July 13, 2024
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Hard to Love a Libra

10 Reasons Why it is Hard to Love a Libra

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, it sign symbolizes Harmony and balance. But that raises the question of how a Libra can easily get into the illusion of balance rather than the fairer definition of it.  They usually are affectionate and loyal too, but with purity and fairness there too are traits like being dramatic, controlling, condescending, etc. which at points they are and make it hard to love Libra.

Following are some of the most common hurdles to love a Libra.

1st Reason: There seems to be a hint of indifference

Libra does not burden themselves with emotions; they are detached from feelings which they know can bring about the imbalance in their perfect world of balance which they always tend to maintain. Sometimes they don’t want any physical romance but rather something emotional or a deep talk, this might make their partner feel unwanted, or sometimes they will feel ignored.

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2nd Reason: Falls for the Big Picture

They are literally not detail-oriented. They always fall for the big picture and overlook people true feelings. They are superficial in their nature and always ignore the real part of a person’s true personality. This can cause many problems in understanding their partner to be it a Libra man or woman.

3rd Reason: You will never know why?

This means that they are so good at hiding their intentions about anything that you will always get the logical intention of anything but never know the real reason behind it. This is not necessarily any bad intentions but shows how the controlling nature of a Libra works. This can also benefit in a Libra Love life but can also affect it badly and make it harder to a love a Libra who doesn’t comply with these invisible terms.

4th Reason: Kudos to the pretend act

Yes, here comes their dramatic nature into the light, they are good at pretending. Sometimes they would get hurt and not show or be happy but act as if they are hurt and of course for their own reasons to benefit from. If analyzed logically this in any way can either bring mistrust to a relationship or make one of the partners more hurt than they already are.

5th Reason: Hates change

Evolution might be the new aphrodisiac, but that would rarely apply to a Libra since their love life is not prone to change. They like things as it is, they wouldn’t want to change any aspect of it. They hate to deal with a mess or anything that leads to it. This way they always true to avoid it at any cost. This also can make them take no risks, but since love is all about taking risks and struggling to break the norms, this might be a rarity in a Libra’s case. Their belief is that this would alter the balance in their life.

6th Reason: Diplomacy

Diplomacy count as a good trait, since a libra always tries to indulge in any messy situations, which can be a burden. They always try to be diplomatic. The neutrality and resolving conflicts are indeed very beneficial. But when it comes to a relationship, one needs to side with their partner and stand with them. Therefore, being diplomatic can be troublesome and will lead the partner into thinking that a Libra isn’t supporting them or catering to their stance. This makes it hard to love a Libra.

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7th Reason: Introverts

Though being introverted is something that makes the other partner know that they are being loved by a person who isn’t interested in anyone else but them. But an introverted attitude or behavior in a relationship can cause the other person to feel unwanted, or he/she will be felt as if they are annoying. Thus, making it a bit difficult to love a Libra man or woman.

8th Reason: Non-Apologetic

They always tend to be right or at least act like it. They will rarely apologize and will mostly give excuses for what they do. They are charming too, they can be all flirty, but it’s because they embrace their charm and won’t’ back out from it. They are good at adept anything to their liking and make it entirely theirs.  This might seem annoying to their partners, that’s why many people always inquire why it is hard to love a Libra.

9th Reason: That might be Coco Chanel talking

Well to be true, Libra does have an expensive taste, they are very self-indulgent. Sometimes we cannot afford it or mostly can’t accept. This might serve as a warning for people with fewer bucks in their account, but a Libra can’t back off from caring about themselves. So, if you want to get along well with a Libra, take them out shopping. Most people find it hard to see their account grow thinner, and that’s why it makes it harder for a Libra to love.

10th Reason: Trust issues might come along

Libra are lazy people. They don’t go too deep into a conversation to remember everything. So, if you happen to see them forgetting their promises do know that it’s in their nature. This is quite a bigger concern since keeping promises and sticking to one’s word is what makes a relationship stronger and build trust. It surely can be a rare commodity in case of a Libra.

In Conclusion

Looking up at the reasons why it might be hard to love a Libra one can notice one thing that’s obvious, it is their balancing nature, and they try to keep things in their perfect ratio. This makes it a bit annoying for their partners since no one knows their intention at all. Thus, people usually complain about having a hard time understanding a Libra.

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