June 22, 2024
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Here’s Where You Should Live Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wondered if you were actually living in the best city to suit your personality? Perhaps you feel stuck and like you can’t live out that perfect life you imagined for yourself. It may very well be that you just aren’t in the right location and sometimes the grass is indeed greener on the other side. Discover the best city for your Zodiac Sign…

So if you have ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a city perfect just for your Zodiac sign, then continue reading.


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Aries – New York City, USA

There is no better place on earth for the ambitious and trailblazing Aries than New York City. You are bold, energetic, and love to take risks. You are someone who loves to be a part of the action and make things happen. The hustle and bustle of New York City is perfect for a go-getter like yourself. It is the city that never sleeps, and neither do you! Every day you will get to seize the day and make amazing opportunities for yourself. What more could you want from a city?

Taurus – Paris, France

Taurus, your sign is ruled by the planet of Venus. Venus loves everything decadent and beautiful. There is no greater place on earth to speak to your senses quite like the aesthetically diverse and sensuality of Paris. Everything you could ever want could be found in the City of Love. From scrumptious pastries to delectable coffee, not to mention the exquisite art galleries, and fashion to inspire you for years to come. Paris will definitely steal your heart, Taurus.

Gemini – Las Vegas, USA

If there is one place that can keep up with your endless curiosity then it has to be Las Vegas for you, Gemini. For you, variety is the spice of life and this bustling city knows how to grab your attention. It is impossible for you to get bored in a city that has so much to offer, from all the fun entertainment at night, to the breath-taking scenery during the day. There is something for you, no matter what mood you find yourself in that day.

Cancer – Barcelona, Spain

There are a couple of things that you hold dear to your heart, Cancer, but the most important thing for you is family. You tend to get deeply attached to the people you love and find it incredibly important to build strong bonds with those around you. This is why Barcelona is the perfect destination for you. This city prides itself on its feeling of community and hospitality, plus it is also next to the ocean! The water has a way of calming your sometimes extremely intense emotions.

best city zodiac sign Barcelona

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Leo – London, England

Leo, your sign is often signified as rather royal. You have deep pride in who you are and where you come from. And the importance of heritage is quickly noticed in a place like London, but let us be honest, you love the pomp and drama attached to the royal family. But not only that there is so much culture and diversity to experience in this city, and when you get tired of your own theatrics you can always catch a show on the West End.

Virgo – Stockholm, Sweden

Virgo, you have a major appreciation for anything efficient and orderly, and if the Scandinavians are good at one thing, then it is certainly their neat and balanced way of living. You appreciate it when things just work the way they are supposed to and in a city like Stockholm, everything is clean, well-thought-out, and highly aesthetic. You aren’t one for fussy living, simplicity is key in your opinion, and the Swedes seem to agree.

Libra – Florence, Italy

As one of the most romantic signs in the Zodiac, Florence certainly speaks to your soul, Libra. You are someone who is always in search of beauty and harmony, and in a place so historically rich in art and culture like Florence it isn’t difficult to find. You can get lost in all of the architecture and paintings straight out of the renaissance and enjoy all the delicious food available around every corner. There is so much for your senses to explore in this magical city.

Scorpio – Berlin, Germany

You can be a little rough around the edges, Scorpio, and so is Berlin. This culturally diverse city is just the place for you, plus there are enough dark corners for your more secretive and mysterious side to be indulged. Berlin is a place that needs to be experienced in full. This city is wonderfully creative from some of the best art and music coming out of Berlin. You will appreciate the fact that the rawness and realness of this city push you to be yourself, authentically and true.

best city zodiac sign Berlin

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Sagittarius – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You are a wild one, Sagittarius. You’re super independent and your soul needs to roam free. You aren’t someone who plays by the rules and enjoy being in an environment in which you have the freedom to explore and experience all the world has to offer. Amsterdam offers all of this and more. This is a city that is culturally rich, but one of the most liberal cities in Europe. And luckily for you, it is relatively close to most European cities so you can just hop on a bus or a train whenever the wanderlust hits you again.

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Capricorn – San Fransisco, Usa

Capricorn, you are highly ambitious and know exactly where you want to be in life. You understand the importance of hard work, but you aren’t blind to the fact that it isn’t always what you know, but who you know that will help reach success. San Francisco has everything you could ever want in a city. Silicon Valley is just at your doorstep to help you with your next startup while there are so many hot spots to schmooze and meet your next investors.

Aquarius – Tokyo, Japan

As an Aquarius, you are one of the most forward-thinking, future-minded signs in the Zodiac. You are likely to be absolutely fascinated with things like cutting-edge technology and robotics. There is no better place for you on earth than Tokyo. This city is busting with enough weirdness to keep you interested for years to come. Everything about Tokyo is energetic, innovative, and inventive. This is the perfect place for you to express who you truly are and fill your life with incredible experiences.

Pisces – Bali, Indonesia

As one of the most spiritual and intuitive signs in the Zodiac, Pisces, you may find yourself being drawn to places that can offer you peace and tranquillity in your life when things get a little too hectic. Bali is the perfect place for you to connect with nature and find the divinity within you with the assortment of yoga and meditation retreats on offer. This is the perfect place for you to escape and find the peace and quiet you are always searching for.


best city zodiac sign Bali

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