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Which Christmas Movie Should You Watch Over The Holidays Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Which Christmas Movie Should You Watch Over The Holidays Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Christmas movies are a whole genre to indulge in over the Holiday period. Some people love them, others hate them, but there is definitely a Christmas movie out there for everyone. Some people enjoy romantic comedies like Love Actually, while others are into something a little more silly like Elf.

Your Astrology can reveal a lot about what you might like in a Christmas movie. So if you’re curious to see which film you should watch based on your Zodiac sign, then you should keep on reading:

Aries – The Last Holiday

Aries is bold and brave, this sign is always living like it is their last moments on Earth. This is the sign that fully embraces the YOLO lifestyle. Watching The Holiday should serve as a great reminder for all Aries to live each day to the fullest.

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This film is about a woman who finds out she has a terminal illness, she then quits her job and chooses to spend all her money doing the things she has always dreamed of doing. The Last Holiday will inspire all Aries to embrace their impulsive decisions and to continuously go for gold.

Taurus – How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A Taurus can be incredibly generous, loyal, and kind, but when you get on a Taurus’ bad side, it can be disastrous. This sign can be extremely stubborn, so much so that they end up shooting themselves in the foot.

This is why the perfect Christmas movie for a Taurus would have to be The Grinch. There is nothing a Taurus loves more than the comfort of their own space, but they also definitely know how to hold a grudge and this is why they relate to The Grinch so much.

Gemini – Love Actually

If there is one thing you should know about a Gemini, then it is their tendency to get bored really quickly. It is extremely difficult for them to sit still. This is why Love Actually is the perfect film for a Gemini to watch.

There are about ten different storylines going on in this movie, making it exciting for a Gemini to keep track of – it feels like being right in the middle of everyone’s gossip. This is a movie which will keep a Gemini’s mind entertained with the witty British humor. There is no being bored when watching Love Actually. 

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Cancer – The Holiday

Cancers are sentimental and extremely romantic, they love a good love story and something that connects with the heart. This is what makes The Holiday the perfect Christmas movie for any Cancer.

This is a film about four individuals dealing with their own traumas whilst navigating the Christmas period and how their paths all cross. This film is ultra-romantic and ends with a very happy ending for all the characters – exactly what a Cancer enjoys in a film.

Leo – Die Hard

This is not your typical Christmas movie, and that is the point, a Leo can never be typical. They need to stand out from the crowd and do something different and unexpected.

Die Hard is full of action and drama to get any old Leo excited and enthralled, but the core of the film is around loyalty and helping those you love most and Leos just love to be the hero, but people often forget how generous and loyal Leos can be!

Virgo – Home Alone

Virgos are often underestimated much like the character of Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. This sign always feels like they need to prove themselves to the world. And in this film, Kevin does! Even after getting blamed for everything he still manages to outsmart and outwit two adults.

At the core of Home Alone, this film shows Kevin’s clever problem-solving skills, and how he figures things out using plain logic and using a systematic approach – much like most Virgos would.

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Libra – Holidate

Libra is the sign that rules love and relationships. This sign can be incredibly romantic, but they also love to flirt with as many people as possible. They are oh so charming, and it is easy for others to fall in love with them.

Holidate is the perfect Libra Christmas film. This is a movie about two people who make a pact to be each other’s plus one over the holidays because they have both given up on finding the one. However, they end up falling for each other.

Scorpio – The Nightmare Before Christmas

There is only one film that will suit the love for the dark and mysterious that a Scorpio has. This sign is all about the creepy and this film has many morbid details to keep any Scorpio enthralled!

The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t your average Christmas film. There are dark twists and taboos to tick all the boxes for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Bad Santa

If there is one sign who definitely knows how to be naughty, then it has to be Sagittarius. This sign is really all about having a good time, but they can also be a little be rebellious and go against the grain.

Bad Santa is about a cynical scam artist who works as a Santa in a department store. He is exactly the opposite of what you would expect from a Santa Clause – wild, and very, very naughty. Bad Santa is the perfect Christmas film for a Sagittarius.

Capricorn – Four Christmases

Capricorn is the sign who is no stranger to responsibility and sacrifice. This sign is always taking the slack in order to help others, and often when they take a moment for themselves – something comes up and they feel the need to step in and fix things.

Four Christmases is the story of a couple who wanted to get away for the holidays, but due to the weather they get stuck and end up being forced to spend time with their four families. Any Capricorn will recognize the theme of needing to sacrifice their own happiness to make their families happy.

Aquarius – Elf

Aquarius is the humanitarian and individualist of the Zodiac. This sign just has to stand out from the crowd and be different. Although Buddy might not intentionally stick out – but lets be honest, this main character in Elf is a little weird.

This movie is perfect for Aquarius because this sign is determined to make their dreams come true, they carry a lot of hope and luck with them. This movie just perfectly illustrates the magical power of positive thinking and believing in your dreams.

Pisces – The Polar Express

Pisces has to be the most spiritual and magical sign of the Zodiac. This sign is amazing at using their imagination and creating a fantasy world for themselves. They can easily tap into the magical world in The Polar Express. This film is vivid and enchanting, and will ignite the imagination of any Pisces.

This sign is comfortable with mystery and a journey to unknown adventures. The Polar Express is the perfect film for any Pisces.

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