July 23, 2024
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scorpio time in complex times

Scorpio Time in Complex Times

Scorpio time began on October 23rd under the waning, yet still bright Moon. Ever a mysterious time, at least here in the middle reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, this 1-month cycle coincides with very noticeable shorter days of sunlight, pinchy-cold weather often accompanied by dense overcast skies and rain, as leaves fall from trees at an accelerated pace. So yes, the season matches the themes associated with the sign of Scorpio which include death and decay, yet also with the promise of rebirth, once the transformation and regeneration process is complete.

This year, Mars and Mercury will accompany the Sun in Scorpio, adding to the potency on October 30th and November 5th respectively.  As destiny has it, the Sun will form an exact hard square to Saturn coinciding with Halloween on October 31st, adding weight and intrigue to this macabre and mysterious annual event. Fortunately, Venus in Sagittarius will help uplift the overall energy pattern, but due to its correspondence with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, it will coincide with the drum beats of revolution.

This presents an example of how all the various planetary positions invariably influence all the others. This illustrates the holistic factor which means that the chart of planetary positions and their interaction must always be assessed as a whole at any given moment. As well, since the planets are ever in motion, no two instances are ever the same. So, there is a steady progression, and making predictions within this ever-moving dynamic is indeed an art.

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The far planets serve to create a more fixed frame of reference for the faster-moving planets.  Even though they too are ever in motion, it is quite slow. Currently and since 2008 and until spring 2023, Pluto is and has been in Capricorn and the planet of transformation in the sign of governments has indeed manifested as predicted.

Neptune in Pisces since summer 2011 and until 2026 has played a dual role. On one hand, it has and continues to manifest as mass deception. The privately owned media and the censorship of the also privately-owned big tech companies are both playing significant roles in controlling the social narrative and at a mass, global scale. The most surprising thing about this is how many people are completely oblivious to it, high I.Q. or not, aside. It may be wondered if it is just a matter of mind control or if there is a subconscious inclination to conform as a matter of course. On the other hand, Neptune in Pisces is synchronizing with a new and steadily growing quality of spirituality, bonding people across religious lines. In other words, where not so long ago the lines of division were religious, now they are becoming much more social and political and, if the trend continues, economic as well.

Uranus in Taurus since spring 2018 and Until July 2025 is coinciding with the steady change in the economy. Even though crypto currency emerged in 2008, coinciding with Pluto in Capricorn, as well as the steady change in government authority, which makes sense because it too is an Earth Element sign along with Taurus, which rules money and the economy, in general, this revolution is gaining steady momentum.

So, the realities of the world and the human condition can be understood as synchronistic expressions of the planetary alignments.

This does not condone the tyrannical power grabs underway, but it does offer insight that supports the understanding that these are not purely random events. The implications of this understanding are both deep and wide. In short, they are testimony to the fact that the universe or existence itself in all its dimensionality is woven with consciousness, with intelligence, intention, purpose and design.

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All of the above are also testimony to the fact that you are a soul incarnate – a spiritual being having a human experience. Perhaps most practically important is the fact that you have a destiny and while it includes free will, the best use of your free will is to become aware of what constitutes the finer details of your destiny, and to consciously align and cooperative in a co-creative manner to fulfill it. Doing so equates to genuinely and authentically participating in your own evolution as a soul. With the profound insights supported by Astrology, I can help you to better understand these all-important details.

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