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What does it mean to be a Gemini

What does it mean to be a Gemini?

Quick, witty, and masterful within the realms of duality, Geminis are the masters of language and communication within the zodiac realm.

Having the highest natural access to both sides of their brain, they are often misinterpreted as two-faced by the other signs of the zodiac, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Rarely having a hidden agenda, Geminis can be incredibly compassionate and humanitarian. Do you have strong Gemini energy in your chart? Continue reading to further anchor it inside of you:

The Power of A Gemini

If you were born between May 21st and June 22nd, congratulations. You’ve incarnated as one of the strongest intellectual zodiac signs available. As an Air sign governed by Mercury, Gemini is connected to all aspects of the mind and comes with a strong, penetrating communicative ability. Virgos are also ruled by Mercury but unlike Geminis which process emotions externally, Virgos do so internally. This drive to share their exciting emotional world is what has Geminis often juggling a variety of hobbies, passions, friends, or even careers. Social butterflies at heart they are.

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Often excelling in creative fields, they make for perfect journalists, writers, translators, tour guides, lawyers or teachers. Really any career that gives them the opportunity to freely express themselves while maintaining their speedy move, is a great choice. Multi-tasking while being on the go. Keeping them in the same place for too long isn’t the wisest as they’re excitement will drop and they might just lose interest. They key here is verbal contact and stimulation, which is primarily more important to them than the physical realms.

Originating from the twin symbolism of the celestial brothers, Castor and Pollux, the Gemini Twin, like its Ancient Greek forefathers, has both a dominant divine and human side alike. According to the original myth, they were graced by Zeus with this gift in order to fulfil their sacred task of saving human souls. Both Castor and Pollux died at the end, but that’s a different story!


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The Mutable Air Element

This natural access to both brain hemispheres gives them a surprisingly strong advantage when it comes to finding the middle ground in all things, often without even realizing so. One moment they may operate intuitively and the very next moment you might catch them being very logical, critically thinking, and sticking to their plan.

For a Gemini, there is no discrimination between the ways of life. It is All One. Which is what might more often allow them to see the Middle Way more accurately than the other zodiac signs. This is a common advantage within all the mutable signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo).



Gemini The Smartest Zodiac?

Geminis are extremely curious creatures who can’t help but be inquisitive about practically everything. This gives them a natural edge when it comes to learning, as we learn best when we’re drawn to a certain subject or being playful about it. Thus, one might say that they soak up knowledge very quickly, like a sponge soaking up water.

Their mind is constantly racing, taking notes in their head without pause. So don’t worry if they seem preoccupied while you’re around, it isn’t necessarily because they’re ignoring you, they’re probably contemplating another crazy idea that just landed in their mind.

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And if you’re able to empower their original ideas and create a positive feedback loop, be sure that they’ll be forever drawn to you. Who stimulates the mind of a Gemini, keeps the Gemini. They love finding people on their wavelength with whom they can bounce their ideas. So if you’re interested in their company, be sure to become masterful at the art of listening.

Do note that this intellectual stimulation may equally occur through digital communications and texting, as much as it can occur from a face-to-face conversation with a glass of wine after dinner. It is not the setting that is of the utmost importance to them, but the depths of the individual’s soul they are in communion with. Philosophy for the sake of philosophy.


Geminis as Friends

With a Gemini friend, you’ll never experience boredom. Sarcasm and flirting are two of their main techniques for elevating emotions within a situation. It comes so naturally to them, that they’re surprised when people take it personally.

The Gemini isn’t necessarily flirting with you because they seek something. This is simply their way of being. They’re just very friendly creatures who are catered towards the creation of positivity in every situation. And this is often done through the playfulness of emotions. E-motion.. Energy in motion… and they are the embodiment of motion. So do expect them to move some energy while being in their presence. They just seem to have this aura that loosens people up.

Able to talk to anybody, they have the power to influence to the extent where they plant an idea in someone and have them think it was theirs in the first place. This is a powerful seeding technique, which may be used for equally good or bad. It is up to the hands of the Gemini how to yield his or her power.

The Gemini is a wild and adventurous spirit, unable to stay too long in one place or situation, dullness just isn’t their thing. Feelings of suffocation can arise from too much repetition and habit. A Gemini is constantly craving new experiences and prefers to mix things up. And as so, they will always choose to forge their own path, with their own unique mix of colors and skills, rather than live in anyone else’s shadow. Multi-tasking is their gift, so don’t attempt to box them.



Romance for a Gemini

Being together with a Gemini isn’t the easiest achievement. Initially, when it comes to romance, they can be guarded and rather reluctant to open up. They’re quite picky with their partners and prefer quality over quantity. Not the usual one-night-stand type of person, and if you are serious about your desire for them, you might get a chance to be with one. And if you do, be sure that you’ve found a deep, loyal ally. They might be hard to commit, but once committed, they’re in for the long run. They’re the kinds of all-or-nothing Lovers. Why their equivalent tarot archetype is the Lovers itself, card number 6.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts as they dislike pointless drama and have a tendency to walk away from such heated situations. Learn to communicate your needs and likes in a human, transparent way. They love honesty. And often enough, you’ll be surprised by their rawness as they tell you exactly what is on their mind themselves. Dialogue is the key here. They’re naturally articulate and smooth with their words, so play in their element. Our society has a lot to learn in the ways of communication and dialecticism, and they’re at the forefront of this change.



Are you a humorist or prone to sarcasm? Good. The Gemini won’t get offended. They have a rather dry and wicked sense of humor themselves so don’t be scared to hurt them. Be brave with your words.

Ideal partners might include the Sagittarius or something more grounded like a Leo or an Aries. Sometimes they seek this calmer, more grounded energy that can create polarity within them and keep them constantly wishing to dive deeper in the other person. In general, Air signs do well with their own, and also Fire signs. But don’t be disappointed if you’re neither of those. Sometimes the other aspects of one chart can shine more prominently than the dominant Sun placement. The key words to attract a Gemini lover are: humor, spontaneity, calmness, groundedness.


Conclusion – Your “Weakness” Might Just Be Your Strength


Your adaptability and versatility are your strengths, understand that nothing stays within the human as he or she traverses the journey. Do not block your flow because others find you inappropriate or inadequate. Keep your main thing, the main thing. You were given these characteristics for a special reason. There’s a reason you’re always on the go. You’re on a mission to spread information and energy. As quick as possible, as fast as possible. So make sure you’re doing that.

Now on the other hand, if you feel you need grounding, routine, or anything more solid, by all means, do so. Grounded action is more efficient than impulsive action. But you can be grounded and speedy at the same time, that is your true gift. The grounding though has to come from an internal source, not because some external authority thinks it’s better that way for you. Your intellectual obsessions are your guides. Stay focused with what sets your soul on fire. Never be ashamed of your childish curiosity. It is what the long-experienced Masters seek after enlightenment. The so-called reclaim of purity. The directional pulls you feel in life, happen for a reason, so trust them. And go. It’s time for you to fly. Be the magic that you are.

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