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How Do You Manipulate Others Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Manipulate Others Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

When you think of someone manipulating you, you may feel that they are not honest people at all. Here is the thing. Everyone is capable of manipulating to a degree, even if they are the most selfless people around. That is right. The kindest souls are even known to use others if they need something that is not easy to get. That is a human thing to do.

Face it; you have also manipulated others in life if you needed something that you could not get otherwise. When it comes to business, there is a lot of manipulation going on. That means you have to remember that being manipulative does not necessarily mean you are a dishonest person. Sometimes it is necessary. Let’s talk about how each of the zodiac signs can be manipulative.

Aries – By Being Overly Confident

Aries is the one sign with no problems with manipulation since those with the sign are looking out for number one or looking to protect someone they care about. If you are an Aries, you would agree with that statement. You are competitive by nature, and you will never accept “no” for an answer either.

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If you really want something, you make it known to the individual that you will do anything to get it. Because you will be confident about it, the individual who can lead you to what you want will feel that they have no choice but to help you get it.

Taurus – Can Play the Victim Well

Taurus is a sign of tenacity and is known to be quite stubborn. When Taurus wants something but cannot attain it quickly, they will become manipulative. How do they do that? They think about how the one thing they want will support their routine or sensual needs and think about what life will be like without it. Therefore, that does not make them happy, and if you are a Taurus, you will understand how this feels. That is why you would play the victim if you did not get what you wanted.

You would find that disruptive in your life. Or, you would do the same thing to get out of something that you do not want to do. You would make it known how much you would suffer if you were forced to do something you did not wish to or did not get something you wanted. It would be hard not to give into you.

Gemini – Will Stretch the Truth

Gemini is known to communicate very well and can tell half-truths or downright lies that are highly believable. It would be effortless for Gemini to manipulate someone to get what they want by telling them half-truths of why they need it or why they need to get out of something. If you are a Gemini, you cannot deny this fact.

For instance, if Gemini gets a notice in the mail to serve as jury duty and that is the last thing they would want to do, they would not only find some simple reason to decline – but they could create a believable story as to why they cannot serve. Also, they would learn about a political stance that the courts support, and they would immediately say their political belief is the opposite of the view. That will get them out of the task directly.

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Cancer – Emotional Manipulation

It is not a stretch to know that Cancer can be manipulative through their emotions because Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. Therefore, if you are a Cancer, you know this yourself. The area where you are likely to be manipulative is by ensuring that no one abandons you.

However, even if the individual is never going to leave you but will likely not be able to spend much time with you for the day when you need them, you will put on the waterworks about it. You will say that you need them because you will not know how you can function otherwise. But, of course, that will make them feel guilty about it, and they will give in and spend time with you!

Leo – Will Judge

The one thing that Leo wants is to be in the spotlight and to have attention directed at them. However, at the same time, Leo does not like anyone doing things that they don’t approve of if it affects them somehow. And if they do, they will mock and judge them. So you will be inclined to do it even more if you feel that someone does not approve of your tastes. If you are a Leo, you may realize there is truth to this.

For instance, if you happen to think it is perfectly okay to wear black clothing during the summer, but someone says out loud that they believe that they think people should put their black clothing away once the Summer Solstice hits. And to only start wearing them after Labor Day, you will mock and judge them for that. You want to make them feel bad for believing that, and you can be so demeaning it will work.

Virgo – To Convince Them That Their Ideas Are the Best

Virgo‘s ruler is Mercury, so it is not a surprise that Virgos can play with people’s minds. Usually, what will happen is that Virgo will not respect the ideas that others have and will end up taking their ideas and planting them into their minds convincing them those ideas are the only ones to entertain. If you are a Virgo, you may realize that you are guilty of doing this.

For instance, if you have a friend who likes to treat their skin using coconut oil, and you cannot stand coconut oil – you will be sure to plant other ideas for skin treatments. You will say that coconut oil is not suitable for them and convince them to use olive oil instead. You will spout off the benefits of olive oil instead of coconut oil and even scare them into why they should never use coconut oil again. Before you know it, your friend will only use olive oil for their skincare and stay away from coconut oil. You find a reason to manipulate them because you simply want to be taken seriously and heard since you don’t think many people do.

