July 23, 2024
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The 3 Most Stubborn Signs In The Zodiac

The 3 Most Stubborn Zodiac Signs

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be so hard-headed and immovable while others can easily go with the flow? Some people need to be totally in control of every little thing and they can’t handle it when life doesn’t go their way. This is pure stubbornness and some signs seem to be more susceptible to this than others. Here are 3 zodiac signs that seem to be the most stubborn.



What do you get when you mix an Earth sign with a Fixed sign? You get a very stubborn Taurus! This Zodiac sign knows exactly what it wants and what it likes and they will never settle for anything less. Their immovable will gives them resilience and perseverance that very few can contend with and this is why they become so successful. Still, this wilfulness also has a way of pushing the people in their life to run away. Taurus tends to be controlling, but not because they mean any harm, it is because they take comfort in their routine and what feels familiar to them. If they have made a plan about what they want to do and their plans go awry, it can almost devastate them because they are so particular about following their routine. You need to remember that a Taurus is whole world spins around what makes them feel safe and secure. Anything that threatens this feeling of security can totally disrupt their center.

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Capricorn exemplifies the saying “When there is a will, there is a way.” These seagoats know exactly what they want and are totally immovable in their pursuit of reaching all of their goals. This makes them so successful – they’re relentless and refuse to give up no matter what comes their way. But this wilfulness certainly makes them incredibly stubborn – they think they know the best and it is the only option they can follow. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, responsibilities, and discipline – now it makes sense why Capricorns are the way they are I am sure. Capricorns have really high standards and are absolute perfectionists. This is why they are so regimented and fixed in their approach because they simply know what works for them. Everything in their life is planned and they can feel totally off balance if something in their routine is disrupted. They don’t care if their stubbornness bothers other people, all they care about is being independent and not having to rely on anyone else. Don’t even try to get a Capricorn to bend to your will, it just isn’t going to happen so you might as well accept them for who they are.


You can try getting a Leo to be more flexible, but unfortunately, you will likely fail miserably. These proud lions never budge. Once they have an idea in their head, they will follow through and throw all caution to the wind. It doesn’t matter if something is totally toxic for them, if they believe it is the right thing for them, nothing and no one can get in their way. Leos are extremely prideful which can often make them kind of arrogant. This is exactly where their stubbornness comes from, they refuse to believe that they could ever be wrong. So they will keep on persisting, even after everyone has given up. Trust me, you never want to get in an argument or a debate with a Leo because they are relentless with their ideas as well as their beliefs. Although their stubbornness can make it impossible to sometimes communicate with them, at their core Leos are incredibly loyal and devoted. If you have a Leo in your corner, they will fight for you to the death and this is what makes them such wonderful friends.

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