June 15, 2024
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3 Zodiac Signs That Are Handy Around The House

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who are totally useless around the house. I might be able to change a light bulb, but that is as far as it goes – I think it must be because I am an Aries rising and get too impatient to follow through with menial tasks. However, other signs seem to flourish and are able to fix things in a jiffy. Continue reading to find out if your Astrological sign is handy around the house.


Virgo is known as the “fixer” and “helper” of the Zodiac, really handy around the house! Whenever there is a problem, a Virgo will always step in and iron out any kinks. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury – this planet rules all things communication, skills, and thinking. Virgo is also an Earth sign which makes it innately practical and pragmatic, people born under this sign find it really easy to problem solve and place all the pieces of a puzzle together. A Virgo simply cannot rest if they know that something isn’t working in their home – they strive for absolute perfection and won’t settle until everything is in order. They aren’t procrastinators, so they won’t start a project and abandon it halfway through, they always finish the job and do it with utter meticulousness and precision.


A Gemini is usually a jack of all trades. This sign has a natural curiosity and because of this has built up an enormous amount of skills along the way, so handy around the house! This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet that rules things like communication, thinking, as well as skills. Geminis are switched on and can quickly figure out where which nut and bolt goes where. And they have no problem quickly turning to Google or YouTube if they get stuck along the way. Gemini is an Air sign and Air signs are known for their ideas and intellect, so it is no wonder they find it quite easy to fix things. They’re a little impatient, so they tend to find the smart and fast way to fix things, but still manage to be meticulous because they definitely have an eye for detail.

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Aquarians are the most innovative people in the Zodiac. They are always thinking two steps ahead and have quite a knack for problem-solving which easily lends itself to being handy around the house. This sign is also an Air sign and Air signs are all about intellect and ideas, however, Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is the planet that stands for order, structure, and most importantly patience. Aquarians also have a certain stubbornness that always helps them to persevere. This sign will follow through with any project, it doesn’t matter how difficult it is. They will not stop until they have fixed what is broken, and they manage to do this with the utmost attention to detail and perfection. They’re extremely useful around the house and have a knack for making things work even better than they did before.

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