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what kind of ghost you will be according to your zodiac sign

What Kind of Ghost You Will Be According to Your Zodiac Sign?

When you study the zodiac, you learn about the positive and negative attributes of your sign. However, there is so much more to your sign than your personality traits. You can get creative in a spooky way when you think about your sign, as you already know what the creepiest thing about your sign happens to be. Have you ever considered what kind of ghost you will be according to your sign? You can have a lot of fun with this as you will either say you can ultimately see yourself being a specific type of ghost or not agree with it at all. The bottom line is, let’s have some fun and learn about what kind of ghost you will be based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Poltergeist

Aries, you are known to be aggressive and passionate, and you are not afraid of conflict. When you have a lot of negative build-up, you will certainly make it known frighteningly. That is why you could be the poltergeist, as when you attack, you will be pretty scary and chaotic, which is what these ghosts are known to be. You will spend your time in the afterlife scaring others by rearranging their furniture and playing other frightening pranks. After all, you have a sense of humor, which will also continue in the afterlife. The difference is that others will not appreciate it the way they do now.

Taurus – Earthbound Ghost

Taurus, you are stable, but you also do not like letting go. Given you have an earth sign, you will not want to let go of your earthly experiences. That is why you will likely be an earthbound ghost. You cannot stand the idea of going to the other side because you want to hang around and stay where you used to live on earth and be around those who you love. And you cannot stand the idea of leaving them. You are not the type to haunt anyone purposely unless it is someone who you do not like since you are known to hold grudges. That will not change in the afterlife either.

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Gemini – Trickster

Gemini, you are versatile and social, and you also have a funny side to you. That is why people like you and overlook your situation when failing to make commitments or decisions happen. You will continue to play tricks after you pass, which is why you will be that trickster ghost. You will not be a poltergeist per se as you will not have any anger pent up. However, you will have some fun scaring the living by opening and closing their cabinets and cupboards, as well as turning electronic devices on and off, and even saying a few audible things as you are the communicator of the zodiac. That sure will freak people out.

Cancer – Harmless Earthbound Ghost That Visits Often

Cancer, you love your home and your city, which is why when you pass, you will not be ready to cross over like Taurus won’t. Instead, you will stick around the area and visit different homes in your area and may surprise residents in the home as you can make yourself quite visible. You don’t ever intend to cause trouble like many of the other signs. However, you may want to get back to the comfort of doing housework which is not something you can do since you have no body. You will figure out how to turn on the water taps in the middle of the night and that will freak the residents out when you do.

Leo – Photographic Spirits

Leo, you love being noticed, and you will always want to be in the center of the spotlight. So what kind of ghost will you be? Surprisingly, you may not make yourself known during everyday situations. Even though you enjoy being the center of attention, you also have a shy side to you. However, the one time when you will appear is when photographs are taken, as you will randomly show up during a photoshoot or even during a time when someone will take a picture of their kids or pets. You will stick around as well to hear others shockingly talk about your presence in the picture. Them noticing you will give you plenty of satisfaction.

Virgo – The Ghost That Has Unfinished Business

Virgo, you are practical and hardworking, and highly analytical. That will always stick around, and that includes the afterlife. That means if you have unfinished business and cannot take care of it in life, you will find a way to do so during the afterlife. That means you would be that ghost, haunting places where the situation took place that you couldn’t complete, such as at school or a workplace where you worked, or in a prison cell if someone were the reason you are no longer here. What can you possibly do? You will haunt those places but not for causing trouble. You have unfinished business that you need to finish. If someone could put their fear away after seeing you or sensing your presence and would be able to deliver your message to the ones who you want to reach, you would never show up there again.

Libra – Spirit Orb

Libra, you are friendly and do not like to cause any disruptions or trouble at all. You don’t like confrontation, which is why you will never be the type to be like your opposing sign in the afterlife which is the poltergeist. You will, instead, want to keep yourself out of the picture most of the time. But not all of the time, so to speak. That is why you will become that spirit orb. You will appear as a ball of light in photographs, or you may show up in certain places as a bright ball of light. You want to be pretty, but at the same time, stay out of people’s business.

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Scorpio – Shadow Person

Scorpio, you are passionate and secretive, and you like to be mysterious. Therefore, it will not be a surprise if you become a shadow person in the afterlife. You are not there to disrupt anyone during everyday circumstances since you prefer to remain hidden. You will hide and watch and only come out to scare others if there is a good reason for it. For example, sometimes you will be seen in the hallways or doorways in the middle of the night, which will scare those awake. Sometimes you will be seen tormenting those who are having sleep paralysis. Most of the time, you are harmless even though you are good at scaring people, but you can easily attack if you are crossed.

Sagittarius – Incubus or Succubus

Sagittarius, you are seen as happy-go-lucky, but you also have a side to you that will do anything to get what you want at the expense of others when you are at your worst. That happens mostly if you feel like someone, or something is threatening your freedom. Therefore, you could become that incubus or succubus, which are ghosts that sneak into beds to have intimate moments with those sleeping (or having sleep paralysis). They will say or do anything that will make you give them what they want, which is your energy to give them the freedom they crave. Sagittarians can be tactless if they don’t get what they want, which is why you could come back in this form in the afterlife.

Capricorn – Headless Ghost

Capricorn, you are practical and hardworking, and you have a slow temper, but once it rises, you lose control of it. In some cases, you may be vengeful and want to scare others. That is why you come back as a ghost, much like the Headless Horseman in the afterlife. That is also because even though on the outside, as long as you are not crossed, your inner demons terrify you, which is why you could come back as a headless ghost. Headless ghosts are frightening when they are far away and going near one is a frightening thought because you never know what they could do.

Aquarius – Dismembered Voice

Aquarius, you are innovative, and you like to march to your own drum, which is why you will not come back in the afterlife as any traditional ghost. Instead, you will be invisible and, at the same time, speak up to the point it is audible, which is known as the dismembered voice. Those in haunted homes or other haunted settings, such as in older cemeteries or underneath the bridge, will speak in a spooky voice. Your intention would not scare anyone, but you will carry that trait of having large ideas into the afterlife that you will want to share those ideas so anyone can hear them. However, they may not be well-received if others are scared, which they understandably will be.

Pisces – A Ghost Like Casper

Pisces, you are artsy, dreamy, and can be very nurturing and self-sacrificing. You would never want to be spooky in the afterlife as you are too nice for that, which is why you will be a friendly ghost like Casper. Your empathetic side will carry on, which is why when others encounter you, they may momentarily get scared when they see you, but at the same time, you’ll treasure them enough that you are friendly and have no intention of scaring or hurting them. Before you know it, they will treat you as their therapist because they will vent their problems to you, and you will still have to listen to everyone’s problems in the afterlife! You won’t get a break from it.

Of course, there is always that chance that regardless of your zodiac sign that you will not turn into any of those ghosts, or you will not be a ghost at all. When it is your time, you will go where you are supposed to go and only visit your loved ones and friends when there is a good time for it. You will occasionally appear in their dreams, and you will go and do other rounds of work in the afterlife. However, everyone has a fantasy of haunting those they don’t like during the afterlife, and it can be fun to think about it.

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