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What Are Winter First Date Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Are Winter First Date Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Did you meet a potential match at a holiday party in December, and now that the holiday season is over, are you looking for first winter date ideas? Or did you end up hooking up with a match over the holidays online, and you have not had a chance to go on a date because it is the holiday season?

Either way, you may want to know what to do on your first date in the winter. Developing an activity in the summer is easier, but you can find tremendous first-winter date ideas. Let’s see what they are for each zodiac sign.

Aries – Snowboarding

Aries, you are energetic and passionate, and you would only want to go on a date with someone who shares the same traits, which means other fire signs, and air signs would be ideal matches as they share those traits. Therefore, snowboarding is an excellent first date idea in the winter.

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You and your partner could have much fun doing that fiery winter sport. And if you and your date want to experience it but need to be more shared with it, there are snowboarding classes you can attend. Going to a snowboarding class may be your ideal first date.

Taurus – Make Fondue

Taurus, you are sensual, and food and drink are essential to you. Your ideal dating matches would be other earth signs and water signs, as they are low-key and would instead do activities involving the home or low energy. Therefore, one of the best winter first date ideas for you is that you and your date make fondue.

It does not matter if it is cheese or chocolate. However, you and your date could make fondue in your kitchen or their kitchen while you go back into the den and watch your favorite shows or movies to relax.

Gemini – Head Over To An Arcade

Gemini, you are versatile, enjoy having fun and being in action, and you need stimulation, especially if it is intellectual. Your ideal date must be comfortable with trying new things and having an adventurous side which is why you would get on best with fire and other air signs. Therefore, your ideal winter first date idea would be heading to the arcade like Dave and Busters.

You and your date can have plenty of fun playing video games and eventually getting a bite to eat after burning off a lot of energy.

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Cancer – Building A Campfire And Enjoying Smores

Cancer, you are all about comfort, and your home and family are very important to you. Therefore, your first winter date will provide you with a lot of comfort, and if you date a water or earth sign, you will find they will want the same thing.

Your ideal of a fun first winter date is setting a campfire in your backyard as you are close to your date, as you place marshmallows on a stick, and cooking up some smores. Then you and your date can enjoy some smores together.

Leo – Head Over To A Play Or The Theatre

Leo, you need entertainment and excitement, and you will not want to spend your first date in the winter at home. You will prefer to head over to the theatre for a play or a movie, and those with fire and air signs would be the most compatible with you because they would be interested in doing the same.

And the nice thing is that since the pandemic closures have ended, you can enjoy heading to the theatre instead of watching a play or a movie virtually.

Virgo – Have A Picnic At Home

Virgo, you are the introverted type and analytical, as it takes time to get close to and trust anyone. However, when you are close to someone who you like, you will be quite romantic with them. That means when you want to have a first date in the winter, you want to have a picnic in your home.

You will light some candles, sit on some pillows for comfort in your living room, and enjoy having a picnic indoors with your date. The most compatible dates would be other earth and water signs.

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Libra – Head To The Mall

Libra, you are a romantic, and fashion means a lot to you. And you also enjoy shopping, given that your ruler is Venus, which is a planet that represents love, beauty, and money. Therefore, you and your date may want to head to the mall on your first date in the winter.

You can play a game about who can find the best outfit at a clothing store first. The one who gets it first, or the winner, will enjoy a meal at the mall food court paid for by the other. That means if you did not win, you are treating the other to a meal at the food court.

Scorpio – Go On A Winter Hike

Scorpio, you are passionate and intense, and you will only consider dating someone once they earn your trust. And you want to go on a date that will allow you to have some deep conversations, and that is why going on a winter hike is an ideal date for you.

You and your date can talk about profound matters as you go on the hike, and since you are passionate about nature, that will keep you warm as you hike in freezing or near-freezing temperatures. Then you will head over to somewhere to get hot cocoa.

Sagittarius – Go Sledding

Sagittarius, you are optimistic and adventurous and love a good adventure. You will want to be with someone with the same passionate side that you do, which is why your ideal dates are fire or air signs. Therefore, you will want to go sledding on your first date because that is a fun and adventurous thing to do.

You will find a hill where you can do your sledding and allow your inner child to take over, as you will begin to laugh as you go and slide down, and your date will be too.

Capricorn – Go To A Drive-In Movie

Capricorn, you are the hard worker of the zodiac, along with the other earth signs such as Taurus and Virgo, but you are the most goal-oriented. You are also old-fashioned, taking a while to get to know your date before you go on any date with them. However, the ideal first winter date idea is going to a drive-in movie once you do.

You will get the old-fashioned Cracker Jacks and some soda, and the drive-in is more private than a movie theatre, allowing you and your date to know one another better. Your ideal matches are earth and water signs.

Aquarius – Volunteering Together Somewhere

Aquarius, you are naturally progressive, and you also are a humanitarian. You do not conform to others and have your ideas and beliefs. You are the type that stays distant, but that does not mean you want to be alone, and your ideal first date is to go with your humanitarian side, which is to volunteer somewhere.

Yes, you and your date can give back, and giving back stimulates your reward center in the brain, known as the helper’s high. Spending your first winter date helping out in the soup kitchen does not sound like something that many would consider doing on the first date, but you are one of a kind, and you own that.

Pisces – Going Stargazing

Pisces, you are a romantic, you have a great imagination, and you are also highly spiritual. You have many great ideas for first dates in the winter because you are a true romantic, but one that you would love the most is stargazing with your date.

Yes, it is chilly, so bundle up. However, if it is a clear night with no snow or rain in the forecast, you can see many stars and planets, and you and your date can gaze at them together. And you can have some profound conversations too.


So there is no need to wait until the spring or summer to go and meet a partner only because it is winter when all you want to do is curl up on your sofa and stay warm. You may feel that way after the holidays have passed, but you will also be glad to have pushed yourself to go and meet someone. There are so many ideas for first dates in the winter which means you can still have a fun time even though it is cold outside!

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