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Libra – Pretends to Be Helpless

Libra is the one to seek out balance and, at the same time, does anything to avoid conflict or anything too tricky that pushes them out of their comfort zone. If you are a Libra, you can relate to that. That is why if anything uncomfortable comes your way, you will pretend to be helpless and not know how to deal with it.

You can handle much more than you are willing to show, but you will pretend that you can’t. That means if you are about to face a conflict, you may get out of it by crying and leaving the room, saying that you need air. That will be enough to put an end to it until the next time when you pull the same tactic again.

Scorpio – Tells You That They Will Leave

Scorpios are intense, and there is no denying that at all. The last thing you also want to do is to upset a Scorpio because you know that they can become vengeful if you cross them. If you stay on their good side, they will protect you. That in itself is a way to manipulate you as they can cause you to walk on eggshells around them.

If you are a Scorpio, deep down, you know this. And you will also threaten to leave your partners and friends if they do something you don’t like. Even if they are honest about what they have done or want to do that you disapprove of, you will threaten to leave! They don’t want you to go so they will give into your wishes.

Sagittarius – Uses Blackmail

Sagittarius loves to be on top of the world and is the happy-go-lucky type that you would never imagine having a dark side, but everyone does. And if you are a Sagittarius, you know this yourself. You also are the type that doesn’t like to take responsibility for anything you have done that can cause a lot of problems.

If you are accused of doing something unacceptable, you will get out of it by blackmailing the accuser into bringing up something from their past that they would not want others to know. And you can always do some online research to find out what it is. That will stop them from badgering you about it.

Capricorn – Makes Themselves to Be Intellectually Superior

Capricorn is all about work, business, and those with the sign take everything seriously. If you are a Capricorn, you can understand this so well. However, let’s face facts. If you don’t like someone and even more so, you don’t like what they say about something, you will never agree with them even if a part of you does. So instead, you will manipulate them into feeling stupid after they tell you something. Then, you will find a way to use facts and statistics to make them feel that way to back up your argument.

It can be as simple as them telling you about when they believed a breed of dog emerged, for example. You will harshly tell them that they are wrong and correct them by finding the facts about when that dog breed became a thing. And you will do a great job of making them feel intellectually inferior, too, as you do.

Aquarius – Apologizes Without Meaning It

Aquarius is the sign that is all about individuality and originality, and those with the sign like to do their thing without seeking approval from others. If you are an Aquarius, you know this, and you tend not to be overly concerned about upsetting someone by doing something they don’t like.

Now, if you take frustrations out on someone, then you will take accountability for it. However, you will apologize when it comes to something else that they don’t like but does not hurt them per se. But you will say you are sorry without meaning it. They will think you mean it and will trust you until you do the same thing again. However, you don’t care. You will manipulate them into trusting you, so you get them off of your back.

Pisces – Uses the Silent Treatment

You would think that Pisces is quite gentle since they are the ones who are dreamy and will do anything to help you. However, they have a vengeful and manipulative side that can play with your emotions. If you are a Pisces, you will agree that you do not like conflict.

Therefore, you will use the silent treatment instead if you are angry with someone. You refuse to get into yelling matches, so you will ignore them as much as you choose. Finally, they will beg you to start talking to them, and you will make it clear that you won’t until they give into what you want. That is one of the harshest ways to manipulate someone.


Everyone is known to be manipulative to a degree, and just because you have tendencies to do it does not make you a bad person. Sometimes the things that you need are difficult to attain, and you have to be manipulative to a degree to get them. However, if it comes to playing with the minds of others for a personal reason, then that is wrong. And even the kindest people have gone down that route at times. And you would know it. Therefore, you may disagree that you manipulate people according to your Sun sign. And you probably don’t. Instead, your Moon sign is likely behind your manipulation tactics, and you may recognize that being the case too! Your Moon sign represents your emotions which is why that is likely the case.

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