June 12, 2024
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How Do You Sanitize and Clean Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Sanitize and Clean Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak happened and became a pandemic back in March, people have been more and more concerned about sanitizing and cleanliness. Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water became part of the routine, and sanitizing surfaces was also becoming a thing. That all had to be done to prevent the COVID-19 illness from being caught and spread around.

How do people sanitize and clean up after being exposed to outside germs? That really depends on the zodiac sign. Let’s take a look and see how the signs stay clean during the pandemic.


Those who have this fiery sun sign are not happy with the lockdown because they need to get out there and expend some energy. However, they understand the importance of staying home and staying clean. They will not allow themselves to get sick because they won’t allow anything to slow them down.

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Therefore, they will sanitize themselves quite well and wash their hands after handling groceries or other items that are not from their homes. In fact, they will make it clear to anyone who is not following cleaning and staying at home orders that they are not happy with them. They will also make it known that they are not happy with those who don’t sanitize themselves. That is because if no one is following what needs to be done to make this virus disappear, then they will never be able to leave their homes. Arians need to get out.


Those with the Taurus sun sign are actually quite happy to be at home as they can binge-watch Netflix and eat their favorite foods as they lounge around. However, at the same time, they also miss dining into their favorite restaurants, and they miss going to their favorite spas. Therefore, they will remember to sanitize their hands and other surfaces for that purpose.

However, they are slow to catch on if they were not the type to be mindful of their hygiene in the past. They take a long time to get into new habits. The idea of going out again to enjoy their favorite luxuries are good reminders, however.


Gemini has a dual personality as they tend to be both very sanitary, and not overly sanitary. They will remember to wash their hands well as soon as they come home from going to the grocery store – or anywhere else they have been. That is unless they become distracted by something enticing before they get a chance to wash their hands. An example could be a text from someone who they have not talked to in a while. Then they will completely forget to wash their hands or clean anything else.


Those with the Cancer sun sign cannot stand germs so they will be the ones stocking up on Clorox, Lysol, and hand sanitizer. If they have to run essential errands, they will not just clean their hands, but they will clean down plastic bags. They’ll wipe down surfaces that were exposed to the bags and so on. They want to make sure that their homes are free from any harmful germs. Their homes are their pride.

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Leo will only keep themselves clean for two reasons. One is that they do not want to get sick from the Coronavirus as they cannot stand the idea of being sick. Secondly, they want to look impressive to others when they talk about how clean they stay. They want to be seen as the heroes as far as doing their part to slow the spread and not be the ones to pass it to anyone. They will talk about this on their social media networks and in any Zoom meetings, they are in as well.


Those with the Virgo sun sign are obsessive about being clean as it is and were this way before the pandemic. They are even more concerned about being sanitized and staying clean now. However, they ironically will not be the ones to hoard hand sanitizer, Clorox, and Lysol. That is because they have analyzed the situation enough to realize that others need those products too. If others have access to those products, then they can do their part to slow the spread as well. This is something that those who hoard those products forget.


Those who have their sun sign in Libra are the least concerned about the cleanliness. They would only sanitize their hands in order to please others. They would not want anyone upset with them for not staying clean as they do anything they can to avoid conflict. However, the one thing they will not do is clean their homes even though they have been quarantined in there for months. They would only sanitize surfaces once again if any of their family members or roommates told them to do so. But when it comes to clearing clutter, they won’t do that at all. They like the clutter anyway.


Scorpio, like Virgo, is extremely obsessed with being clean and sanitized as they do not want one trace of the virus going anywhere near them or their family. They’ll sanitize their hands obsessively after touching something that was from the grocery store or anywhere they had to go. They could clean their hands until they become painfully dry.

Unlike Virgo, they would be the ones to hoard the Clorox and Lysol in supermarkets, as well as toilet paper. This is the sign that represents extremes.


Those who have the Sagittarius sun sign are not overly concerned about sanitizing their hands and cleaning their homes. They just believe that they will not get the virus because they always look at life with the glass half-full. However, they will buckle down and wash their hands after touching items from elsewhere if they are told over and over again to do so. They want everyone around them happy so if that makes them happy, they’ll wash their hands.

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Those who have a Capricorn sun will take the threat of the virus very seriously as they will sanitize anything that could potentially be contaminated in their home. They also will wash their hands quite well after going out to grab some groceries. However, when it comes to cleaning the rest of the house, they are not overly concerned.

They will do a superficial cleaning just so it appears clean and will not bother with cleaning anything on a deeper level. Therefore, as long as germs are not lurking on the surfaces, they don’t care if there are plenty of dust bunnies underneath rugs and furniture.


The thing about Aquarians is that cleanliness is not a priority to them. However, since they are well aware of how contagious the Coronavirus is, they will do what they can to keep their hands clean and sanitized. They, however, prefer to leave their homes as seldom as possible so they don’t have to be bothered with having to wash their hands.

They will also order their groceries online and leave the bags on the floor to put the groceries away. That saves them from having to sanitize their counters since they won’t put the bags on there.


The Pisces individual is quite afraid to catch the virus as their imaginations can get the best of them. They are very similar to Capricorn as far as their cleaning habits are concerned. They will do a deep sanitizing as far as their hands are concerned. But any other type of cleaning that does not involve the concern of contamination will wait.

They’ll do a great job with procrastinating doing that vacuum job and will just simply not do a thorough job when they get around to it.

How have you been cleaning during the pandemic? Does your cleaning style match with the description of your sign?

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