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What Is Your Favorite Pastry Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Is Your Favorite Pastry Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when you think of pastries? You may be thinking that they are flaky, crusty, full of taste, and delicious but at the same time have too much fat and calories, so are they worth eating pastries?

Well, it is best to anything that is too delicious but full of calories in moderation, which is why you will want to indulge a little on December 9th because it is National Pastry Day. So why not grab your favorite pastry and a cup of coffee or tea and savor every taste? Let’s talk about your favorite pastry based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Spiced Chorizo Pastry

Aries, you are the one that is fiery and full of energy and passion, and you appreciate anything hot and spicy. That is why the pastry you will want to eat on National Pastry Day is not a dessert pastry but an appetizer, the spicy chorizo pastry.

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These are spicy sausages and peppers wrapped in a puff pastry, and they will get your appetite going to enjoy a hearty meal after. Or, you can enjoy these pastries as a snack at any time of day you wish. It does not matter if they have that dessert feel to them. You can even enjoy them with coffee in the morning for breakfast.

Taurus – Any Flavor Donut

Taurus, you are the one that likes to stay in your comfort zone, yet, at the same time, you are sensual and have a taste for anything that you find delicious. That is why you will go for the donut when you celebrate National Pastry Day.

Donuts are delicious yet predictable, as you won’t have to worry about biting into a pastry puff and tasting something unpredictable inside. The donut’s flavor will be up to you as you choose glazed, chocolate, maple, or funfetti. However, it is safe and delicious and perfect for you.

Gemini – Cinnamon Roll

Gemini, you are versatile, and you like variety. That is why you will go for the cinnamon roll on National Pastry Day since it is a pastry with various textures and tastes. You can enjoy the puff pastry with the frosting dripping down and the taste of cinnamon which can sometimes overwhelm you.

Cinnamon rolls are far from boring, and you don’t like anything boring, which is also why you would go for it. It is a perfect breakfast item to enjoy as you get your day started with some coffee.

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Cancer – Churros Bites With Caramel Dip

Cancer, you are nurturing and anything that represents family and home. So all you want is to go for anything that provides comfort with the home feel and the type of pastry that would be ideal for those churros bites and having some caramel sauce to dip them.

Those are small bite-size churros pastries with some cinnamon and sugar as the coating. Nothing comforts you more than having those churros snacks, dipping them into caramel sauce as you relax on the sofa watching your favorite shows with your family at home. So that is what you will want to do on National Pastry Day.

Leo – Eclair

Leo, you are the one who loves to tell everyone, “go big or go home” because you are definitely going big and not going home, and you want everyone to notice that you do that. You will go for anything grand and exciting, and the pastry you will enjoy is the eclair on National Pastry Day.

The eclair is a French pastry characterized by a long oblong pastry tube filled with whipped cream and pastry cream, covered in chocolate. That is far from a boring pastry, and you don’t go for boring, so this is a perfect fit for you.

Virgo – Croissant

Virgo, you are the analytical one that is great with details. You are also organized and health-conscious, and service-oriented. You are not keen on pastries because they are not the healthiest snack, but you will make an exception and enjoy one for breakfast on National Pastry Day.

You like anything basic, which means any of the pastries you want for that day won’t be full of fillings or have any glaze surrounding them. You will go for the traditional croissant with a cup of coffee on the morning of National Pastry Day, which is how you will celebrate the day. It may not be the healthiest breakfast, but it does not have the fillings and glazes and is simple.

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Libra – Cannoli

Libra, you are all about balance and beauty. And one of the most beautiful and fancy pastries that is a perfect fit for you is the cannoli. The cannoli has a sweet ricotta filling with chocolate chips and other flavorful goodness.

The fried dough encases it, and its symmetrical folding creates balance for this perfect treat. Therefore, you will enjoy a cannoli with a cup of latte on National Pastry Day, as that is the perfect way to celebrate the day at a high-end cafe.

Scorpio – Chocolate Croissant

Scorpio, you are the intense one who loves to unravel mysteries as you remain mysterious. Therefore, if there was going to be a perfect pastry for you, it could be the chocolate croissant.

Yes, you see, there is plenty of drizzle on the croissant, but what makes this pastry perfect for you is that you never know how much chocolate you will enjoy inside the pastry. It may be a lot of chocolate gooeyness or chocolate pieces, or it may not be much.

Sagittarius – Fruit Tart

Sagittarius, you are the optimistic one who loves to experience every adventure, whether large or small. And enjoying a pastry as long as you savor it can sometimes be an adventure, especially if you try one you have never tried before. However, the fruit tart pastry is perfect for you.

The pastry is colorful, and your optimistic side relates to that well, as the fruit on the pastry gives it that bright appearance. And it is a great experience to enjoy each piece of this pastry with the different fruits.

Capricorn – Lemon Tart

Capricorn, you are a hard worker, take everything seriously, and appreciate anything sophisticated. The pastry that is right for you appears that someone who made it took the time and energy to create a masterpiece, and that type of pastry is the lemon tart.

The one in the kitchen who made this lemon tart appeared to put so much effort into this picture-perfect dessert, but it is not that complex, even though the appearance says otherwise. However, there is a sophisticated touch to it. There is no better treat for a Capricorn to enjoy on National Pastry Day.

Aquarius – Cronut

Aquarius, you are the one that likes to stand out as you are the ultimate non-conformist. Therefore, you will not go for a typical pastry, as you will go for one that stands out a little more. That is why the cronut is the best one for you.

It is an unusual pastry like a donut consisting of croissant dough fried in grapeseed oil and a sweet filling inside. The pastry has been around for about ten years and was established by French chef Dominique Ansel.

Pisces – Boston Cream Donut

Pisces, you are artistic and dreamy and always looking for an escape when life can be challenging, and that is when you can get creative. However, sometimes you want to indulge in something delicious for a bit of a retreat from the harsh world, which is why the Boston Cream donut can be a good choice for you regarding the best desserts.

You can enjoy the sweetness of the chocolate that covers the donut, and then the dreamy custard filling makes this pastry perfect for you. That is a pastry that can give you that temporary retreat from life.


If you want to get into the spirit on National Pastry Day, then you want to take this day to indulge in your favorite pastry. It does not matter if you do that at a cafe, at home, or at work. And if you are watching your waistline or sugar intake for health reasons, you can always make sugar-free or low-fat pastries. There are so many recipes that you can find online for that purpose, so you are not left out on National Pastry Day. Make the most of it and enjoy it.

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