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The Top Four Zodiac Signs That Are Naturally Chill And Do Not Easily Get Stressed

Stress is part of life; you need some stress to keep you functional and motivated. If everything is smooth sailing all of the time, how will that keep you productive? However, there are limits to how much stress you can handle. When you are faced with too much responsibility, such as work, family, finances, and home care, and there are complications with all of those, that adds too much stress to the point that it can cause burnout.


However, some people can handle stress better than others, and in honor of Stress Awareness Day on November 1st, I will go over the top four zodiac signs, Pisces, Sagittarius, Libra, and Taurus, that are naturally chill and do not get stressed too easily. They will have advice for the other eight signs on how to cope with stress better.

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Pisces – Dreamy and Introspective

Pisces are known to be reflective and dreamy, and they have a profound emotional intelligence that lets them go with the flow and helps them become adaptable. Because they are understanding and empathetic, that helps them stay chill during highly stressful times as they intuitively know that storms do not last forever. And they also use their imagination and intuition for the sake of problem-solving as well. Dreamy and intuitive Neptune rules the sign, and it is a water sign. They are the ones who are attempting to calm others down if there is a stressful situation.

There is a belief that Pisces is a sign that does not have logic, but that is untrue as their intuition is their way of using logic, even though they don’t use it in the practical sense. Pisces needs to get more credit for being logical, but you must remember that logic has different meanings. Some may say that Pisces is not that chill because they can be irrational if they think someone slighted them; if they can reflect and be introspective about how they see them and maybe be unreasonable about that, they will calm down. Therefore, Pisces is one of the zodiac signs that is chill. The next zodiac sign that is known to be quite chill is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius – Free-Spirited and Optimistic

Sagittarius is known to be free-spirited and always up for fun and exciting adventures, and jovial and expansive Jupiter is the ruler of the sign. Thanks to their innate optimism, they can handle life’s stressors and challenges with a positive attitude and are good at convincing others to see the silver lining of a situation, no matter how bleak it may appear, which makes it the most chill fire sign. Sagittarians are so chill about life’s challenges due to their profound sense of wanderlust that has propelled them to find new experiences and gain new perspectives.

Many of them get the opportunity to travel to places full of intense hardship that makes living in a more developed country look like paradise, giving them the perspective that the stresses they may endure can always be much more complicated elsewhere. It is not that their stress is not valid, but this perspective gives them the positive outlook that whatever challenges they face will be solved and will not last indefinitely.

Even if the Sagittarians do not get a chance to travel physically, they can explore and gain new perspectives through other ways, such as reading or talking with those who have been through some very harsh experiences. The Sagittarius are incredibly open-minded, which is why they are the ones who go with the flow effortlessly and quickly. The next chillest zodiac sign is Libra.

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Libra – Balanced Nature

Libra is the sign that represents balance, harmony, fairness, and justice in all areas of life, ruled by loving Venus, and is an air sign. Since Libra is the one that wants there to be balance and peace, they are known as the peacemakers, which is why they are the ones who will want to mediate conflicts. Libras do not want to face conflict and will avoid it if it involves them. However, those with the sign are the ones who want to mediate disputes between others, offering each one a different perspective to look at, which helps the fighting parties call a truce with one another. Therefore, those with the sign promote peaceful atmospheres and help others find common ground.

As mentioned, those with the sign of Libra do not like to face conflicts and avoid them. They are not good at communicating with others themselves if they feel slighted, and as a result, they can be resentful of those who wronged them. Other than that, since they are the ones who know how to keep equilibrium and find harmony, that does make them a very chill sign despite their avoidance tactics when it comes to conflicts involving them. The last most chill sign is Taurus.

Taurus – Grounded Nature

Taurus is known to be stoic and grounded, and it is an earth sign ruled by beautiful and loving Venus. Those who have the sign love stability and appreciate it, allowing them to create peace and harmony surrounding them. Another reason Taurus is quite chill is their infinite patience, allowing them to stay calm even during a stressful storm.

However, there is a caveat to Taurus remaining calm during stressful times. If it does not interrupt their routine, they can be quite grounding for others dealing with the stress. But Taureans need their routines so much that it brings them comfort to the point that they can get stressed if their routines are disrupted. However, if they know their routines will be disrupted, they can prepare for it and handle it well. It does not mean they initially accept, knowing it will change well, as they can be inflexible. That is the only area that challenges them when it comes to stress.

