July 23, 2024
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Stereotypical Scorpio

7 Signs You Are a Stereotypical Scorpio

Scorpio is the fixed water sign, which means there will be certain qualities in all Scorpios. Scorpios are creatures of habit; they are set in their ways. This is why when Scorpio is good, they are very good and when Scorpio is bad, they are very bad. Scorpio is more on the serious side of things, but they do know how to have a good time. If Scorpio loves you, they are in your corner and will try to help you out in any way that they know-how. Scorpio can be very generous and self-less. Scorpio is a great listener and shows empathy. Still, Scorpio is hiding—they don’t want to be seen. They don’t want to talk about themselves, Scorpios are secretive and mysterious. Scorpio is not easily swayed, they are highly intelligent and once their mind is made up, it most likely is not going to change. Your power is your ability to focus your energy on something. Even if you don’t win at the moment, it doesn’t matter, Scorpio is playing the longest game known to humankind. Scorpio isn’t impulsive but rather strategic. You have a level of resilience that can often intimidate others. Scorpio rarely backs down for the gory, the difficult, or the disastrous.

Scorpio awaits their prey. They do not hunt. They do not chase after every option. They do not waste their time on anything or anyone that they are uncertain about, but once they set their hooks into you, you can be certain that they will tolerate everything from agony, to dread and boredom to get it. Every Scorpio is different, but there are qualities all Scorpio have in common. Here are 7 signs that you’re a stereotypical Scorpio.

1.Silent but Deadly

Scorpio might not look tough, but they are. It can be hard to read Scorpio because they are often silent but deadly. They make keep a lot of stuff to themselves, but once it’s time to make a move, Scorpio will and they will be deadly about it. Scorpio women tend to be more outgoing and vocal, while the males are more introverted, but it varies. Regardless of the type, there are still some things Scorpio isn’t telling you. If you mess with Scorpio, you will pay in some shape or another.

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2. Sexy

Scorpio rules the groan, and therefore a lot of Scorpio express themselves through sex. Scorpio might lack the words, but they compensate for this with their physical interactions. Scorpio would rather show you than tell you. Scorpio is a sexy sign and might be known for their good lovemaking skills.

3. Smart

Scorpio is always thinking even if they are not speaking. Scorpio is quick. Answers come to them easily. Not a sign to admit they are wrong because Scorpio is always right or at least just in their eyes. Scorpio has a lot of good sense, morale, and insight to bring to the table. They work very hard and are often recognized for their great contributions. Scorpio is always an asset to your fast-thinking team games. Scorpio also gets vibes. If they get a bad vibe from you then they will have nothing to do with you.

4. Secretive and Mysterious

All true Scorpio people are carrying some secrets. There is likely stuff that Scorpio has shared with no one, just like their thoughts on you, Scorpio won’t offer up this information on a silver platter. You will often wonder what Scorpio is thinking. Their aura is naturally mysterious as many Scorpios don’t want to pose for pictures—they don’t want the attention on them. Trust is super important here, if Scorpio confides in you and you betray your trust, you’ve more then likely lost a friend.

5. Jealous

Scorpio is a very jealous sign. Though they will never admit it, it doesn’t matter because jealousy always shows. Scorpio will often want what they can’t or don’t have. Jealousy with Scorpio isn’t necessarily spoken on but showed through action and expression.


Every Scorpio has its mean and fierce side. Men can be total dicks and the women can be bitchy. Scorpio isn’t always down to play nice or patient. Challenge them and the bitch will come out. Do something to disturb the environment and it will come out. When you confront them about something, the bitch will come out. When you ruin something Scorpio has been working hard on, the bitch will come out.

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7. Not Forgiving

You’ve probably been warned not to fuck with a Scorpio, and the reality is true that once you cross them, there is rarely a chance to come back. Scorpio will avoid you and treat you differently than before. It will be obvious something has changed or Scorpio will just fuck off forever, leaving you in silence. The Scorpio’s stinger comes out when they are crossed, and it might not even matter how long you’ve been friends, once you hurt or offend Scorpio they pretty much done with you.

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