June 15, 2024
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What Kind Of Tourist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Kind Of Tourist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Do you enjoy traveling? Not everyone does, but most people likely enjoy exploring what the world has to offer. And September 27th is World Tourism Day, as that is the day to emphasize traveling and tourism; the day was established in 1980 by the Word Tourism Organization.

Over the last two years, the world was not as open as it typically is because of the pandemic, and even though the pandemic is not over, technically, the world is open anyway. That is why World Tourism Day is more critical this year, as everyone needs to understand the importance of tourism and its economic, political, cultural, and social value. Let’s talk about what kind of tourist you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – The Bold Tourist

Aries, you are energetic and bold and an enthusiastic tourist, as wherever you go, you are ready to explore what is out there. You are not traveling to stay at the fanciest hotels, as you may even choose to stay at hostels if they are nice and clean enough or at an Airbnb.

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Because you believe that the world is your playground, you will travel from one place to another, which means you will sleep at airports and train stations if you must. You don’t only want to merely experience what the world has to offer as you immerse yourself in these opportunities instead.

Taurus – The Tourist On A Budget

Taurus, you can be stable but at the same time an enigma because you love luxury, and yet, you want to do anything within a budget. You are the type of tourist that does not want to go into unfamiliar territory as you would travel to the same places where you traveled previously during your life.

You don’t like going out of your comfort zone. You will also want to stay at high-end hotels, but before you commit to that, you will look for all kinds of deals and discounts. You will also do the same thing when it comes to fine dining and going to any attraction in the area where you visit.

Gemini – The Old-Fashioned Traveler

Gemini, you are naturally curious and versatile, and you are not the one who is known to stay within your comfort zone, but at the same time, you want to know what the place you are planning to visit can offer so you know whether or not it is worth your time.

You prefer luggage over backpacks and hotels over Airbnb, and once you head to your hotel on the first day, you will look at every pamphlet in the lobby so you can see what the area has to offer and create an itinerary based on that.

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If it were up to you, you would visit every attraction possible and take plenty of pictures. But there are so many places you can visit during a short vacation stay unless you visit a smaller town without any captivating natural attractions and monuments.

Cancer – Tourist That Gets Lost

Cancer, traveling is not your thing, and you would prefer to stay home in your comfort zone than travel somewhere unknown. Therefore, you will only agree to do it if someone you love wants to travel. However, once you disembark from a plane, you will be lost if no one is around to guide you.

Therefore, it would be best if you had Google Maps or a guidebook, or even a compass for guidance to get from the airport to the hotel, hostel, or Airbnb where you are staying. Without anyone with you, you would get lost wherever you are touring. That is why you would not want to go anywhere alone that is unfamiliar.

Leo – The Fun Tourist

Leo, you shine bright, and you need excitement. You want to go to a good party, and you will go anywhere that can offer that. That is why you would like to travel to places where they have parties and music festivals.

Therefore, the type of tourist you are that you cannot stand to go anywhere that does not excite you, and you will only agree to go to places where you can have some fun. Therefore, if you are going with a friend who wants to see a landmark, you will go with them in exchange for them attending the music festival later that evening.

Virgo – More Adventurous Than You Let On

Virgo, with your reserved and analytical nature, everyone would believe that the type of tourist you are is the one that would instead visit landmarks, museums, and anything else that lacks adventure. However, you are only that way at home.

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When traveling, you want to experience adventures, such as scuba diving, sky-diving, river rafting, mountain climbing, and cliff diving. You would be surprising your friends and family by craving these adventures because, at home, you are so analytical, organized, and, once again, reserved.

Libra – The Low-Key Tourist

Libra, you are into peace and beauty, and the kind of tourist you are characterizes that. Before going on any trip, you will want to find all the art galleries in town, exhibits, musicals, and theatres. You may also want to take some time relaxing on the beach if there is one.

However, you would prefer to visit historical sites. You are not the type of tourist that wants to go on different adventures, as you want your trips to be low-key and relaxing.

Scorpio – The Mysterious Tourist

Scorpio, if you plan on going on a trip, you will want the experience to match your nature, which is mysterious and intriguing. That means you are not going to care for the typical landmarks. Instead, you will want to visit gothic-looking towns, and you may also want to find the haunted houses in the area and get a thrill from that.

Also, are there murder mystery theatres and events? You will gravitate towards that as well. Therefore, if your traveling companion wants to go to the beach, you will say, “I will be at the haunted house and catch you later.”

Sagittarius – The Hungry Tourist

Sagittarius, you are the one that lives to travel and explore new adventures. So you have visited many places, but when you do, the one thing you are interested in when you go is looking for the best restaurants to try new foods. And you will be the first one to go to food festivals.

You would rather travel at a time when the city you are exploring has food festivals, and one thing you add to your itinerary is finding places to try new and different foods.

Capricorn – The Tourist That Plans Everything Perfectly Ahead Of Time

Capricorn, you are a goal-setter and achiever by nature, which takes a lot of careful planning and hard work. And when you plan on going on vacation, you are a detailed planner. You do not want to visit attractions that mean nothing to you. You are the tourist that only wants to visit places that interest you and have sentimental meaning.

That is what you will fill up on your itinerary. However, if someone who you are traveling with is not interested in what you plan to visit, you are happy with touring those places independently.

Aquarius – Souvenir Collecting Tourist

Aquarius, you like to do your thing, and you are the one known to have several collections. You are not the type of tourist that wants to have new experiences. You like to collect souvenirs. Therefore, you get your bag ready where you will collect and place keepsakes from every place you visit.

You also have different currencies worldwide, and before you finish your trips, you always ensure that you see the gift shop. You are also not the one that likes to spend too much time in one place because boredom sets in, and all you think about is grabbing the next souvenir.

Pisces – Blogging Tourist

Pisces, you love the arts, and you have a dreamy side to you. And whenever you go on vacation somewhere, you get excited and ensure that you bring your high-end camera with you because you will take plenty of pictures.

You will take photos of the places you visit, your meals, buildings, and selfie with those you are vacationing, and upload them onto social media platforms. When you get to wherever you are staying, you will write a blog post in addition to the pictures about your experience. And when you are back home dealing with stress you want to escape, you will look back at those pictures and daydream about being there.


Even though the pandemic is not over, the world has opened up because there is a time and place when you must move forward. Especially now that there are tools to help mitigate the effects of COVID-19. Now that so many people are back traveling and touring their favorite places, there is an excellent reason to celebrate

World Tourism Day on September 27th. Many people are not traveling so much at this time of year because the summer is over. And, the reality of heading back to work and school is there. You can use this day to think about the next place you want to visit and do s some planning.

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