But overall, Taureans are grounding and can teach others how to be practical and patient. They also know how to enjoy simple pleasures even though they have a reputation for loving and needing luxury. Their appreciation for simple pleasures also makes them chill.

There may be some zodiac signs that you may be surprised that did not make it to the top four of the most chill signs. Let’s discuss why and briefly review what advice the zodiac signs that did not make it to the top four list could use to handle stress well and be chill.

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Advice For The Other Signs To Become More Chill

Aries – You may think you are calm because you are confident enough to have a difficult situation under control since you know how to fight your battles and the battles of others. However, you get highly impatient when things do not go your way, and that can cause you to lose your temper. You have to accept not everything will go your way, and the best thing to do is move on to something else.

Gemini – You think you may be chill because you like to mind your business and you do not look for drama. However, you are anxious, and you struggle with decision-making. This indecisiveness makes you quite nervous because you feel the pressure from others to make a decision you are not ready to make; therefore, that adds a lot of stress. The best thing to do is to take some time to journal your thoughts, pros, and cons about something to decide. And if you can ignore the pressure from others, you will have an easier time deciding what to do, which will calm you down.

Cancer – You feel calm because you are the first to calm others down if they are upset since you are naturally nurturing. Even if that is the case, you don’t do well with stress because your emotions get out of control if something goes wrong. You can’t help it as you feel your feelings intensely, and the best thing you can do is have a time-out when you are overwhelmed due to too much stress so you can take the time to regulate your emotions. If you can control your feelings, you will have a much easier time creating a plan for dealing with the stress.

Leo – You are naturally confident, so you do not sweat the small stuff. You do not want to appear nervous, and you want to appear chill because your reputation means everything to you. However, when it comes to more significant things you want that does not pan out as you hoped, such as a work promotion, you don’t handle it well and even make a dramatic scene. Therefore, that chill appearance you wanted to give off would be false. Remembering that you do not get everything you want because that is how life is may help you become more detached and move on quicker if something does not go your way.

Virgo – You are a perfectionist, and on the outside, you appear to be chill during stressful times as you want others to see that you have a difficult situation under control. However, deep down, you are a nervous wreck because you analyze everything going wrong. And then, you obsess over the problematic situation and even berate yourself for not handling it as well as you could, which adds more stress. An example could be taking on extra projects at work during a busy season because you believe you can be the one to do it well. But you are human and can only take on so much, so cut yourself slack.

Scorpio – You appear calm and collected on the outside, and you believe in yourself to the point that you can solve problems since you know how to dig into mysteries to unravel them. However, you have an extreme sense of self-preservation because you are not trusting, and your cynicism will keep you stressed. You even wish to let your guard down a little, but your fear of betrayal is so potent that you can’t. All you can do is give others a chance to prove themselves to you, and unless they give you a reason not to trust them, don’t assume the worst of everyone.

Capricorn – You are highly organized and ready to put work into anything that requires it, even if it means staying up all night to finish a project. You also have a lot of patience, as earth signs are known to have it. But once someone or something crosses that patience threshold, you will blow up and even beat yourself up for not doing better, similar to Virgo. You bounce back from failure, but the anxiety remains that you will not succeed again. Like Virgo, you must remind yourself that you are human, there is no such thing as perfection, and failure is part of life.

Aquarius – Aquarius, you do your best to choose to engage with those who matter to you, as you do not stress over those who bother you because your mindset is evolved. However, you want to be there for others who also need you because you are naturally a humanitarian. Since you also do not like to acknowledge your emotions, eventually, your emotions will catch up with you, and when they do, it will not be pretty. So that means if you are always there for others while neglecting your needs, you will burn out. The stressed emotions you work hard to avoid while being there for everyone will hit you hard, which will cause you to freeze and not function for some time. The best thing you can do is to remember that while you help others, you need to help yourself too.

Stress Awareness Day is on November 1st, and the topic is looking at the top four zodiac signs that are naturally chill and do not get overly stressed. The top four zodiac signs that are the most chill are Pisces, Sagittarius, Libra, and Taurus. Each of the signs is of all four elements and different modalities. Therefore, there is no common ground as far as that goes.

However, the rulers of these signs are the two Benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter. Venus rules Libra and Taurus, the planet that rules love, beauty, and socialization. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces, along with Neptune, and Jupiter is the planet of luck, optimism, and expansiveness. Therefore, it makes sense that the four most chill signs have both Benefics planets as rulers. However, regardless of your sign and its ruler, you can learn methods to be calmer, even if it takes more work.

If you want to read more about stress: Tips for Coping with Stress by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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