June 16, 2024
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Scorpio Season is Here

Scorpio Season is Here!

Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac and is concerned with birth, life, death, sex, and sensuality. Scorpio is about passion, pushing boundaries of discovery, regeneration, transformation, metamorphosis, finance, investments, wills, inheritance, hidden matters, secrets taboos, magic, collective unconscious, defense systems, social revolution, reformation, and change.

The quality of the element

Scorpio is the fixed water sign of the zodiac. It can be said lightly, that the water runs deep. The relentless power of water to penetrate and transform even the hardest rocks is an excellent metaphor through which to understand the driving passion of the Scorpion personality. Scorpio can easily be deflected from his or her purpose.

Spiritual aspirations

It is important for Scorpio to learn the meaning of selfless love. Sometimes Scorpio can give too much in love without expectation. Scorpio can hide behind love because they don’t like to talk about their own problems. Scorpio would rather keep going then take a moment to pause.

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Secret Scorpio

Inside anyone with a strong Scorpio, influence is a person who is intractable and impenetrable so that person is usually very secretive. All Scorpios like to keep their true nature hidden. Scorpio is said to be at three stages of evolution. “Stage one” is where Scorpio exercises power through emotion and instinct. Here, the Scorpio is more likely to sting itself than others.

At “stage two” Scorpio exercises power through the intellect—like a bird that soars higher than any other. At the final stage, “stage three” Scorpio exercises power through love. The Scorpio is symbolized by the dove of peace. 

Ruling Planet and its effect

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, giving Scorpios two drives. One influenced by the battling energy of Mars, and secondly by the hidden depth of Pluto. In astrology, Mars is the planet of aggression, and Pluto is the planet of the magnetic forces.

The Scorpio Man

  • Is never self-effacing
  • Is possessive of what he believes belongs to him
  • Feels like he has to maintain his dignity
  • Is a law unto himself and is courageous in adversity
  • Will give totally honest advice, appraisal or compliments
  • Will move mountains to help someone
  • Is extremely loyal to his friends
  • Never forgets a kindness or an injury
  • Can be a saint or a sinner, but pursues either course with great zeal

The Scorpio Female

  • Is poised and apparently cool
  • Never uses flattery
  • Only smiles when she means it
  • Wants total freedom of action
  • Regards flirting or flattery as insulting
  • Wants to dominate but can accept some restrictions in order to win in the end
  • Has many talents, all used with passion
  • Is loyal to family and home
  • Sets and keeps to her own standard
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Scorpio at Home

  • Makes the home self-contained
  • Is protective of the children
  • Gentle with the sick
  • Guards home territory jealousy
  • Likes to keep things clean and orderly
  • Expresses good taste
  • Enjoys comfort

Scorpio at Work

  • Will know everyone’s secrets
  • Will sense the moods of other people
  • Is indefatigable
  • Will excel as a team leader
  • Will appear to be calm in all situations

Scorpio and love

  • In love, Scorpio is deeply attached to their loved one
  • Attracts the loved one like a magnet
  • Is possessive
  • Hides emotions in public
  • Keeps dependence on the loved one hidden
  • Is faithful when in love
  • Dominates the loved one
  • Remains true to his/her own feelings
  • They expect absolute faithfulness and loyalty
  • They want demonstrative love
  • They don’t want an emphasis on romance
  • They want genuine tenderness
  • Acknowledgment of how lucky the loved one is to be a party to Scorpio’s secrets

Scorpio and friends

Generally, Scorpio likes a friend who recognizes Scorpio’s magnetic superiority without fear or undue compliment. Scorpio picks only a select group of friends and expects loyalty from them. Even though Scorpio is not a natural socializer, but will keep friends close for many years.

Positive Side

Scorpios have and make good memories and they enjoy telling jokes. They are generous and hospital towards friends and even make strangers feel welcomed when they call for help or need advice. Friends of Scorpio will be treated like family and given every help and consideration. Whenever a friend gets advice from the Scorpio is it reliable. You can also trust your Scorpio friend to never gossip.

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Negative side

Scorpios are unlikely to visit a friend without making arrangements and having a good reason. Scorpios like others to do the visiting. If they are out when a friend comes to visit, their attitude is that it’s the friend’s loss and they will have to come visit again. They have like a physic instinct on knowing the secrets and motivations of their friends, anyone who does not like their secrets to be known should not hang out with Scorpio.

Scorpios like finding how things work, they like taking something apart and reconstructing it. They also like divulging into the secrets of the inner mind. This is a deep-rooted sign with a lot of depth and perception. Scorpio is wise and awake so be watchful.

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