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sagittarius hottest zodiac love matches

Sagittarius Hottest Zodiac Love Matches

It won’t be hard to strike up a sexy conversation with your Sagittarius. Sagittarius has a player’s mentality, like “The Archer”, when they want something, they set their targets and then try to hit a bull’s eye. In order to keep Sagittarius, you need to be both attractive, interesting, and confident—it helps even more if you consider yourself a conversationalist, an adventure-seeker, or a traveler, but they could settle for somebody earthy. Sagittarius is attracted to the everyday vitality, the thrill, the rush, and the adventure of life. Secretly, they desperately need someone they can open up to whole-headily and trust long-term without looking elsewhere. Sagittarius is the type to like sports, competition, business, and having a good time in general. They won’t be down for you if you are a negative nelly, so if you are after a Sagittarius do your best to keep it positive, upbeat, and always optimistic. What are Sagittarius Hottest Zodiac Love Matches?

Sagittarius and Leo

There are many exciting things to explore in this union. Sagittarius and Leo become the best of pals, lovers, and activity partners. Both have a positive, optimistic outlook on life and love. Together they can travel the world and enjoy all kinds of fulfilling adventures. Sagittarius will loosen up the purse strings for lavish Leo who secretly wants to be treated like a king or a queen. Together, they will seek the best in life, and attempt to bring out the best in each other. This pair has great relationship potential, great long-term relationship potential, and great friendship potential.  

Sagittarius and Gemini

Opposites tend to attract and repel, but these two opposites could get on well if they have that opposite sign gel. The sexual chemistry between opposites is usually explosive, and sometimes what holds the relationship together in the first place, but these two signs have a dialogue. They can easily for a history. Gemini loves to share their thoughts with philosophical Sagittarius, who is always holding Gemini up and rooting for them to win. Sagittarius is naturally competitive, and Gemini will love watching them win.

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Sagittarius and Scorpio

It’s not written in the books, but it is in the stars—these two signs have potential. This pairing usually gets along very well, in a way that can hardly be explained. Sagittarius respect Scorpio’s work ethic and moral ethics. Scorpio likes Sagittarius’ worldly nature and enjoys taking part in the excitement Sagittarius has to show them. Scorpio is the perfect sign that untrustworthy Sagittarius can put their trust in. Together they make for a very smart, sexy, and sophisticated couple. They know how to balance business and pleasure.

Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius is taken back by Libra’s alluring charm and flattering physical aesthetic. Libra shares the same lust that Sagittarius does for an adventurous living—together they make for perfect playmates, in and out of the house. Libra is often quite chill and has the ability to slow down the fast-paced energy of the Sagittarius, which is rare. Sagittarius motivates Libra to reach higher in life and try to obtain their heart’s life goals. Libra can get lazy, but Sagittarius is tied to winners, so they won’t let you lose for too long. Together, they balance each other out nicely.

Sagittarius and Aquarius

These two signs experience an amazing zest for life, and they share the ‘bright eye, looking forward with awe’ viewpoint. Both are very independent, and neither will try to tie down the other. Each of these signs needs to explore every possibility to the absolute fullest. They both are extremely unique, exciting, intelligent, and share many interesting thoughts and ideas. They share an idealism about love and life. Aquarius is innovative and Sagittarius loves to explore. In the bedroom, they will discover things neither of them has explored before. They’ll genuinely like and admire each other as well. The only real issue is the emotional connection, which will take some time to develop, regardless of this, it just takes time and general prospects are excellent for the long haul.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Some Astrologers are stuck on the notion that only another Sagittarius could complete another Sagittarius. They do seem perfectly suited, with similar needs and emotional capabilities, but too much of the same thing can be dangerous. There is a lot of great stuff here, however, this intense, highly exciting relationship of these signs can lose its sense of ground and structure. Sag and Sag can bring out the worst in each other if they want to. Even if they get bored and move on, each should be good sports about it and remain moderately or fully friendly.

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