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How To Make Someone Like You More Based on Their Zodiac Sign

How To Make Someone Like You More Based on Their Zodiac Sign?

Are you interested in dating someone or becoming friends with someone, but you have no idea what you can do to make them like you? You have tried to get their attention through awkward methods, but it never works out? Then you are not trying to get them to like you the right way.

The best way to get someone to like you is to know their sun or moon sign, and then you will want to learn how to make them like you more based on that. Alright! So, let’s talk about how to get someone to like you more, whether you want to win their friendship or get into a relationship with them based on their sign.

Aries – Be Upfront About Your Admiration Towards Them

The thing to know about Aries is that no one with that sign likes to beat around the bush. They also don’t want anyone else in their lives to do that either. If you are afraid to tell the Aries individual that you admire them because you fear they may laugh at you, the odds are that will not happen.

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And in most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. Most Aries individuals would be flattered if you came up to them and told them how much you admire them. So why not give it a go and see what happens from there?

Taurus – Be Patient but Persistent

Taurus is all about taking their sweet time and not rushing into anything. If you want a Taurus to like you, you have to be patient with them and not rush them at all. That will be the final turn-off, and they will likely block you if you keep trying to rush them to do anything. On the flip side, you also have to be persistent about showing them that you would like them to be more in your life. But that does not mean to bug them too much, or else; they will reject that.

For example, tell them that you would like to have coffee with them, and they may not give you a date for that to happen yet. Wait a week, and then ask them again. Show them that you are trustworthy too. Eventually, they will realize you genuinely want to have them in your life and will accept – at their own time.

Gemini – Be Honest and Open-Minded

Honesty and Gemini don’t sound like things that go hand in hand. However, here is the thing, Geminis don’t like to lie, but they will do so to get out of situations that they don’t like. So, if you are honest with them, they will be honest with you. If you are blunt, they respect that because it shows that you have a mind of your own and speak the truth.

Additionally, they also do not like anyone who doesn’t think progressively, and they don’t want anyone who is too reserved. So, if you are open-minded, honest, and candid about things, then you will win a Gemini.

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Cancer – Support Them and Show Them Admiration

Cancers are incredibly emotional, and they are also quite vulnerable. So, if you criticize them, they will take it to heart and will not want to talk to you for a while, even if it is constructive and said kindly. However, at the same time, they will be over it since they’d rather hear the painful truth than a lie.

So, they don’t stand for insincerity of any kind. However, if you want a Cancer to like you, you want to support them as they do appreciate that. You also want to show your admiration for them but be sincere about it. If you kiss up to them, they will know and avoid you. Avoid anything critical to say during this stage until well after winning them over.

Leo – Pay Plenty of Attention to Them

Ironically, Cancer and Leo are very different, but the way you get them to like you is similar. You want to pay attention to Leo because any attention they get, they will love. You also want to show them how much you admire them, but don’t be insincere about it.

If you compliment them too much and you only appear to be kissing up to them, Leo will shun you. So, if you want a Leo to like you, you have to pay plenty of attention to them and tell them something about themselves that you admire and make it sincere.

Virgo – Play Along with Them

Virgo is all about being analytical, health-conscious, clean, and service-oriented. You do not want to challenge any of that when it comes to being around a Virgo that you are trying to win over. That means you will need to go along with what they want even if you don’t like it.

For instance, if they invite you over to try their new kale smoothie, you will have to find a way to gulp it down. Their health is essential to them, and if you show that you are health conscious too, that will win them over. And you may need to do this kind of thing often because it takes the Virgo a while to warm up to anyone.

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Libra – Talk About Their Interests with Them

Libra individuals are sociable and likable, and they like many people too. There is no reason that they will not like you either. However, if you want to get a specific Libra to select you as a friend or something more than that, you will want to talk about their interests.

If you talk about the things that interest Libra, they will want to be with you more. It is actually relatively straightforward to win a Libra. It is much easier to win over a Libra than it is to win over those with most other signs.

Scorpio – Do Not Hide Anything and Tell the Truth No Matter How Hard it Is

It is not easy winning over a Scorpio because it takes someone with that zodiac sign a long time to earn their trust. Therefore, what is the best way to do it? First, never hide anything from them, and do not be fake at all.

If you tell a Scorpio something that they may not like, they will respect you much more for your honesty than hearing about something they may disapprove of from you. For instance, if you tell them that you regret how you betrayed an old friend, but you were younger at the time and inexperienced, they may take more time to trust you. But your honesty will get them to listen and give you a chance.

Sagittarius – Talk About Current Events, Traveling, or Interesting Books

The Sagittarius loves to travel and learn as much as they can about the world. Those with that zodiac sign will only hang around those they see as fascinating, which means they will only want anything to do with well-rounded individuals with education and experience.

Anyone who has limited experience would be considered boring to them. Therefore, the way to win over a Sagittarius is to talk about the news, interesting books you have read travels you have taken, and anything else that you think they would find fascinating.

Capricorn – Show That You Can Be Quite Intellectually Stimulating

Capricorn is all about business and serious matters, but those with the zodiac sign like anything sophisticated and mature. However, those with the sign are not in tune with their emotions and don’t like overly emotional anyone.

Therefore, the way not to win over a Capricorn is by talking about anything that will make you emotional to the point of you crying. That will repel them. Instead, speak to them about intellectual topics such as history, art, science, technology, or anything of that nature. Invite them to the theatre too, which they will appreciate.

Aquarius – Show Them That You Are a Free Thinker

Aquarians are friendly and enjoy having conversations with everyone. And the one thing that you will want to do for an Aquarian if you’re going to win them over is to give them plenty of space so they can do their thing. You also want to show them how you think freely in some areas, like free thinkers.

For instance, if you were brought up of a particular faith but deviated towards your own beliefs that have no ties to your parents’ beliefs, that will impress an Aquarian. They’ll like you that you have it within you to do your own thing.

Pisces – Talk About Mysticism

The thing about those who have their sun or moon sign in Pisces is that, yes, they are dreamy and are into the arts, but they also love mysticism and anything metaphysical. So, it is easy to win over a Pisces because if you talk about mystical and occult topics such as life after death, the spirit world, crystals, tarot, and anything of that nature, they will enjoy being around you.

They also like those who enjoy partaking in creative hobbies, and if you have that in common with them, they’ll definitely want to spend a lot more time with you.

What if you meet a Pisces who is not into mysticism but happens to like to have more intellectual conversations? Their moon or rising sign may be in signs such as Aquarius, Capricorn, or Sagittarius. Or there could be other aspects in their charts that point out that they are more interested in having intellectually stimulating conversations instead of speculative ones. Most importantly, if you are sensing about them, that they prefer to talk about history or current events instead of tarot cards, then you have a conversation about the world history or current events. A sure way to make someone like you regardless of their sign is talking about the things that they like or doing something that you know will impress them without trying too hard.

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