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How Each Zodiac Sign Welcomes The Spring Equinox

How Each Zodiac Sign Welcomes The Spring Equinox

There is so much to love about spring; it is time to finally put the winter memories behind you (except you can get some unexpected snowfall here and there). But you can look forward to warmer weather, flowers blooming and spending more time outdoors as you enjoy the comfort of the spring temperatures and pastel colors. March 20th and 21st is the day of the vernal equinox, spring, and the start of the Aries season. So how will you welcome spring in when it arrives? Let’s see how you will do that based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Have A Party

Aries, you are energetic and passionate, and you love to have fun as your ruler is energetic Mars. The Sun may rule Leo, but it is exalted in your sign, which means you will not hesitate to be the show’s star if there is an opportunity. Therefore, the start of spring is when the Sun is in your sign, and you will want to not only show off your passionate side. You will want to make the most of it and have some fun. Therefore, you will welcome the spring equinox by having a party. And you will want to make it exciting for your friends because this is a big deal to you.

Taurus – Nurture Your Mind, Body, And Soul

Taurus, you are stoic and do not like much activity as you are the one that loves luxury and anything materialistic since your ruler is beautiful Venus. However, starting the new season by going on a shopping spree is not ideal. Instead, you will want to do something that will nurture your mind, body, and soul. Focus on meditation and yoga and facing anything hurting your subconscious, which could be the culprit for any self-sabotage you may experience. And you will also want to talk to your therapist or coach to help you work through it.

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Gemini – Choose Your Friends Carefully

Gemini, you are versatile and need intellectual stimulation as Mercury is your ruler. You also enjoy socializing. However, you will want to only hang out with yourself. Who are your true friends? You will need to be honest with yourself and see who you can trust and who you value. Does that mean cutting everyone else who you know out who may not be true to you? That is your decision. However, you will want to welcome the new season by focusing on your true friends and spending time with them. Go for coffee or dinner with them to welcome the new season.

Cancer – Focus On Your Needs

Cancer, you are the one that is always focused on the needs of others to the point that you neglect yourself. And it is not a surprise since your ruler is the Moon, the ultimate nurturer. However, when it is the start of Aries season or the spring equinox, you will want to focus on your needs first. What is it that you need so you can best serve others? Do you need more sleep? Do you need more time nurturing yourself through meal prepping and squaring in time for activity? It is time to do those things first before tending to others.

Leo – Do Some Shadow Work To Discover What Stops You From Getting What You Want

Leo, you love to be the star of the show, and you love others to notice you as you show off your selfies or vlogs on social media. However, when it is the spring equinox, you will want to figure out what stops you from getting what you want. That is because there are things you want but have yet to attain. That will require much shadow work to learn what is stopping you. Therefore, it will not get comfortable, but if you want to get to know yourself well, it is necessary to work too, as it is the way to true self-discovery.

Virgo – Change Your Style

Virgo, you are so serious often as you are highly analytical and can lose your sense of humor. And this is the time to step outside yourself and make a physical change, such as getting a new haircut or clothes. You will want to change your style. It helps you be less uptight, and you will feel better after changing your style or appearance. Therefore, why not welcome the vernal equinox by rocking a new look? You will not want to admit this, but you will like it when others compliment you on your new haircut or clothing.

Libra – Communicate With Those In Your Life

Libra, you are all about relationships and love, and Venus, the planet of love, is your ruler. Therefore, how you can welcome the spring equinox is my working through your relationships. Communication is not your strong suit as you speak up infrequently since you do not like conflict. However, you will want to challenge yourself as you welcome the new season by having heart-to-heart talks with the essential people in your life. You likely have hidden resentments towards others because you don’t communicate with them. It is time to remove that and begin talking to those in your life and listening to them too. Renew your relationships.

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Scorpio – Go On A Retreat, Even If It Is Your Own

Scorpio, you are intense and mysterious, and you have two robust plants ruling you: Pluto, the transformative planet, and Mars, the passionate one. Therefore, as a water sign, emotions load you, and you feel too much. Consequently, you can best treat yourself with care and retreat to help cleanse yourself. If you cannot do that because of your job, do your own at home. Cleanse your mind, body, and soul, so you feel refreshed. And there is no better way to welcome in the new season.

Sagittarius – Take The Day Off And Do What You Want

Sagittarius, you are happy-go-lucky as jovial Jupiter serves you. You are also a hard worker; when it is time to take a break and enjoy your time, that is the spring equinox. So, on the first day of spring, take the day off and do whatever you choose. Watch your favorite television program, or have a few friends over for a get-together. There is no better way to welcome the new season. That is when you will break away from work and any responsibilities for that day (if you can) and enjoy it.

Capricorn – Stop Putting Off Your Duties

Capricorn, you are ambitious and goal-oriented. You have passion for achieving what you want, as stern Saturn is your ruler that keeps you focused. The exaltation of Mars brings you to drive and desire. However, while you are driven to attain the goals you want, you tend to put everything else off until the last minute. And when it is the spring equinox, the best way to welcome the new season is by taking care of those chores you set aside while you focus on your work. Talk to those who matter to you, as you will want to make time for that too. Tackle all the other things you want to get to when overly focused on your work to achieve those other goals.

Aquarius – Tell Those Who Matter To You How You Feel

Aquarius, you are the one that does not like to conform, given by your rebellious ruler, Uranus, and you are also the type that does not want to communicate and acknowledge your emotions. However, you can recognize your feelings like others because you are human. And when was the last time you told those who mean a lot to you that you love them? You can best welcome the spring equinox by expressing your feelings to those who matter to you. Tell them that you love them, and tell them why you do. That will be a wonderful gift to them from you.

Pisces – Speak Your Needs And Set Boundaries

Pisces, you are highly empathetic, which means you are extremely sensitive. It is not a surprise as sensitive Neptune is your ruler. You will see that you have one thing in common with the other water signs: focus on your needs as you welcome the spring equinox. You may be sad that your season is ending, but you have the opportunity to focus on your needs, speak up, and set firmer boundaries. When you do that, you will find that you will begin to get what you need.


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As you can say goodbye to winter (even if there are a few days of unexpected snow here and there), you can begin to change your life, do some spring cleaning, and take out the patio to get ready to spend more time outdoors. If you have a ritual you can rely on to welcome the new season, you will want to stick to that. However, you will want to welcome the spring equinox in a way that is the most meaningful to you. Enjoy the new season!

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