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The Best Ice Cream Flavor For Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Ice Cream Flavor For Your Zodiac Sign

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! What type of ice cream do you want to grab when you feel the effects of the hot summer day while you are in the mood for a sweet treat? Do you get the traditional vanilla or chocolate?

Do you get a rocky road or heavenly hash ice cream? On July 1st, you will want to test out different ice cream flavors because it is Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day, and you cannot go wrong with doing that. Let’s find the best ice cream flavor for your zodiac sign.


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Aries – Rocky Road

Aries, you are passionate, fiery, and you are energetic. You will not go for an ice cream flavor that bores you because you need excitement. Therefore, rocky road ice cream is the best flavor for you. There is a lot of symbolism in this ice cream. You have nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate ice cream. The nuts represent the obstacles, but the marshmallows and chocolate ice cream represent Aries’s optimism. Therefore, Aries does not allow obstacles to get in the way and will keep having an optimistic attitude despite that because of having competitive nature.

Taurus – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Taurus, you need comfort and luxury, as you are also quite sensual, so you enjoy your food and anything else that gives you a tactile experience. Therefore, chocolate chip cookie dough is the ideal ice cream flavor for you, as you can savor the cookie dough’s delicious flavor in the ice cream. No one can rush you through it. Chocolate chip cookie dough is luxurious but also a classic. This flavor is perfect because you are not the type to delve out of your comfort zone. It is not boring, and it is familiar.

Gemini – Spumoni

Gemini, you are versatile and do not like to stick to one thing at a time. You are also sociable. You are also indecisive. Therefore, you will not stick to single-flavored ice cream. Spumoni is ideal because it mixes chocolate, pistachio, and maraschino cherry, similar to Neopolitan ice cream mix of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. However, you are extra creative and would rather get into the mode of choosing spumoni over Neopolitan. That being the case, you are not that indecisive. However, you may jump to grab Neopolitan at the next moment.

Cancer – Mango

Cancer, you need comfort, and you are also emotional, and anything familiar is what you need as your home and family mean everything to you. Therefore, the type of ice cream you want would have to comfort you. That is why mango-flavored ice cream is ideal for you. Mango ice cream is refreshing and soothing; you can enjoy the sweet fruity flavor since you are highly sensitive. You would be the one to enjoy a few scoops of mango ice cream and add some whipped cream and make it extra sweet by adding chocolate chips.

Leo – Hot Fudge Sundae With Caramel

Leo, you are extravagant, and you are the one that wants to be the star of the show and the ice cream that would be the most fitting for you would fit that description. The hot fudge sundae with caramel sauce would be your ideal ice cream. It is exciting for you, and no one can miss a large ice cream sundae with hot fudge whipped cream and caramel sauce with plenty of nuts and sprinkles. It does not matter what the ice cream flavor is because Leo can turn a traditional vanilla scoop of ice cream into something exciting: the sundae.

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Virgo – Green Tea

Virgo, you are down-to-earth, given that you have an earth sign and are also health-conscious, analytical, and service-oriented. Ice cream is not the healthiest snack, but since the celebration is about ice cream and not frozen yogurt, you will find the healthiest option, which is green tea ice cream. Green tea associates well with the earth element, and it has health properties that will give the ice cream a redeeming quality, and you will look beyond the fact that there is sugar in any flavored ice cream.



Libra – Chocolate

Libra, you are all about love and beauty and not looking for anything that can take you too far out of your comfort zone. That is why the ideal ice cream flavor for you is chocolate. Chocolate ice cream will satisfy your simple indulgence, which means you will eat it because you enjoy it, as you will find chocolate ice cream fulfilling. And since relationships are also very important to you, you will not hesitate to invite a friend or two over so you can enjoy a bowl of chocolate ice cream together, with a little bit of whipped cream on top.

Scorpio – Fried Ice Cream

Scorpio, you are intense, mysterious, and private. The one thing you enjoy doing is surprising others. And that is why you would find the fried ice cream ideal for your personality. Fried ice cream has a hard exterior with many crunches, and no one would expect as they take their spoon and chip away at it that there will be a soft cold vanilla ice cream center. You may also appear hard on the surface, but you are a softie deep down as you have hidden sentiments.

Sagittarius – Pistachios

Sagittarius, you are adventurous, fun, optimistic, and a traveler. You are also spiritual, and the ideal ice cream flavor for you is the pistachio. There is a Biblical story of how pistachios were in the Garden of Eden, and a well-traveled nut, which is also a seed making its way through Asia Minor, means you have something in common with this nut. Not only are you and the pistachio well-traveled, but you also thrive in any environment, even a desert. And you never go for anything boring, and the pistachio-flavored ice cream and the story behind the nut are anything but boring.

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Capricorn – Coffee

Capricorn, you are ambitious, a true go-getter, and very goal-oriented. You will not rest until the work you are determined to do is completed, so the ideal ice cream for you is the coffee-flavored ice cream. Even though the amount of caffeine in the ice cream is minuscule, it gives you the placebo effect because you will believe that you are getting the energy boost from the coffee-flavored ice cream so you can be as productive as possible. You are still getting an energy boost from it, but it is a sugar boost, not a caffeine one.

Aquarius – Chocolate Bacon

Aquarius, you are not the one who will conform as you march to your drummer, as you are the rebel who likes to stand out. Therefore, you will never go for anything traditional, and you always go for something unique. Consequently, you will go for the fantastic chocolate bacon-flavored ice cream, the perfect treat for your sign. Why would you go for traditional chocolate ice cream, even if it had sprinkles or fudge pieces? You must make it unique by adding the bacon flavor to fit you!

Pisces – Cotton Candy

Pisces, you are empathetic and imaginative, and you love to escape to good fantasy, so you will go for an ice cream flavor that suits your style. You can grab any ice cream and get lost in your imagination as you enjoy that sugary treat. However, the best one for you is the cotton candy flavor. Cotton candy is extremely sweet, and you go for anything sweet, and if you can have the same taste for your ice cream, you are in heaven.


Do any of these flavors sound appealing to you based on your sun, moon, or rising sign? If so, you should try them out on July 1st, Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day. Even if you are trying to control your sugar intake and stay fit, you have to let loose sometimes and enjoy a sweet treat. So why take advantage of that opportunity on July 1st to cool down and then enjoy a sweet cold treat to relax and enjoy the flavor fully? It is the perfect day to do that.

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