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What Is Your Favorite Cotton Candy Flavor Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Favorite Cotton Candy Flavor Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

When you go to the fair, there is always that sweet aroma mixed with funnel cakes and cotton candy, and you cannot go wrong with any of those. Cotton candy is an exciting treat as this spun sugar treat has a cotton texture. You can go to the fair to enjoy some of this treat.

On December 7th, you will want to grab some of this cottony sweet stuff to enjoy because it is National Cotton Candy Day, and you can reminisce about those days you enjoyed that treat when you went to the fair when you were young. The other exciting thing about cotton candy is that companies sell it in various flavors. What is your favorite cotton candy flavor based on your zodiac sign?

Aries – Spicy Cotton Candy

Aries, you are the energetic spitfire, so when you want to go for a cotton candy treat, you will go after a flavor with a lot of spice. You are not keen on the traditional cotton candy you enjoyed at the fair. Some companies can make cotton candy with spice, such as Chocolate Storybook, which offers atomic fireball cotton candy.

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It is no different from the flavor of those atomic fireball hard candies other than the texture. The spicy jalapeno cotton candy comes from other gourmet shops that you may want to try!

Taurus – Traditional Carnival Cotton Candy

Taurus, you are stoic and stable and do not like getting out of your comfort zone. Therefore, when it comes to cotton candy, even though you have a knack for luxury and gourmet food, you still prefer to stick to the traditional cotton candy that you would get at the fair. Why? Because it is familiar, and you are not open to change unless there is something you have made up your mind to try.

You don’t think cotton candy is one of those sweets that would taste good in gourmet flavors, so you are sticking to what you know and like. Traditional cotton candy is it.

Gemini – Is There Only One Favorite Flavor?

Gemini, you are versatile and will not stick to only one favorite cotton candy flavor. Your favorite flavor can change at the drop of a hat. You may be in the mood for traditional cotton candy one day, and the next, you may prefer a fruit-flavored one, and the day after, you may want a chocolate or vanilla-flavored one.

Or, you may want to mix all of them in one sitting. The big question is, what will your favorite cotton candy be when it is celebrated on December 7th? Only you will know on that day!

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Cancer – Buttered Popcorn Cotton Candy

Cancer, you are the one that is the homebody, and one of the things you love to do is stay home in the evening with your family and friends to watch movies. You have a sweet and salty tooth, but cotton candy is not something you may normally snack on, but you do love popcorn, as it is something to do when watching a movie from the comfort of your home.

Therefore, you could snack on something sweet and salty, which would be buttered popcorn-flavored cotton candy. That is your perfect snack to enjoy on National Cotton Candy Day.

Leo – Birthday Cake Flavored Cotton Candy

Leo, you love to be the show’s star, and you love to go big. One of your favorite days of the year is your birthday because everyone has their eyes on you as they celebrate another year of your existence.

Therefore, you will likely enjoy the birthday cake-flavored cotton candy on National Cotton Candy Day. Even though this is not your birthday season, you can pretend it is when you enjoy this cotton candy while imagining your friends and family celebrating your birthday and showering you with attention and gifts.

Virgo – Any Fruit-Flavored Cotton Candy

Virgo, you are health-conscious, analytical, and service-oriented. You are not keen on sweets because of the sugar and calorie content. However, you also know that sometimes you have to let loose and enjoy yourself. That means treating yourself to an occasional treat, as there is nothing wrong with doing so, as it will not impact your health if you keep it in moderation.

Therefore, if you celebrate National Cotton Candy Day, you will likely prefer any fruit-flavored cotton candy, whether it is banana, strawberry, blueberry, watermelon, etc. Even though it is candy, you can trick your mind into thinking that you are eating something “healthy” just so your mind does not begin to overanalyze it.

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Libra – Strawberry Smoothie Flavored Cotton Candy

Libra, you are the one that is peaceful, balanced and enjoys beauty. It is not a surprise since Venus, the planet of beauty and love rules your sign. You want to be the one to enjoy sweet flavors, but you also want to eat healthily because it helps you feel more balanced.

You will not eat cotton candy daily because of the sugar content; however, on National Cotton Candy Day, you will want to enjoy the sweet treat that will help you create a balanced feeling. That is why the strawberry smoothie flavor may be a great fit. You will have the smoothie’s sweet taste and the impression that you are having a healthy snack (even though you are not!).

Scorpio – Key Lime Pie Flavored Cotton Candy

Scorpio, you are intense and passionate and appreciate candy or desserts with an intense flavor. You would not go for traditional cotton candy because it is too sweet for you. You prefer sweets to have a tart flavor as you can appreciate the intensity of it.

Therefore, there is a perfect cotton candy flavor for you that you can enjoy on National Cotton Candy Day, which is the key lime pie flavor. Yes, it is sweet, but it has the perfect amount of tart taste which you would appreciate, which is why you would go for this flavor.

Sagittarius – Pancake And Maple Syrup Flavored Cotton Candy

Sagittarius, you are the one who is adventurous and optimistic, and you are always ready to take on a new day. That is why you love mornings. And even though cotton candy is not the best breakfast option (however, with your adventurous side, you would probably try it), you would enjoy a flavor that reminds you of getting up and starting a new day. That is why you would go for the pancake and maple syrup-flavored pancake. And you may even be adventurous enough to eat that for breakfast on National Cotton Candy Day.

Capricorn – Coffee Flavored Cotton Candy

Capricorn, you are the one that is the goal-setter and the hard worker. You are highly ambitious and somewhat health-conscious, but you drink a lot of coffee because you need to be alert for all the work you need to do in a day.

However, you will square away a day to enjoy some sugar on National Cotton Candy Day because you have to enjoy that sweet stuff. Therefore the best flavor for you is coffee. Why? Because you are tricking your mind into thinking that you need to stay alert to do your work when you enjoy coffee-flavored cotton candy and love the taste of java.

Aquarius – Pickle Flavored Cotton Candy

Aquarius, you are the one who likes to stand out from the crowd, considering you are a non-conformist and are also rebellious. You will not be into a sweet-tasting traditional or gourmet cotton candy flavor. You will be the one who is interested in trying out a flavor that stands out on National Cotton Candy Day, and your flavor is pickle-flavored cotton candy.

While everyone else around you is enjoying sweet-tasting cotton candy, regardless of the flavor, you will savor the sour-sweet flavor of pickles in a sweet treat. You do not care if this confuses others since you march to your own drum!

Pisces – Unicorn Cotton Candy

Pisces, you are the artsy one who is quite dreamy and imaginative. You want to escape in anything colorful and artsy to have fun, and you will do the same on National Cotton Candy Day. The best flavor for you is unicorn cotton candy, which has various rainbow colors.

There will be a mix of cherry, grape, blueberry, raspberry, and apple, and probably more than that in the unicorn sweet treat. Kids find this fun, and you will, too, because this sweet treat stimulates your creative side.


If you are reading this article and shaking your head because cotton candy has too much sugar, remember you are not enjoying this every day. National Cotton Candy Day happens once a year, and that is on December 7th. So why not indulge a little and celebrate the national holiday by enjoying some of that sweet stuff with the flavor of your choice? It is one thing if you don’t like cotton candy or cannot eat anything too sugary for health reasons, but if those don’t apply to you, enjoy it!

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