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What Is The Fall Pie That Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign to Bake

What Is The Fall Pie That Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign to Bake?

Who doesn’t love pie? Especially in the fall, whether you enjoy the pie on some cool and crisp fall night along with some apple cider or you enjoy a pie on Thanksgiving right around the time the holiday season kicks off.

You can also enjoy baking some of your favorite fall pies with your family. You cannot go wrong with that. So that is another reason to be excited about the fall season, along with the other delicious meals, desserts, and the changing colors of leaves. Let’s go over your perfect pie based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Aries, you are so full of passion and fire, and it is safe to say that you are full of spice. Therefore, it is not surprising that the best fall pie for you is the pumpkin pie with plenty of spice. Thus, all fall-related spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and other spices, will cover your pumpkin pie. And if you are the one that is baking your pumpkin pie, you will not hesitate to cover it with a lot of those spices. That will shock your guests who plan to go to your house for pie.

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Taurus – Traditional Apple Pie

Taurus, you are the stoic one and the one who does not like to delve into an adventure. You love your comfort zone and would not change anything about your life unless you have a good reason to do that. However, when it comes to fall pies, the best one for you is the traditional apple pie. There is nothing fancy about this pie, but it is delicious and comforting. Therefore, Taurus, you will be the one to enjoy a slice of apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for dessert.

Gemini – Lemon Meringue Pie

Gemini, you are the versatile one that can blow hot and cold, and you can also be the one who enjoys something sweet and tart simultaneously. That is why the perfect fall pie for you is the lemon meringue pie, and the reason for that is that you can enjoy several flavors at once. You can enjoy the sweet and mildly tart taste of this pie. To dress it up, even more, you will probably eat it with some ice cream and drink it with hot apple cider. Talk about a variety!

Cancer – Dark Chocolate Cream Pie

Cancer, you love comfort and your home. You also have a sweet tooth because enjoying delicious, sweet desserts in the comfort of your home with your family is pure heaven to you. The best fall pie for you to make for yourself and your family is the Dark Chocolate Cream Pie. It is a chocolatey bliss and is smooth and old-fashioned. You can enjoy a pie with a chocolate filling that has whipped cream at the top. You can serve this chocolatey bliss at your next family function even before Thanksgiving, and they will love you for it.

Leo – Maple Pumpkin Pie

Leo, you like to be in the center of the spotlight, and you also need to enjoy something that excites you. That is why you will never do something that you consider boring.  You may only like some hint of tradition because you want it to fit into what is happening now, which is fall. That is why you want the pumpkin pie, the ultimate fall pie. However, an ordinary pumpkin pie will not do. You want it to be exciting so that you will make it with maple syrup. The maple pumpkin pie will be a sweet one that you will love, and you will want to invite your friends over to enjoy it because they will remember you as the one who served them a delicious fall treat.

Virgo – Turkey Pot Pie

Virgo, you are analytical and a good problem-solver, and you also do not like to see anything go to waste, especially good food. That is why you will find that the perfect pie for you is the turkey pot pie. Sure, it does not have the sweetness associated with pies, but you are not fond of sugar, so that does not matter to you. You see that there is leftover turkey from a fall meal or Thanksgiving, and you will make a pie with it. That is the logical thing to do, and it serves as an excellent dinner for the following night.

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Libra – Pecan Pie

Libra, you are the one that has an appreciation for beauty and peace, and you love the arts. Yet, you also struggle to make decisions. All you know is that you want to enjoy a pie that will satisfy your sweet tooth, and you don’t overthink it otherwise. The perfect pie for you is the pecan pie. You also like the pecan pie because the arrangements of the filling, crust, and pecans are a work of art for you.

Scorpio – Cranberry Pie

Scorpio, you are intense, and you are also the one that likes to appear intriguing to others. That means an overly sweet pie is not the best fit for you. Instead, the perfect pie for you is the cranberry pie because it has a sharp flavor and deep red. The cranberry pie may not be the first choice for others since they prefer to eat sweet ones, but for you, this is perfect. You would be the one to enjoy a slice of cranberry pie with a shot of double espresso. That would be the ideal breakfast to kick your day off.

Sagittarius – Carrot Pie

Sagittarius, you are adventurous and look at everything with a glass-half-full perspective. Sure, you love the typical sweet pies, but there is one that you will want to try because your adventurous side influences you to do so. That is by enjoying a slice of carrot pie. Not everyone is brave like you are to try this one because even though there is a carrot cake, the idea of a carrot pie may sound strange to many people. You also do not like to be wasteful if you have leftover carrots from dinner before, you can make some pies with them.

Capricorn – Pumpkin Pie Bites

Capricorn, you are a hard worker and know to put effort into anything you do. That is why you will opt for the pumpkin pie bites. You will work extra hard to mold and bake these bite-size pumpkin pies. And the nice thing is, you can think of these miniature pies being portioned out, so you do not take too much. You will take a few to work to enjoy the snack, and if you have kids, you will put a few in their lunch packs so they can enjoy a sweet treat in moderation.

Aquarius – Mixed Berry Pie

Aquarius, you like anything unusual and unique; that is how you also present yourself. Therefore, what fall pie would match your personality type? You have to have one different, and the mixed berry pie may win over the other fall pie ideas. The mixed berry pie is unique and contains blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and other fruits. That is one eclectic pie, and to make things even more interesting, while everyone else in your household is sleeping, you would be the one up enjoying a slice of mixed berry pie at 2 am. You do what you want, and that is why.

Pisces – Triple Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

Pisces, you love to be dreamy, and any fall pie you will love will bring you to heaven. You cannot go wrong with the triple chocolate pumpkin pie. You will love this pie as the crust consists of graham crackers, with a filling mixed with chocolate and pumpkin, and then you put more chocolate on top. This pie would also be a perfect romantic dessert along with some hot cocoa, as you and your date could enjoy the moment a lovely time.

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What Is The Fall Pie That Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign to Bake?

If you find one of the pies on the list that does not match your sun, moon, or rising sign, then go for it, as all of these fall pies are comforting and delicious. And they add the perfect touch to a cold and crisp fall day.

You can enjoy slices on dates or eat various pies with your friends and family. Just be careful not to eat too many pieces, or you will regret it. Enjoy them in moderation.


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