June 17, 2024
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April Fool’s Day Pranks by Each Zodiac Sign

The one thing people think of when it is the first day of April is the kind of pranks they will pull. The origin of April Fool’s Day is still unknown, but some theories exist. The likeliest one is due to the 16th century when France moved the Julian calendar to the Gregorian as New Year’s Day was around April 1st in the Julian calendar. New Year’s Day was moved to January 1st for the Gregorian calendar and those who did not want to accept that and kept wanting to believe that April 1st was New Year’s Day were mocked. And that may have been how April Fool’s Day emerged. Either way, it is a day full of pranks, and let’s see what kind of April Fool’s Day pranks each zodiac sign would be most likely to pull.

Aries – Confetti

Aries, you are passionate and have a sense of humor, as is typical of any fire sign. April Fool’s Day will allow you to show your mischievous side, which you like. You are the type that would play a quick prank. Since you are quick, you would not plan out the prank too much ahead of time.

Therefore, a typical April Fool prank for you would be to surprise someone with confetti, whether a family member, a co-worker, or any random person. The day before, you will head to a party shop and grab a bag of confetti to play your trick.

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Taurus – Rearrange Or Deliberately Misplace Items

Taurus, you are all about possessions and material, and you are the low-key type. Since you are an earth sign, your humor may be somewhat dry, and any prank you would plan would be planned out since you are not the spontaneous type. However, you want to get in with the April Fool’s Day fun, as your type of prank would be to either deliberately misplace someone’s possessions or rearrange their furniture.

Therefore, if your co-worker is unsure why their office chair is on the other side of the room while their desk is in a different position, you are the reason for that. Or, if your sibling is missing their car keys and is looking for them all over, you are the reason for that, too.

Gemini – Prank Calling

Gemini, you are communicative and versatile and known also to be comedic. You are quite witty and clever, which is typical with any air sign. Therefore, any April Fool’s Day joke you will make will involve communication.

What other prank would you do besides making prank calls? Sure, there may be others, but this is the one that you would likely do. You may call businesses and ask them silly questions or random phone numbers. If you did this in your youth, you can relive that memory on April Fool’s Day by mimicking the Jerky Boys. Anyone who gets a prank call on April Fool’s Day should not be surprised to get it since that is the perfect day, especially if it comes from a Gemini.

Cancer – Surprise Someone With A Box Of Treats

Cancer, you are quite emotional, given that you are the first water sign of the zodiac and are known to be maternal. Therefore, you do not play pranks that could upset someone. But that does not mean you are the type that would not join in on the April Fool’s Day fun. What kind of prank would you play?

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You would not necessarily play any pranks. Instead, you may be the type to surprise someone. You would surprise them with something typical of your character. Therefore, you would surprise someone with a box of treats, whether a box of candy, pastries, or other goodies. You may give out loot bags to your coworkers, which they would not expect.

Leo – You Will Create Some Scene

Leo, you are the one who loves to be at the center of attention, but sometimes, not really. You will create a scene for someone else while you watch and laugh, as any prank you do will be wild since you are a fire sign.

For example, you may be the one to glue a dime to the sidewalk and stand somewhere away from there and watch what happens. You will chuckle when you see others struggling to pick up the dime. You will be proud of yourself for why people are getting frustrated when attempting to pick up that dime and failing to do so.

Virgo – Any Practical Joke

Virgo, you can be serious as you are always focused on details and highly analytical. You would think being an earth sign would make you not have a true sense of humor, but you are the one who would enjoy making a practical joke, which would surprise many people.

Your jokes would involve focusing on details as you would play pranks, such as swapping the sugar on the table with the saltmaker or filling up a shampoo bottle with hand soap. If you watch someone sitting at the table where you did the sugar swap and putting salt in their coffee, you would snicker.

Libra – Gift Wrap Other’s Belongings

Libra, you are the one who loves peace and balance, and you value relationships, so you may not be the one to appear to play pranks, but you do want to join in on the April Fool’s Day fun. Being an air sign means you are witty, but you will not be the one to do any harsh pranks on anyone. Your pranks will be lighthearted.

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Therefore, what you would do is gift wrap someone else’s belongings, whether you do this with your family, co-workers, or a roommate. You would get plenty of pretty gift wrapping, decorative bows, and plenty of tape to ensure they are wrapped well. You would take others’ belongings when absent, wrap them up, and surprise them.

Scorpio – Send Unknown Messages To Those Who You Know

Scorpio, you are mysterious and a profound thinker, and given that you are a water sign, you are highly emotional. Still, you keep them inside because of your private nature. Your humor may be dark, as you may also be the sarcastic type.

Your April Fool’s Day prank will be quite clever as you will do things to others mysteriously. You would be the one to create phony social media accounts and send messages to those whom you know, insisting that you know them with proof that you do, even though they don’t know who is sending them messages. If they block you because they are afraid, you can message them from your genuine accounts, wishing them a Happy April Foo’s Day.

Sagittarius – Giving Others Fake News

Sagittarius, you are the adventurous and optimistic type, as you could always go for a good laugh. And the type of prank you would play would be fitting for a fire sign, as it would be similar to Aries and Leo. Your pranks would be outrageous as you would be the one to give others fake news or give a fake announcement.

For example, you would be the one to tell everyone at work or your family members that they better prepare themselves for the blizzard of the year, even though it is well into spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), and watch them fall for it until they frantically look at the weather apps and see there is nothing other than a little rain in the forecast. Then you can proudly yell, “April Fool’s Day!”

Capricorn – A Dry And Practical Prank

Capricorn, you are the serious and ambitious type and not the type to embrace humor that much, but that does not mean you lack humor, as you want to get into the April Fool’s Day prank crowd. However, your humor may be dry and practical like other earth signs.

You may be the type to go into the office extra early, hide your co-worker’s belongings and supplies, and watch them get frustrated that they cannot find them. You may also be the type to give someone a can of something only to have a slinky jump out when they open it. That is your definition of playing pranks on others.

Aquarius – Blogging About A Fake News Story

Aquarius, you are the rebel of the zodiac, and you do things that are your way and your way only, as you are also inventive and progressive. You and Sagittarius have similar traits, so your April Fool’s Day pranks will be similar.

However, as an air sign, you will likely communicate your prank through blogging or creating a fake newspaper. Since you are clever, you can fabricate a story that no one would doubt for a second that would be fake because you could make it so believable and blog about it. That is, until they figure out what day it is, they will realize it was a fake story, but they will give you props for being highly creative.

Pisces – Surprise Someone With Items In The Closet

Pisces, you are dreamy and empathetic, and given that you are a sensitive water sign, you would not want to play a prank that you may feel could be too cruel. However, you still want to get into the April Fool’s Day prank bandwagon, so you will do something creative, and those who you want to prank will only laugh after your prank.

What you will do is get a pile of items such as stuffed animals, shoes, or toys. Then, you will toss them into someone’s closet, such as your roommate or a family member. And once they open it up, an avalanche of the stuff you put in there will come out.

April Fool’s Day has been a day to play pranks for a long time, and it may have originated from when the Julian calendar changed to the Julian calendar. However, even though it is known that this is the day when others play pranks, many people forget that April 1 is the day of jokes, so they often fall for April Fool’s Day pranks until they look at the calendar. You always want to make your pranks with taste and humor, not pranks that could potentially hurt others, so keep that in mind before pulling a prank.

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