July 17, 2024
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Kights of the Zodiac Fact or Fiction

Knights of the Zodiac: Fact or Fiction?

There’s been a lot of talks about the so-called Holy Wars. Fierce Gods with superhuman abilities at war with one another, fighting for dominance over humanity’s adoration and admiration. We’ve seen this allegory play out throughout our history and cultures, whether this was the Ancient Greek gods, Roman, Egyptian, Norse or Hindu… But the question remains: “Knights of the Zodiac: Fact or Fiction?”

Were they really just a myth? Or is there something we can learn and embody from them?

The Origins of the Knights of the Zodiac

Originally released in 1986 in Japan, Knights of the Zodiac or Saint Seiya is a manga-based television series, depicting the story of a young cage fighter named Seiya, who unforeseenly taps into special powers which he never realized he possessed.

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He quickly learns that his gifts and specialty aren’t just for his amusement, as he is bound to protect Sienna, the reincarnation of the Olympian goddess Athena from other Greek gods and their own respective Knights, who seek to destroy her and reign over Earth.

To fulfil his true destiny, Seiya must undergo special training, face his own past and give up all his individualistic desires in the process… eventually taking his rightful place among the Knights of the Zodiac.

Each knight’s abilities stems from their constellation-based armor which grants them access to their own special source of Cosmic energy, depicted with its own appropriate color of energy.

Our protagonist’s constellation is Pegasus, making him the Pegasus Saint or Pegasus Knight. There are a total of 5 Knights bound to Athena, with the sacred task to end the gods’ control of the earth and put humanity’s fate into its own hands.

Interesting plot right? Wonder where they got it from…

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A new adaptation in movie

The original series ran on cable TV in Japan for 114 episodes and achieved a staggering 8.4 IMDB rating. In 2019, Netflix republished it in English but the series only ran for 2 seasons before being taken down.

In the next week or two, the movie is premiering worldwide… and fans have a lot to say about it. With quite an astonishing budget of $60 million dollars and the elite Japanese production Toei Company in charge… Is it worth the hype?

Being released already in Japan and Latin America on April 27th, the movie seems to not be living up to the grandiosity of the original series… but that is to be expected. Hollywood is cursed when it comes to the republishing of Japanese anime, as there’s a tendency to not follow the original storyline to the bone… and fans aren’t always so forgiving with that.

However, don’t let that discourage you. Alterations to the plot are bound to happen, it’s what makes it accessible to us, the mainstream audience. It’s the story as a whole that’s meant to inspire you, educate you, have you thinking… and of course, entertain you.

Sean Bean, one of the main actors of the movie who famously played in both Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones commented in an interview with GamesRadar:

“I think what makes this film unique is the fact it’s combined two kinds of elements, which are very interesting to me: Greek mythology – which I was always interested in growing up as a kid – and the Japanese culture, the anime, the manga. Combining those together complements each other very well in the end product. It’s quite fascinating and it’s very exciting,” he said.

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The notion of the True Self – Saint Seiya aka Pegasus Knight

There are many lessons and teachings which we expect to be showcased in the movie, as with every movie following the Hero’s Journey storyline.

What makes this one special is its extreme sci-fi plot, closely connected to the actual Ancient Greek mythology… making it, in our opinion, a fascinating watch.

It is in myths that the keys are hidden.

As you watch it, stay lucid and allow yourself to experience the emotions that get stirred alongside the movie’s unfolding of the story.

For Seiya it is no easy path to become Saint Seiya. He is to give up his lower-nature and allow his True Self, the Pegasus Knight to come through and fulfill his destiny of protecting Athena and opposing the evil forces.

But then again it is no easy path for any of us. It takes dedication, sacrifice, hard work, and most importantly, the willingness to be part of something greater than yourself. The willingness to discover your gifts, hell… even the belief that you have certain special appointed gifts is a shocker for most people. But you do. We all do. There are no accidents. And neither are you.

The original name for the Japanese series was Saint Seiya Awakening.

What does it mean to awaken? Awaken to what exactly? Or shall we say, awaken to who?

What lies at the end of the tunnel is a mystery to be discovered by each one of us. A journey of exciting adventure, tribulations and tests. But we can get inspired. We can learn from the ones who have walked before us and adapt our paths accordingly.

To become a Saint, or so to say, to awaken to your True Identity, which is one with God-Source, is inevitable. It’s just a matter of how you do it.

Will you do it in honour, with your head held high as you walk the Valley of Death? Or will you crouch your way to Heaven? The choice is yours. But it starts with the courage to pursue who you truly are.

So, fellow reader, will you awaken?

In Seiya’s words from the trailer: “Show me the path I’ve chosen.”

May it be so.

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