs to a certain extent. Pisces is a liminal sign that breaks down barriers that others cannot fathom. It’s related to music, movies, spiritual healing, and psychic abilities, so it’s no wonder that people with Pisces placements tend to go into creative fields.

These 12 Pisces celebs are perfect examples of why Pisces is such an inspiring and creative sign to have in your own chart!

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Pisces Suns


One of the most famous musicians of our time, Rhianna is a pop star who rose to fame and has remained relevant for nearly two decades. A huge part of her fame comes from her Barbadian roots. She used dancehall and reggae in her early albums, pushing those styles out to parts of the globe that had never heard those genres before, showing us how a Pisces can open up new worlds for everyone to enter.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein pushed the boundaries of science-most notably physics-so much in his time that his name became synonymous with “genius.” Reaching that level of intelligence requires pushing the boundaries of thought, something that is hard to do when you aren’t a Pisces sun. It should come as no surprise to hear that he was also a deeply spiritual man because when you know as much as he did, you realize that you also know nothing at all.

Edgar Cayce

One of the most famous psychic mediums of modern times, Edgar Cayce is a perfect example of Pisces’ ability to see beyond the physical realm. Pisces people tend to have psychic or empathic abilities and Cayce did an excellent job of recording his so all the world would know of the validity of mediumship.

Erykah Badu

A lifetime artist and musician, Erykah Badu is a shining example of a Pisces. Badu is known for her work as a singer-songwriter and has been called the Queen of the Neo-Soul sub-genre, but she had been making a name for herself performing since she was only 4 years old. It’s not hard to see why soul music would call to a Pisces with its ability to dig deep and stir big emotions in its listeners.

Pisces Moons

Michelle Obama

Arguably the most beloved first lady America has ever seen, Michelle Obama topped Gallup’s poll of most admired women in America three years in a row from 2018 to 2020, the three years directly after her husband’s presidency. Perhaps in part, this is due to the way Pisces moons can connect so innately with everybody they come in contact with.

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Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. King has long since become a symbol for the civil rights movement of the ’60s in the US, so it’s no surprise to see that he had a deeply connected Pisces moon. His struggle as a black man in America was not his own to bear, he carried the weight of every black person’s pain and felt a duty to fight for justice for all.

Robin Williams

We know that Pisces moons in particular feel the emotional burden of others, and Robin Williams had the incredible gift of turning that burden into joy. He knew how hard the world could be and he used his brief time on earth to bring smiles and laughs to as many faces as he could. Plus, with Pisces’ connection to all other beings, his moon sign gave him the ability to effortlessly morph into every character he played.


The artist formerly known as Prince will forever be known as someone who pushed the boundaries of music and gender. Much like the fluidity of Pisces, Prince had many unique abilities both musically and fashion-wise, and yet despite the times he was and still remains an icon. Pisces moons like his will always open up new worlds of being.

Pisces Rising

Billie Eilish

Rising signs can sometimes be an indicator of certain physical attributes and for Pisces risings, we tend to see that they have emotive, forlorn eyes. It should come as no surprise that Billie first came on the music scene in 2015 with her hit Ocean Eyes, a striking song that parallels her own Pisces placement.

Bettie Page

Bettie Page did more than make a name for herself in the world of pin-up modeling, she was and largely still is the name synonymous with the craft. Her entire life reflected all the things Pisces encompasses, artistry and fame through her career, but also spirituality later on through becoming a born-again Christian, and then sadly ending without enough support while suffering from schizophrenia.

Carol Burnette

Carol Burnette has an impressive career, having paved the way for many actresses and women in media to follow. What makes her stand out as a Pisces rising is her incredible ability to play so many different roles, namely in the long-running Carol Burnette Show. Pisces, as a mutable sign, is great at feeling into the personas of others and being able to feel their truths, which is why they’re great actors!

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Vincent Price

Vincent Price is a name that makes one think of horror, and he certainly did open the world up to the delights of all things spooky. Being a Pisces rising he was able to turn the scary and gruesome into something artistic and beautiful, winning acclaim and awards for it in his lifetime. Also much like a Pisces, he was an avid art fanatic and left behind a vast collection and many books on the subject.

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