July 24, 2024
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Virgo’s Hottest Love Matches

Virgo’s Hottest Love Matches

Every sign in the zodiac has pairings that are most likely to work. Here are the love matches for Virgo

Virgo & Taurus

Virgo is an analytical thinker and Taurus is sensuous, but the strong passion of Taurus can spark Virgo. When this occurs, they make lovely love. Practical, down-to-earth, satisfied with the tried-and-true, these two signs have a lot in common. Born of the same element, instantly they are on the same page as each other. They both want a secure future, they like to spend time at home, and each has a fondness for money or material wealth. Virgo’s rationality and Taurus’s persistence make for a good money-making combination. This could not be more promising. 

Virgo & Cancer

This can be a very stimulating affair that can last a lifetime. They arouse each other through security and sensuality. Cancer will take a back seat, and is not too forceful or pushy, which compliments the realistic Virgo perfectly. Vigo is happy in control, but they still want to be mentally challenged. Cancer is affectionate and sentimental, which makes Virgo feel secure. Cancer values family, as does Virgo. They both like domestic comfort and money. Cancer’s tenancy to need dependency gels well with Virgo’s sense of protection. On the flip side, both can be too critical, too moody, or too negative, so it will be important to watch this. On the upside, each sign draws the other out of its shell. 

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Virgo & Scorpio

Highly sensual Scorpio continues to push Virgo into ever-bolder sexual adventures. Virgo is moved by Scorpio’s loyalty, fierceness, and possessiveness. These attributes make Virgo feel loved and protected. These two signs also admire each other’s minds. Virgo is drawn to the logical, the intellectual, and the analytical. Scorpio is focused on the imagination, prone to being the visionary, and someone with a lot of perception. Both of these signs struggle to communicate their feelings. Scorpio is very secretive, and Virgo is very reserved. Both signs can be boss signs, which is why they may argue about who runs things in the relationship, however, Vigo is willing to compromise keeps Scorpio tractable. 

Virgo & Capricorn

This is a harmonious pairing. Capricorn’s will and drive matches well with Virgo’s morals and work ethic. Both signs are disciplined and have a sense of purpose. They admire one another and take great pleasure in pleasing the other. Even if neither will admit, Virgo and Capricorn both need respect and approval, and this is exactly what they give to each other. Sexually, they are very compatible, and it’s encouraged that Capricorn will take the lead. There are no certainties, however as Virgo is the sign of service and likes to please. They might just mirror each other sexually and romantically. 

Virgo & Pisces

For Virgo, love means security and mental capability. For Pisces, love is being swept off their feet in all-enveloping emotion of joy. Virgo is powerfully attracted to Pisces, and as opposite signs, they will have explosions in the bedroom. Sexually, they might even be perfect for each other, but highly emotional Pisces is too much for grounded Virgo. Pisces’ spiritual and dreamy nature will frustrate the orderly Virgo. And Pisces might be careless and messy, and Virgo might be detailed and extremely tidy. Pisces might have aspirations that go beyond what Virgo Is capable of giving. If this works, it is because they see their differences as advantage points, and start to learn and grow through the other. 

Now you know Virgo hottest love matches…

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