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What Is The One Thing That Each Zodiac Sign Wishes For

What Is The One Thing That Each Zodiac Sign Wishes For?

Everyone has hopes, wishes, and dreams. And some of them come true, and others, unfortunately, do not. That is life. But you can always dream and strive for what you wish by taking action to go after it as long as you are open to it, leading to other possibilities. April 29th is World Wish Day, the anniversary of the creation of Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization to help make wishes come true for unfortunate children worldwide. First, however, you will want to use this day to think about your wishes, and let’s talk about each zodiac sign’s wishes.


Aries wishes – To Be The Best Leader

Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac, and you are the cardinal fire sign which means you are the one that always wants to be the first one to do something. You want to be the leader that everyone looks up to and follows. You have a solid ability to lead and be the boss. You have the confidence to take on any challenge because you believe in yourself. Winning is a goal you have, which is why you may get into careers that involve entrepreneurship or want to be a race car driver.

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Taurus – Financial Security

Taurus, all you wish for is security. Of course, you want to ensure that nothing will disrupt your routine, but you want financial security even more so than that (and that wish will not always come true because life is unpredictable). Sure, you would love wealth to keep up with a luxurious lifestyle. However, if that does not happen, you will be happy with financial security. You are responsible and dependable, which is why you will attain that, and your stubborn side will also help you achieve financial security because you will work hard to ensure that you have it.

Gemini – Making Connections

Gemini, you are a master communicator and highly friendly, meaning you wish to keep creating new connections. You want to keep meeting others to learn about them, share your knowledge, and make new friends. Even though you have downsides to the internet and social media, you know how to utilize it well because you can use it to your advantage to make new and meaningful connections. You may also yearn to go into fields where you can connect with others, such as PR, broadcasting, or becoming a social influencer.

Cancer – Protecting The Vulnerable

Cancer, you are incredibly nurturing; your home and family mean everything to you. You wish to help and heal those needing it, and you want to protect the vulnerable. If it were up to you, you would bring home everyone you see suffering on the street and cook them a warm and comforting meal. You would do that if you knew someone struggling with personal issues that were bringing them down. You would happily invite them over to your home and nurture them because your wish is to help take away the pain that others have.

Leo wishes – For Everyone To Love And Respect Them

Leo, it is no secret that you love to be the center of the spotlight, and there is a reason that you would be the one to want to become a social media influencer where everyone will notice you. But you are warm and can comfort those who need it as they watch your influential media. You will get the attention you want, which includes negative attention, but you ignore the negative attention and focus on the positive. Your wish is for others to respect and love you, and even if you decide not to become a social media influencer, you want others to not only notice you in other ways but to love and respect you, too, based on what you say and do.

Virgo – To Serve Others In A Practical Way

Virgo, you are work and service-oriented, and you are highly analytical. But you want to feel as if you can accomplish something, primarily serving others by helping them through practical means. For example, your wish is to be the one to help them come up with a practical solution to a problem they are having. Or, if they are dealing with a computer issue, you want to be the one to help solve the problem for it. If you are not the technical type, you can help them in other ways by giving them organizing tips and helping them plan in a strategic way for something they want to do. You can do that yourself, so why not help someone else do it?

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Libra – Peace

Libra, you are all about fairness and balance, and the one thing you wish for is peace. You want there to be peace in your life, and you want there to be peace worldwide. And that is why you cannot stand watching or listening to the news, and you keep scrolling on social media to a minimum because you will come across unsettling stories. Anything involving conflict and war upsets you immensely. And even though you are not oblivious to the reality that those things happen, you constantly wish for more peace and to hear about stories involving that.

Scorpio wishes – To Be Loved

Scorpio, you are passionate, and you feel everything so intensely. You do not like sharing much about yourself until they earn your trust. You struggle with communication as a result. Your greatest wish is to be loved by others. You do not want that in the same way as Leo, as you do not crave attention. You want others who are in your life to love you. You want them to feel as deeply about you as them. That is why you fear they may betray you or let you down, and you show that by not allowing them into your world until you feel they respect and love you.

Sagittarius – Freedom

Sagittarius, you are a free spirit that is optimistic and adventurous. You wish to be free to do what and when you want. You are realistic, however. You know that to earn that freedom, you have to work and pay your dues, and luckily you have an ambitious side to achieve that. But that is not your fear. Your fear is having other factors, such as family tying you down, as you do not want anyone tying you down. Unless you have a lot of water in your chart, particularly a lot of Cancer influence, you would not be the type to settle down to marry and have kids for this reason. You wish to have the freedom to go and do as you, please.

Capricorn – Success

Capricorn, you are goal-oriented, and you are a high achiever. Your wish is to succeed. What does that look like to you? You want to be successful in business, and you want to be the one to earn high status ranking in the corporate world. You are not in a rush for it to happen; it can take a lifetime to fulfill your wish. That is why you will work day and night to do that. However, you must remember that you cannot keep working without taking breaks and incorporating some downtime and enjoyment. Creating a balance will help make your wish come true quicker.

Aquarius – Help To Create A Better World

Aquarius, you are a free spirit but a humanitarian, and you wish to create a better world. You are a visionary and wish to see that people will better care for the environment, animals, and one another. You would be the one to organize fundraisers to help bring out awareness about the problems with the climate, poverty, wildlife, and any other social issue that needs understanding and attention. You are a revolutionary and a philanthropist, and you will be the one to be a motivational speaker to encourage others to help make the world a better place. You cannot be the one to do it alone.

Pisces wishes – To Make Their Dreams Come True

Pisces, you are imaginative and sensitive and the ultimate dreamer—more than anything, you want to make your dreams come true. And you do have the imagination and creativity to help make that happen. It can be unsettling when your dream does not come true, but unfortunately, that is what happens. But you can make some of your dreams come true, and that is why you are the one to want to learn how to manifest your dreams so they become a reality. You can master the Law of Attraction and manifestation to help make your wishes come true.

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Even though World Wish Day happens to be the anniversary of the creation of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, this is a day for everyone to make a wish and hold onto it so you can create a plan to manifest it. However, whatever wish you have, you want to ensure that it is one that you can manifest and one that is in your control to make happen. Wishing for something that could be out of your control that involves other specific people may not happen, which can disappoint you if you put too much energy into it. That is why you will want to wish for something that you can make happen independently.

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