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The Ox is the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac. According to legend, the Jade Emperor decided to assign twelve animals to the Zodiac. The announcement went out to the entire land. The order of the animals would be determined by which one arrived at his palace first. Ox and Tiger were well on their way to being first, but Rat asked Ox if he could hitch a ride to the party, and Ox agreed. When Ox arrived first, Rat jumped off in front of Ox and was, in fact, the first to arrive. So, Ox had to settle for being second.

People who belong to the Ox years are honest, patient, ambitious, and creative individuals who work on their tasks steadily to bring them to completion. The Ox individuals do not seek praise but appreciate being recognized for their hard work and consistent effort. They happily take care of others who value their consistent and foundational role in society. Without a doubt, they can be stubborn and unmoving when they disagree with others or feel undervalued.

The Exact Dates and Elements for the Years of the Ox

Date Element
Jan 31, 2033 – Feb 18, 2034 Water
Feb 12, 2021 – Jan 31, 2022 Metal
Jan 26, 2009 – Feb 13, 2010 Earth
Feb 7, 1997 – Jan 27, 1998 Fire
Feb 20, 1985 – Feb 8, 1986 Wood
Feb 3, 1973 – Jan 22, 1974 Water
Feb 15, 1961 – Feb 4 1962 Metal
Jan 29, 1949 – Feb 16, 1950 Earth


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Lucky Signs for Ox in the Chinese Zodiac

Quality Positive Negative
Numbers 1 and 4, along with any numbers that contain digits 1 and 4, such as 14, 41, 144, and so on 5 and 6, including all the numbers containing these digits, such as 56, 65, 565, and others
Colors green, yellow, and red blue and white
Flowers tulip, evergreen, peach blossom, rose  
Direction Northeast  
Lunar Month 12  
Season Winter  
Western Zodiac Match Capricorn  
Yin or Yang Yin, the passive female principle of the universe, is characterized as female and sustaining and associated with earth, dark, and cold  
Hours of the Day 1 am to 3 am  


Ox Personality

Ox is a symbol of diligence. People born in the year of Ox are dependable, strong, and determined individuals, who are honest with themselves and others. They love their home and country deeply. At work, they are ambitious individuals who value their profession and treat it with utmost importance. They are hard-working and believe that effort pays off. It is not easy to influence them at work, as they believe in their own strengths and abilities rather than relying on the opinion of others.

The Ox individual prefers to have a detailed plan of action before starting to work on a certain project and will see it through to the end, usually resulting in great success. Their family takes a special place in these people’s lives, and Ox people will be sure to impart the important values they learned from their parents to their children.


Being prudent, upright, motivated, honest, determined, diligent, faithful, strong, careful, ambitious responsible, traditional, conservative, and compassionate.


Being stubborn, unsociable, self-opinionated, quiet, unapproachable, inflexible, and not listening to the advice of others.

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Personality Based on One of the Five Elements

According to Chinese Astrology, every sign of the Chinese Zodiac has an elemental attribute corresponding to it: wood, water, metal, earth, and fire.

Wood Ox

If you were born between Feb 20, 1985 – Feb 8, 1986, you are a Wood-Ox. You are decisive in every work and personal project, relentless, straightforward, and protective of those weaker than you.

Fire Ox

People born between Feb 7, 1997 – Jan 27, 1998, are Fire Oxen. They are friendly and ambitious, more active than their brothers and sisters of the other elements, and practical with their finances.

Earth Ox

Individuals who were born between Jan 29, 1949 – Feb 16, 1950, or Jan 26, 2009 – Feb 13, 2010, are Earth Oxen. They are prudent and honest, careful and diligent, and have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to their work or family life.

Metal Ox

People born between Feb 15, 1961 – Feb 4, 1962, or Feb 12, 2021 – Jan 31, 2022, are Metal Oxen. They are active and hard-working, very sociable, always busy with assignments and projects, and find it easy to become the center of attention at a meeting or party.

Water Ox

If you were born between Feb 3, 1973 – Jan 22, 1974, or Jan 31, 2033 – Feb 18, 2034, you are a Water-Ox. You are ambitious and hard-working at your job, tenacious, strong, observational, able to endure difficulties and hardships in life, and having a strong sense of justice.

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Health for Ox

Oxen have strong bodies and durable constitutions, so they will commonly have few illnesses throughout their long and overall healthy lives. They have a determined personality and intense devotion to their workplace, so they often end up spending too much time at work. Since they work a lot and relax a little, they tend to suffer health issues because of overworking or burnout.

While their constitution is strong, it is also sensitive; therefore, Ox people will need to have a good diet, avoiding nonsense food like sugary snacks and pre-packaged meals. They also need to be sure to rest enough in order to avoid health problems; short trips to familiar places, where they can relax, work best for them.

Business and Career for Ox People

Ox individuals will find their calling in traditional spheres of business, unlike the signs that are more capable of succeeding in emerging industries. These individuals are earnest, and they take care of their responsibilities and important projects step-by-step.

Their persistence is a good quality that helps them greatly in their work, and they are diligent and consistent. Such individuals have the ambition and the ability to build long-term and profitable businesses.

Sometimes, however, they can become so fixed in their thinking and habits that they lose the ability to think outside the box. Listening to other people’s advice more can help them achieve success in their business.

As such, it is advised for Oxen to have business partners that are creative or hire professionals to do the creative work needed to help a business adapt to changing times. Among the best partners for those born in the year of the Ox are the Rat, Horse, and Pig.

Ox Relationships with Other Signs

People born in the year of the Ox prefer family relationships and close friendships. They are often introverted and enjoy solitude, preferring to stay close to home rather than go out with friends or take part in group or team activities. The friendships they build remain strong, as they value their close friends and are honest about their relationships with them.

When it comes to romantic partnerships, Oxen prefer long-term relationships to flings or one-night stands. They are devoted to their loved ones and are sincere about their feelings. The Ox individual matches best with Rat, Snake, and Rooster; has okay relationships with other Oxen and Monkey; and struggles with Tiger, Dragon, Horse, and Goat.

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